Author Index: O

O'Brien, C.
155g Biomimetic and Biphasic Nanocomposite Scaffold with Growth Factor-Encapsulated Nanospheres for Repairing Osteochondral Defects
O'Brien, C. J.
308c Design and Control of Protein-Protein Interactions to Enhance Stability and Solubility
O'Brien, E.
View Detecting Campylobacter Jejuni in Aqueous Environments Using Whispering Gallery Mode Optical Biosensors
O'Brien, M. J.
542b Process Development for Phase-Changing Aminosilicone-Based CO2-Capture Absorbents
O'Brien, R. A.
384b Pure and Mixture Thermophysical Properties and Phase Behavior of Lipidic Ionic Liquids
762c Kinetic Evaluation of Novel Functionalized Phase Transfer Catalysts
212a A Favre-Averaged Turbulence Model for Gas-Particle Flows
O'Brien, T.
18h Migratory Single Cell Force Measurements Using Deformable Suspended Nanofiber Networks
781g Single Cell Force Measurements of Glioblastoma Multiforme Using Aligned Nanofiber Networks
O'Connell, K.
372c Reactive Distillation for Synthesis of Ethyl Levulinate From Biobased Resources
O'Connell, M.
422a Micro-Channel Fuel Processors As Hydrogen Source for Fuel Cells in Distributed Energy Supply Systems (keynote)
689a Development of Intensified Catalytic Reactors for DME and Fischer-Tropsch Biofuels Synthesis in Future Integrated Biorefineries
689f Novel Reactors with Intensified Catalytic Properties for Renewable Diesel Production
O'Connor, J.
18d Cell Shape Regulates Myofibroblast Activation
290g The NETL Aqueous Process: History and Recent Developments
389f Pore Scale CO2 Displacement in Sandstone with Comparison to Core Scale Dynamics
O'Donnell, J.
578b The Effects of Copolymerized Blocks On the Self-Assembly of Acrlyic Terpolymers in Solution
O'Donnell, J. M.
71e Fabrication of Monodisperse Polyanhydride Nanoparticles Using Emulsion Polymerization
143b Morphology and Molecular Weight Control of Core-Shell Polymer Nanoparticles
163a RAFT Polymerization of Emulsified Microemulsions
View RAFT Polymerization of Emulsified Microemulsions: Polymerization Kinetics
O'Grady, C.
267a Modeling the Electrochemical Double Layer - CO2 Reduction On Pt(111)
206c The Role of Meso-Mixing in Anti-Solvent Crystallization Processes
604g A Multidimensional Population Balance Model for Growth and Dissolution Identified From a Designed Temperature-Cycling Experiment
668b Optimize Solids-Liquid Separation with Inline Particle Size Measurement
O'Grady, J.
462f An Examination of Lipid Production by Chlorella Protothecoides Using Compartmentalized Metabolic Flux Analysis
O'Hern, C. S.
272e Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Diffusion and Clustering Along Critical Isotherms of Medium-Chain n-Alkanes
O'Hern, T. J.
404b Multi-Phase Drop Size Distribution Determination in a Centrifugal Contactor
O'keefe, D.
561d Temperature Dynamics and Control of a Fuel Cell Stack System
O'Keefe, S.
72e Discovery and Characterization of a Novel Actin-Binding Protein From Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia
593av Substrate Specificity and Stability of a Novel Alginate Lyase (AlgL) From Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia
752b Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Global Regulation of Lignocellulolytic Enzymes within Anaerobic Fungi
O'Neill, B. J.
129f Bi-Functional Catalysts: A Path to Improved Catalytic Performance for the Conversion of Biomass Feedstocks
O'Neill, S. C.
364b Polymer-Peptide Bioconjugates for Selective Ion Transport in Electrochemical Systems
O'Reilly, J.
401d Making PAT an Integral and Sustained Part of Manufacturing Operations
O'Sullivan, B.
232d A Nanoemulsion Platform for Targeted Dendritic Cell Delivery
O'Toole, A.
