9 Bioseparations and Downstream Processing

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 3:30 PM
Golden Gate 2 (Hilton)
This session will focus on highlighting the latest advances in downstream processing relevant to purification/polishing operations including rapid process development, improved efficiency, cost reduction, integration of operations, handling of high titre streams and sustainability issues. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Uni- and multi-modal chromatography, membrane-based separations and filtration, extraction, precipitation and crystallization.

Bio Separations (02G), Bio Separations (02G)

Caryn L. Heldt
Email: heldt@mtu.edu

Todd J. Menkhaus
Email: Todd.Menkhaus@sdsmt.edu

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3:30 PM

4:06 PM

4:24 PM
(9d) A Potential Platform Technology for Antibody Purification: Mixed-Mode Chromatography
Dong-Qiang Lin, Shan-Jing Yao, Qi-Lei Zhang, Hong-Fei Tong, Rong-Zhu Wang and Hui-Li Lu
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4:42 PM
(9e) Modeling the Synergies of Saline and Organic Modifiers On Rpc Separation
Karolina Johansson, Søren Søndergaard Frederiksen, Marcus Degerman, Martin P. Breil, Jørgen Mollerup and Bernt Nilsson

5:18 PM
(9g) Elastin-Like Polypeptide Tag Length Effect On Protein Expression and Purification
Miriam Shakalli Tang, Michael J. Coolbaugh, Richard A. Lease and David W. Wood
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