349754 Artificial Cells with Nano-Engineered Surface for Drug Delivery

Monday, November 4, 2013
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton)
Tyler Hickerson, Sasitorn Manning, Anna Pyayt, Mikhail Ladanov and Sekhar Cheemalapati, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

High aspect ratio nanowires grown uniformly on the surface of paramagnetic material for the purposes of drug delivery are presented. Collection and tracking of the particles can be relatively easily performed with a magnetic field in many media, including human body due to the magnetic core. The nanowires provide a vessel for medication to be transported through the cell membrane of cells in such areas as a tumor. The nanowires are grown uniformly around a spherical particle at optimal length and thickness to maximize the drug delivery potential. The size if the particles and their magnetic properties allows for enough control so that the particles would not be lost systematically if used in the body, thus creating the possibility for a precision drug delivery method.

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