596aa Confocal Fluorescent Microscopy Vs. Direct Enumeration for Quantification of Biofilm Infection Deactivation
142bk Particle Dynamics and Scaling in Inertial Microfluidic Flows
Ober, C. A.
403a A Smart Oil Spill Dispersant Formulation for Reduced Environmental Impact and Consumption
631c Formation of Itraconazole-Succinic Acid Cocrystals by CO2 Antisolvent Cocrystallization
Oberdick, S.
142aj Mixing in Sessile Drops Merging On a Surface
Obermeier, A.
142bj CFD Simulation of Non-Isothermal Flows of Viscoelastic Fluids in 4:1 Contractions
Obermeier, S.
508g Frame Invariance in the Simulation of Single Screw Extruder
19d Influence of Physical Factors and Powder Properties On the Accuracy and Precision of Multivariate Calibration Models Using NIR Spectroscopy
404d Continuous Powder Mixing Monitoring Using Multiple Multivariate Models with NIR Spectroscopy Online
Obuskovic, G.
504b A Novel Technology for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
788b Preliminary Studies of CO2 Removal From Simulated Pre-Combustion Syngas Via a Pressure Swing Membrane Absorption Process
603d Gasification Characteristics of Methane Fermentation Residues and Aquatic Weeds
Ochoa, M. P.
598m Optimal Control of a System of Wastewater Treatment Ponds
Ochs, T.
41b Oxy-Fuel Combustion Optical Flame Analysis and Characterization
Ocone, R.
70c The Pyrolysis of Lignin
453e Analysis of the Proliferation Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells As a Function of Potency with a High-Capacity Clonal Assay
Odafin, C. E.
327c Process Simulation of a Bi-Phasic Reaction: Hydrogenation of p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde
Ofoli, R. Y.
154f Understanding the Effects of Thermal Treatments On Structure and Catalytic Properties of Ruthenium Nanoparticles On Mesoporous Silica
Ofoli, R. Y.
225f Cinnamaldehyde Hydrogenation in A Continuous GLASS Capillary Reactor with Immobilized Palladium Nanoparticles
Ogasawara, H.
754a Nanoscaling Effects On the Electronic Structure of TiO2 Supported Gold Nanoparticles and Their Impact On Electrocatalytic CO Oxidation
332e Interactive Online Instruction Using Course Management Software and Approaches That Engage Students Actively and Asynchronously
Ogden, K. L.
253a Integrated Assessment of Student Success in Achieving a-k Criteria Using Course Management Software
Ogino, C.
603a Cellulosic Ethanol Production From Ionic Liquid Pretreated Biomass with a Recombinant Yeast Expressing Cellulases
Ogino, I.
683a Activity and Shape Selectivity of Delaminated Zeolite UCB-1 for Alkylation of Aromatics
Ogony, J.
725b Analysis of High-Throughput Multiparametric Flow Cytometry Data to Identify Cellular Phenotypes Underlying Alcohol Mediated Aberrant Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells
Ogren, J. A.
673d Determination of Seasonal, Diurnal, and Height Resolved Average Number Concentration Peaks in a Pollution Impacted Rural Continental Location
Ogunnaike, B. A.
100h A Stochastic Model of Glycosylation of Monoclonal Antibodies
564f Combinatorial Transcriptional Regulatory Network Driving Aberrant Effects of Chronic Alcohol Consumption On Liver Regeneration
630a Design, Analysis, Operation and Control of a Photovoltaic/PEM Fuel Cell/Nicd Battery Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) for Urban Transit Applications
662f Identifying Transcriptional Phenotypes Associated with Single Cell Variability in Hypertension
708e Quantification of Layered Silicates Dispersion in Polymer Nanocomposites
Ogunnaike, B. A.
309d A Control Engineering Perspective to Modeling Calcium Regulation and Related Pathologies
496d Using Probaility Models to Represent Process Engineering Phenomena
Oh, J.
