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237f Characterization of the Flexural Properties of Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofiber/Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites by Experimental Design
Ubaque, L.
596ap A Three Compartment Model for Pharmacodynamics and Anomalous Diffusion of Engineered Nanoparticles
Uberbacher, E.
608f ORNL: Initial Binding of a Cellulose Chain Into the Cellulase Catalytic Tunnel
Uddin, M. H.
370a Engineering Pellets of Biomass Blends
563a Hydrothermal Carbonization of Lignocellulosic Biomass Using Salts
Uddin, S.
483c Dendron-Based Micelles: A Potential Nanocarrier Platform
689b Drop-in Gasoline From Carbona Wood Gasification, Morphysorb CO2 Removal, and the Tigas Process
139b Metabolic Engineering of Clostridium Ljungdahlii for Production of Fuels and Other Chemicals From Carbon Dioxide Via Microbial Electrosynthesis or with Carbon Monoxide or Hydrogen As the Electron Donor
167b Effects of Pellet Feed and Air Supply Rates On the Combustion Behavior of Spruce Pellets in a Grid-Type Stove
Ueno, Y.
260c Mechanism of Exo-Exo Synergism Between CBH1 and CBH2 During the Hydrolysis of Cellulose
Uenohara, Y.
740d Desiccant Air Conditioning System Using Circulating Fluidized Bed and Its Application to Low Dew Point Air Production
Uffalussy, K. J.
59d Nanoconfined Homogeneous Catalysts for Acylation Reactions
120c Nano-Confined CO2 Sorbents for High-Efficiency CO2-Capture
154c Chemical Characterization of Pt, Ru, and Sn Multimetallic Catalysts
465a Amine-Silica Nanobubbles for CO2 Sorption
179r Micron-Size Particle Deposition Scenarios by Reflection Interference Contrast Microscopy
224e Mapping Chaotic Flow States in Microscale Rayleigh-Bénard Convection to Identify Regimes of Accelerated DNA Replication
394r A Chaotic Map of Accelerated DNA Replication in Microscale Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
394s Particle Deposition and Potential Resuspension Studies Inside Microchannels by Reflection Interference Contrast Microscopy
468d DNA Gel Electrophoresis in the Entropic Trapping Regime: A Versatile Tool for Enhanced Separations and Nanostructural Analysis
Uhlmann, P.
364d Glad Sculptured Thin Films Functionalized with Polymer Brushes
Uhrich, K. E.
72a Amphiphilic Macromolecules to Manage Atherosclerosis: Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships
232b Kinetic Assembly of Macromolecular Therapeutics for the Potential Management of Atherosclerosis
Ul-Islam, M.
602av Waste From Beer Fermentation Broth; A Potent Source of Bioethanol and Hydrolyzing Enzymes
Ulery, B. D.
192h Advanced Fracture Healing with Hemicellulose Polymer
Ulery, B. D.
3cb Next Generation Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering
Uline, M. J.
57a Mode Specific Elastic Constants and the Effects of Curvature On the Binding of Lipid Chain Anchors to DPPC/DOPC/Cholesterol Model Lipid Bilayers
Ulissi, Z.
424e Charge Transfer in Junctions of Single Layer Graphene and Metallic Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Ulissi, Z.
472b Molecular Recognition Using Nanotube-Adsorbed Polymer Interfaces
759e The Chemical Dynamics of Nanosensors Capable of Single-Molecule Detection
766d Oscillatory Surface Reactions of Riboflavin, Trolox and Reactive Oxygen On Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Probed by near Infrared Fluorescence
Ulissi, Z.
424c Dynamics of Ion Transport in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes As a Function of Diameter and Temperature
Ullah, E.
430e MC3: A Tool for Model and Constraint Consistency Checking of Stoichiometric Biochemical Network Models
Ullah, M. A.
49g A Pilot Plant Study of a VSA Process for CO2 Capture From Power Plant Flue Gas
331h Optimization of a 4 Step PSA Cycle for CO2 Capture From Post-Combustion Flue Gas
Ullal, C. K.
3bj Optical Nanoscopy Will Enable the Creation of New Materials
Ulm, F. J.
92d From the Fundamentals of Porous Carbons Poromechanics to Applications for CO2 Sequestration and Gas-Shale
Ulrich, B.
379b Membrane Facilitated Stripping of VOCs From Latex
Um, D. H.
728e Studies On a Micro-Thermophotovoltaic Device with a H2-NH3-Fueled Micro-Emitter
Uma, B.
