344134 Green Algae Photobioreactor

Monday, November 4, 2013
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton)
Joe Bob Machado III1, Bradley Anderson2 and Travis Buse2, (1)CBE, South Dakota School of mines and Tec., Black Hawk, SD, (2)CBE, SDSM&T, Rapid CIty, SD

Current methods of mass algae production utilize large, open ponds that produce harvestable biomass slowly and take up vast amounts of land area, making it an unpractical alternative to petroleum.  The purpose of this project is to design a mass algae production method that most efficiently uses land area while maximizing the production of biodiesel.  By collecting and distributing sunlight into a vertical, flat panel photobioreactor, this goal can be obtained.  With controlled micro light-dark cycles through the use of static mixers, optimum algae biomass production can be achieved. Through manipulations of nutrients and heterotrophic cycles, the production of lipids can be greatly increased.  By manipulating these variables, an economically feasible photobioreactor that minimizes ground space can be achieved.

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