139c Bioelectrosynthetic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Biofuel Precursors Using a Mixed Microbial Consortium Isolated From Bovine Rumen
Oh, K. W.
600bz Studies On FTS Reaction Over Modified Co/Al2O3 Catalyst for Gtl-FPSO Process
Oh, K. S.
84g The Purification of Polymeric Microspheres Via Soxhlet Extraction Using Liquid DME
118f Hollow Fiber-Supported Designer Ionic Liquid Sponges for Post-Combustion CO2 Scrubbing
715a Effect of Shear and Elongation On Polymer Morphology in Hollow Fiber Spinning
105d Self-Assembly of Nanostructured Metal Alloys in Low Temperature Oxidation Catalysis
Oh, S. K.
293g Sensitivity Analysis and State Estimation for Microalgal Photobioreactor Systems
598j Online Estimation of Glucose Concentration and Oil Contents in Microalgal Biodiesel Production System
Ohashi, H.
697d Pore Filling Anion Exchange Membranes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Solid-State Alkaline Fuel Cells
Ohashi, M.
662c Analysis and Visualization of Multiparameter, Single-Cell Data Using Self-Organizing Maps
Ohba, T.
30b In-Pore Superhigh Pressure Effect On Solid Phase Transition and Organic Crystal Synthesis
Ohodnicki, P. R. Jr.
35b Selective Electrocatalytic Activity of Ligand-Stabilized Copper Oxide Nanoparticles for CO2 Reduction and Methanol Oxidation
619d Sintering of Copper-Based Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis From Carbon Dioxide
623b Structure Sensitivity of Methanol Synthesis From Carbon Dioxide On Copper-Based Catalysts
Ohya, K. H.
181g Solid-Liquid Equillibria of Five Binaries Composed of in-Process Products in Hydrodeoxygenation Reaction of Triglyceride of Fatty Acid
181i Hydrogen Solubility in Triolein and Oleic Acid for Estimation of Hydrodeoxygenation Reaction Rate At High Temperature and Pressure
Ojala, F.
391b Study of the Mechanisms of Antibody Aggregation in Solution
Ojasvi, O.
604n Economic Optimum Design and Control of the Monoisopropylamine Process
Ojeda, C.
574e Multiscale Modeling of Cellulose Unzipping in Ionic Liquids
Ojeda, N.
View Effect of Temperature On Ethanol Production Yields From Sugar Cane Bagasse Using a Simultaneous Saccharification Fermentation (SSF) Strategy
Ojo, K. K.
596r Delivery Systems for Controlled and Sustained Release of Malarial Inhibitors
Oka, S.
533e Effect of Lubricant Mixing Time and Concentration, Compaction Speed and Compression Force On the Dissolution Profile of a Control Release Formulation
Okemgbo, K.
646e Antifouling Ultrafiltration Membranes Via Post-Fabrication Grafting of Biocidal Nanomaterials
View Improved Parametric Study of an Ethanol–Water Distillation Column with Direct Vapour Recompression Heat Pump
Okino, S.
260c Mechanism of Exo-Exo Synergism Between CBH1 and CBH2 During the Hydrolysis of Cellulose
Okoli, C.
View Supercapacitance Behavior of Vanadium Nitride
Okpoko, E.
660g Cu Based Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Processes
Okrut, A.
105b New Opportunities in Metal Cluster Catalysis by Using Organic Ligands
373a A Method of Estimating the Probability of Rare Events in Bayesian Networks with Application to Risk Assessment in Processes
Okubo, T.
9c Broadening Framework Types of Zeolites in the Seed-Assisted, OSDA-Free Synthesis
66a Seed-Assisted Synthesis of *BEA-Type Zincoaluminosilicate Zeolite without Organic Structure-Directing Agent
66b Two-Phase Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with Primary Amine Catalysts
88c Preparation and Assembly of Anisotropically Polymer-Grafted Silica Nanospheres Via Adsorption On Charged Surface
524e Larger-Scale Production of Janus Silica-On-Silica Nanoparticles Via Adsorption On Charged Surface
590c Block Copolymer-Mediated Anisotropic Self-Assembly of Semiconducting Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Okuyama, Y.
