773 Computational Approaches for Electronics and Photonics

Friday, November 8, 2013: 8:30 AM
Franciscan D (Hilton)
This session will focus on the development and implementation of computational quantum mechanical, statistical, and continuum methods for studying the structure, dynamics, and properties of electronic and photonic materials. Ab initio calculations, density functional theory, Monte Carlo simulation methods, and multiscale modeling contributions are all of interest.

Electronics and Photonics

Dimitrios Maroudas
Email: maroudas@ecs.umass.edu

Talid R. Sinno
Email: talid@seas.upenn.edu

8:55 AM
(773b) Fundamentals of N and B Dopants On Graphene and Pt Interactions With Graphene
Christopher L. Muhich, Jay Y. Westcott IV, Timothy C. Morris, Alan W. Weimer and Charles B. Musgrave

9:20 AM
(773c) Semiflexible Polymer Model for Charge Mobility in Liquid Crystalline Organic Semiconductors
Sonya Mollinger, Rodrigo Noriega, Alberto Salleo and Andrew J. Spakowitz

9:45 AM

10:10 AM
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