79g Modeling of Nanoparticle Motion in an Incompressible Newtonian Fluid: A Comparison Between Fluctuating Hydrodynamics and Generalized Langevin Approaches
Umbanhowar, P. B.
707f Segregation and Mixing of Granular Mixtures in Heap Formation
Umeozor, C.
674b Alternative Production of Calcium Carbide
Ünal, B.
225a High Pressure Heterogeneous Catalysis with Continuous Flow Microreactors
Underhill, P. T.
142aq Effect of Viscoelasticity On the Collective Behavior of Swimming Microorganisms
142cu Coarse-Graining Solvent Interactions in Bead-Spring Chain Models
413h Enhancement of Polymer Globule Formation by Shear Flow
596af Role of Transferrin Receptor in Breast Cancers
648c Impact of Solvent Quality On the Hysteresis in the Coil-Stretch Transition of Flexible Polymers
Underwood, M. K.
685a Photochemical Reduction of CO2 Using Delafossite Oxides
Uner, D.
33f Solar FUEL Synthesis in the Molten Metal Reactors
238f Sequential Monte Carlo Moving Horizon Estimation
599v Fast Kernel Density Estimation Using Orthogonal Polynomials and Goertzel DFT
Uozumi, J.
219c Conductive Layers On Surface Modified Natural Fibre Based Substrates for Printed Functionality
736c Optical Sensor for Nanoparticle Identification in Liquids
511c Studies On Nanostructured Bilayered Semiconductor System in PEC Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production
602az Bioinspired Electrets for Solar Energy Conversion
680a Developing a Magnetic Microfluidics Setup to Capture Bacterial Contaminants in Blood Products
260f Increased Enzyme Binding to Substrates Does Not Always Increase Catalytic Activity
498b Conversion of E-AFEX(TM) Pretreated Corn Stover to Ethanol by Bcrl Fast SHF Process
608e Development of the Extractive-AFEXTM (E-AFEXTM) Pretreatment Process
782b Hydrothermal Processing of Un-Hydrolyzed Biomass for Biocrude and Biochar Production
Urban, J.
524c Modulating Electron Transport in PbSe Inorganic Nanocomposites: Doping Through Surface Engineering
Urban, Z.
228d Efficient Catalyst-to-Reactor Methodologies for Novel Chemical Reactor Design and Scale-up
Urena-Benavides, E.
346c Characterization of Pristine and Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Unsaturated Polyester Resin
629f Strategic Model with Transmission Network Design for the Energy Supply Chain Optimization in Petroleum Industries
Uribe Rodriguez, A.
602ar Process Synthesis for an Organic Rankine Cycle Using Low Enthalpy Geothermal Sources
Urita, K.
30b In-Pore Superhigh Pressure Effect On Solid Phase Transition and Organic Crystal Synthesis
380f Identification of the Most Appropriate Method to Use Sewage Sludge As a Source of Alternative Energy
Usinowicz, P. J.
417f Development of a Process for Purification of High Tds Copper Mine Pool Water
Usman, M.
View Improved Parametric Study of an Ethanol–Water Distillation Column with Direct Vapour Recompression Heat Pump
Uspal, W. E.
367a Collective Dynamics of Particle Clusters Flowing in a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Microchannel
3m Biopreservation: From Single Cells to Organs
596ad Supercooling: An Alternative Biopreservation Scheme
Uthup, R.
430h From Genomes to Tissue-Level Metabolic Models- A Step towards Pathogenesis and Personalized Medicine
140e Life-Cycle-Based Sustainability Assessment of Nanocoating Material
141c CFD-Based Modeling of Nanopaint Application and Sustainability Assessment
Utzig, J.
142q Analysis of the Particle Viscosity and Drag Coefficient in Dilute Gas-Solid Flows in Ducts
167a Design and Operation of Bioethanol Production Process for Small-Scale Biorefinery
Uygun, B.
3ad Whole Organ Engineering
100e Optimum Perfusion Duration for Machine-Perfused Rat Livers
596ad Supercooling: An Alternative Biopreservation Scheme
Uygun, B.
500a A Transplantable Liver Graft with Improved Blood Compatibility
Uygun, K.
500a A Transplantable Liver Graft with Improved Blood Compatibility
Uygun, K.
100e Optimum Perfusion Duration for Machine-Perfused Rat Livers
596ad Supercooling: An Alternative Biopreservation Scheme