212g A Numerical Model for the Flow Including Dense Solids with Large Size Difference
491e Bi-Reforming of Methane and Natural Gas Under High Pressure
Olbricht, W. L.
483i Strategies for Convection-Enhanced Drug Delivery
Oldenkamp, A.
View Bioremediation of the Gulf Coast with Mushrooms and Microbes
Olesik, K.
209c Toxicity of Non-Cd-Based Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging
Oliphant, A.
115f Comprehensive Utilization of Rice Husks
Oliva, D. G.
350e Identifying Similar Environmental Objectives in Multi-Objective Optimization Via Clustering Methods
Oliveira, D. Sr.
593ak Bacterial Biosurfactant Production From Biomass-Derived Sugars Aiming Bioremediation of Marine Ecosystems Contaminated by Hydrocarbons
593o Evaluation of the Potential of Biosurfactant Production by Bacillus Strains in Different Culture Media
343b Desulfurization of JP-8 Fuel Using Ag-Loaded Silica Supports Under Ambient Conditions
389k Desulfurization of JP-8 Fuel Using Metal-Loaded Meso/Macroporous Aluminosilicates
359g Modeling Interface Dynamics in Crystal Growth Processes: Applications to Silicon Wafer Manufacturing
Oller, C.
604r Identification of Components of Petroleum Fractions by Molecular Weights for the Formation of Molecular Models
Ollis, D. F.
27d Kinetics of Fatty Acid Film Removal From Photocatalytic, Self-Cleaning Titania Surfaces
68c Kinetics of Organic Dye Removal From Photocatalytic, Self-Cleaning Titania Surfaces
View Microparticle Manipulation with Low Frequency Alternating Current Electric Potential in Insulator-Based Dielectroforesis Microdevices
86b Responsive Gel-Gel Transitions in Artificially Engineered Protein Hydrogels
Olsen, M.
320c Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Incompressible Wake Flow - Comparison with Particle Image Velocimetry Data
Olsen, P.
500b Whole Organ 3D Microenvironment As a Regulatory Cue for Pancreatic Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells
231d Effects of Synthetic Variations On the Dispersion of Pt Catalysts Supported On Aluminum-Modified TiO2
Olson, D.
257g Redirecting Carbon Flux in Clostridium Thermocellum to Increase Ethanol Yield
Olson, D. W.
468e Rational Design of DNA Electrophoresis Devices and the Nanofence Array
Omell, B. P.
444a Design of an IGCC Power Plant with Dispatch Capabilities
551a IGCC Power Plant Dispatch Using Infinite-Horizon Economic MPC
598q IGCC Power Plant Design with Dispatch Capabilities
Omosebi, A.
553a Electron-Beam Lithography Patterned Nafion Membranes for DMFC Applications
Omotoso, T.
329d Ru/TiO2 Based Catalysts As Applied to the Upgrading of Bio-Oils
Ondeck, N.
393ah Effect of Temperature, Size and Wavelength On Separation of Racemic Solutions
Oner, E.
599aa Developing Distributions for Biomass Feedstock Supplies
418g Titanium Supported Iron Oxide for Photo-Electrochemical Hydrogen Production
Ong, L.
691c Nano-Mechanical Properties of Clay Armoured Emulsion Drops As a Function of Solution Conditions
Ong, R. C.
53c Novel Cellulose Esters for Forward Osmosis Membranes
287b An Advanced Design of Membrane Structure for Wastewater Treatment Through Forward Osmosis
Ong, S. W. D.
27e Design of Band Engineered Photocatalysts Using Titanium Dioxide
Ong, W. L.
438e Studies of Thermal Conductivity in Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanocrystal Superlattices
Ong, Y. K.
