402 Advances in Bioseparations

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:30 AM
Union Square 6 (Hilton)
This session is open to papers dealing with advances in all fundamental and applied aspects of bioseparations, with special emphasis on the separation of biological macromolecules such as proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, polynucleotides, plasmid DNA, and VLP's at the preparative and process scales.

Bio Separations

Kathleen Mihlbachler
Email: kathleen.a.mihlbachler@njit.edu

Jessica R. Molek
Email: jessica.r.molek@gsk.com

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8:48 AM
(402b) Microfluidic Chip for Patient Sample Isolation Through Immiscible Phases
Jingjing Wang, Yasaman Mani, Mia Helfrich and Anubhav Tripathi

9:24 AM

9:42 AM
(402e) Pure Autologous Plasmin Obtained With Affinity Membranes
Claudia Castro, Cristiana Boi and Giulio C. Sarti
File available
10:00 AM
(402f) Hydroxamic Acids Production in Reverse Micelles and Recovery By Membrane Separation Processes
Marisa Bernardo, Rita Pacheco, Miguel Minhalma, Amin Karmali and Maria Norberta De Pinho

10:18 AM
(402g) Grafted Islands-in-the-Sea Nonwoven Fabrics for Enhanced Ion Exchange Binding Capacity
Michael Heller, Benham Pourdeyhimi, Patrick V. Gurgel and Ruben G. Carbonell
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