505e Development of High Performance Dual-Layer Hollow Fiber for Dehydration of Ethanol Through Novel Immiscibility Induced Phase Separation (I2PS) Process
Onses, M. S.
722f Molecular Transfer Printing Over Large Areas
596o Effect of Poly(ethylene glycol) Spacers On the Vascular Targeting of Particles to Endothelium in Blood
op De Beeck, J.
109f Minimizing Axial Dispersion in Liquid Chromatography Using Microfabricated Pillar Array Columns
Opal, S. M.
681d Application of a Novel Tablet PCR Platform for Detection of Influenza Subtypes From Clinical Samples
Opel, C. F.
557b Engineering Chimeric Antigen Receptors Targeting an Endogenous Murine Tumor Associated Antigen
540e Morphological Trends in Precise Acid- and Ion-Containing Polymers
Orbey, N.
180a Electrospinning of Metal Nanofibers
Orbon, B.
75d Application of Multivariate Analysis Tools and Design of Experiments (DoE) to Model the Design Space for Characterization of a Mammalian Cell Culture Process
Orcun, S.
544g Selection of Individualized Dosage Regimens by Using a Stochastic Optimization Approach
629f Strategic Model with Transmission Network Design for the Energy Supply Chain Optimization in Petroleum Industries
677a Liquid and Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Fat From Rendered Materials
Orgill, J. J.
586a Comparison of Syngas Fermentation Reactors for Ethanol Production
Orhan, M.
360f The Antibacterial Activity of Plumbago Europaea L. Extract On Textile Surface
Orjuela, A.
91d Simultaneous Esterification of Mixed Alcohols with Acetic Acid by Reactive Distillation
181ab Excess Free Energy of the Reactive Systems Ethanol + Acetic Acid, I-Butanol + Acetic Acid and 3-Methyl-1-Butanol + Acetic Acid At 323 K
534d Design of a Reactive Distillation Column: Comparison Between Trays and Packings
600bo Homogeneous Esterification of Isoamyl Alcohol with Salycilic ACID, Kinetic Study
659e Sizing of a Packed Reactive Distillation Column for Isoamyl Butyrate Production Using an Equilibrium Model
754g Isoamyl Acetate Esterification: Kinetic and Adsorption Study
Orkoulas, G.
168b Precise Simulation of Fluid-Solid Transitions Using Constrained Cell Models
362c Modeling of Globular Protein Crystal Growth Via Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations
649a Microscopic Modeling of a Two-Species Thin Film Deposition Process Arising in Transparent Conducting Oxide Layer Manufacturing
747a Control of Transparent Conducting Oxide Surface Morphology for Improved Light Trapping Using Wafer Grating and Model Predictive Control
747b Shape Control of Protein Crystals
Orlicki, D.
View Separation of Catalyst Kinetics for Maximizing Gasoline Output, Yield, and Selectivity: A Computational Solution to Catalytic Cracking
Orman, M. A.
500h Unique Hepatic Responses to Burn, Sepsis and Trauma: The Adaptability of Innate Immunity in the Face of Different Stimuli
Ortiz, A.
743f Sulfonation and Characterization of Poly(styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene) Nanocomposite Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications
Ortiz, J.
241c High Temperature Dual-Phase Inorganic Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separation
Ortiz, S.
743e Effect of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes On the Transport Properties of Poly(styrene-isobutylene-styrene) Membranes
Ortiz, V.
151g Computational Studies On the Effects of DNA Methylation On Its Structure and Dynamics
451a Building Tools for Predicting Allosteric Regulation Pathways in Proteins
579c Computational Characterization of DNA/Peptide/Nanotube Self Assembly for Bioenergy Applications
Ortiz, W.
View Pattern Recognition and Quantification of Chemical Agent Simulant in Bottles Using 488 Nm Probe Optic Fiber Raman Spectroscopy
Ortiz-Bermúdez, P.
594s Bioconversion of Coffee Pulp by the Lignoculous Fungus Alternaria Alternata
Ortiz-Toral, P.
780b Scale up of IH2 Process for Converting Biomass to Gasoline and Diesel
Orwig, K.
572f Examining the Variability of Load, Wind, and Solar Power in the Regulation Timeframe
Oryshchyn, D.
41b Oxy-Fuel Combustion Optical Flame Analysis and Characterization
Osako, M.
181g Solid-Liquid Equillibria of Five Binaries Composed of in-Process Products in Hydrodeoxygenation Reaction of Triglyceride of Fatty Acid
181i Hydrogen Solubility in Triolein and Oleic Acid for Estimation of Hydrodeoxygenation Reaction Rate At High Temperature and Pressure
498f Possibility of Multi-Fuel Production From Trap Grease by Combination of Heat-Driven Upgrading and Methane Fermentation
Osborne-Lee, I.
View Engineering Technology for Food and Health
View The Global Issues on Water Resources, Infectious Diseases, and the Impact of Ecological Footprint
15a Chemical Grafting of Chromatographic Resins for the Selective Adsorption of Pegylated Proteins
Osei-Prempeh, G.
204e Functionalized Silica-Polymer Composite for CO2 Capture
604o Indirect Carbon (CO) PEM Fuel Cell
Osipenko, U.
598g Use of Computer Modelling for Increase Efficienely of Methanol Synthesis Process
Osipovitch, D. C.
47c Computationally Driven Therapeutic Protein Deimmunization
167b Effects of Pellet Feed and Air Supply Rates On the Combustion Behavior of Spruce Pellets in a Grid-Type Stove
461c Use of Workflows in Managing Experimental Data
533d Bulk and Micro-Scale Characterization of Continuous Powder Blending Integrated with an Multi-Point in-Line NIR As a PAT Tool
707e Characterization of in-Situ near-Infrared Imaging to Aid Pharmaceutical Powder Blend Formulation Development
View Characterization of Blend Uniformity and Drug Concentration Using NIR Spectroscopy in a Continuous Powder Mixing Process
View Monitoring of Blend Uniformity and Drug Concentration Using NIR Spectroscopy in a Continuous Mixing Process
456g Topological Thermodynamic Tools for a Consistent Representation of the Acetic Acid-Isoamyl Alcohol-Isoamyl Acetate-Water Reactive System
Ostafin, A. E.
394j Dielectrophoretic Response of Polystyrene Particles and Perfluorocarbon Oil-Core, Chitosan/Poly-L-Lysine/CaPO4 Shell Nanoparticles
Ostermeier, M.
47d Improved Protein Switches for Cancer-Activated Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
72h Targeted DNA Methylation Using a Bisected M.Hhal Fused to Zinc Fingers
110b Directed Evolution Strategies for Escaping Local Fitness Maxima
307d Engineered Multi-Input Protein Switches As Versatile Biosensors with Target-Specific Controls
448f NMR Characterization of an Engineered Allosteric Enzyme
518b Pfunkel: Efficient, Expansive, User-Defined Mutagenesis
593aj Modular Protein Switches Employing Fibronectin-Derived Monobodies As Input Domains
142az Response of Endothelial Cells to Stagnation Point Flows
Ostrowski, N.
14i Synthesis and Characterization of Tri-Magnesium Phosphate (TMP) – Novel Precursors to Biocompatible Bone Void Fillers
Ostwal, M.
223d High Temperature Metal Membranes for Hydrogen Permeation without Platinum Group Metals
24b Magnetic Field Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers and Polymer Nanocomposites for Functional Materials
522a Dynamics of Magnetic Field Alignment and Field Effects On Phase Behavior in Block Copolymers by in-Situ SAXS
590g Stable Sequestration of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Self-Assembled Aqueous Nanopores
646e Antifouling Ultrafiltration Membranes Via Post-Fabrication Grafting of Biocidal Nanomaterials
Oszustowicz, T.
536f Controlling Drug Release Kinetics From Soft Nanocomposite Hydrogels
593a Effect of pH and Aeration On Plasmid Stability and Phytase Expression in Escherichia Coli BL21(DE3) During Batch Cultivations in Semi-Scale Bioreactor
593m High Cell Density Cultivation of Azotobacter Vinelandii in Pilot Scale Stirred Tank Bioreactors for Biofertilizer Applications
594e Bioprocess Optimization for Cell Mass Production and Functional Characterisation of Lactobacillus Plantarum
Otomo, R.
410f Preparation of Beta Zeolite Catalysts for Dehydration of Sugars
Öttinger, H. C.
213e Local Equilibrium of the Gibbs Interface in Two-Phase Systems
Ottino, J. M.
707f Segregation and Mixing of Granular Mixtures in Heap Formation
Ou, Y. C.
765g Incorporating MMP Degradable Features Into Supramolecular Filament Hydrogels
Ou-Yang, H. D.
420h Low-Frequency Dielectric Response of a Single Particle in Aqueous Suspensions
Oupicky, D.
679a Dynamics of DNA Release From Polyplexes Induced by Inter-Polyelectrolyte Exchange
754f Oxygen Vacancy-Promoted Formation of Enolate Species On Reduced CeO2-x(111) Surfaces
Overney, R. M.
149d Multifold CO2 Transport Property Enhancement of Interfacially Constrained Nanocomposite Membranes
423h Dose-Dependent p21(Cip1/Waf1) Cell Cycle Regulation
Owen, J. R.
619b Deactivation Modes of a Field-Aged Urea SCR Fe Zeolite Catalyst
Own, L.
502d Chemical Process Videos: A Long-Distance Partnership for Outreach and Communication Skills Development
Oxales, J. R. M.
406e Chemical Pretreatment and Fermentation of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) At Its Optimum Age
Oyama, S. T.
264f Deoxygenation of a Biofuel Model Compound (2-Methyltetrahydrofuran) On Transition Metal Phosphides
600be Deoxygenation of Biofuel Model Compounds (Ethanol and 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran) On Silica Supported Nickel Phosphide
632a Diffusion Behavior of Inert Gases in Activated Carbon Columns
Oyler, K.
457d Evaluation of Predictive Capabilities for Pyrotechnics Using Different Thermodynamic Software Packages(INVITED)
764c Silicon-Based Nanocomposites As Novel Illuminants (INVITED)
Oyola, Y.
396f Testing of Amidoxime-Based Adsorbent for the Recovery of Uranium From Seawater
Ozarkar, S.
427b Efficient Euler-Lagrangian Models for Large Scale Fluidized Beds
Ozcam, A. E.
336a Nanostructured Block Copolymer Membranes for Biofuel Production
Ozcan, D. C.
331e Techno-Economic Study of Ca-Looping Processes for Carbon Capture From Cement Plants
Ozdogan, E.
149b Theoretical and Experimental Approach to Nitrogen Selective Membranes
392a Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of N2-Separation and Ammonia Formation Via Group V Metal Membranes
740g A Posteriori Study of Filtered Euler-Euler Two-Phase Model Using a High Resolution Simulation of a 3-D Periodic Circulating Fluidized Bed
Özer, S.
500a A Transplantable Liver Graft with Improved Blood Compatibility
186e MPC Tuning Based On Impact of Modelling Uncertainty On Closed-Loop Performance
Ozkan, U. S.
126f Optimization of Co-Based Oxidation Catalyst in a Dual-Catalyst Bed for Lean-Burn Engine After-Treatment
197a Catalytic Steam Reforming of Lower Alcohols to Hydrogen
197d Investigation of Cobalt Coordination Environment Under in-Situ Steam Reforming Conditions of Bio-Derivable Liquids
485g Non-Noble Metal Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells
152f Titanosillicates, Are They Natural Host for Quantum Wires?
599ak New Approach to Gas Hydraulics Calculations
599h Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Using Rigorous Hydraulics and Global Optimization