Author Index: N

395aa Low-Temperature Preparation of Titania-Pillared Montmorillonite with Complex Layered Structure and the Application in Arsenic Deep Removal
Nachtegaal, M.
622a Synthesis and Redox Pathways of CuO-Al2O3 Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion
Nadarajah, D.
255d Manufacturing-Scale Implementation of Enhanced Harvest Process Controls to Inhibit Colored Protein-Adduct Formation in Prokaryotic Host Cell Derived Recombinant Protein
Nadeau, K.
684b Chemical Looping – A Novel Process for Partial Oxidation of Methane
178p Linear Basis Function Approaches to Efficient Free Energy Calculations
519b Mechanistic Modeling of the Enzymatic Saccharification of Cellulose-Iβ and Cellulose-III: Parameter Determination and Model Validation
Nagamune, T.
789d Spatio-Temporal Cell Micro-Patterning with Photo-Cleavable Poly(ethyleneglycol)-Lipid
730c Co-Injection Molded Biodegradable Green Composites From Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate), Poly (butylene succinate) and Natural Fiber
Nagarkar, S.
224h Two Phase Microfluidics with Molten Polymers
691b Rheology and Structure in Particle-Containing Polymer Blends
Nagashima, H.
395d Adsorption of Organics On MSC5A in Supercritical CO2, Comparing Experiment and Molecular Simulation
395q Adsorption of Organics On MSC5A in Supercritical CO2, Chromatographic Measurements & Stop & Go Simulation
Nagel, S.
628b Unexpected Dynamics of Drop Coalescence
Nagle, N. J.
260e Investigation of Hemicellulase Inhibition in the Production of Bioethanol
153c Tuning the Structure of Titania Films with Orthogonally Aligned Cylindrical Nanopores for Bulk Heterojunction Inorganic-Organic Solar Cells
Nagrath, D.
423g Robustness and Energetic Analysis of an Extended Pluripotency MODEL of Embryonic STEM CELLS Transcriptional Network
142ak High Throughput Cell Separation Device for the Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells
142an A Continuous Label-Free Cell Separation Device Combining Inertial Microfluidics and Dielectrophoresis
680b Isolation and Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells by a Microfluidic Device with Functionalized Planar Structures
776a Isolation of Rare Circulating Tumor Cells and in Situ Culturing
Nagy, J. O.
3ep Tunable Drug-Encapsulated Ultrasound Contrast Agents
596b Controlled Rupture of Drug-Encapsulated Ultrasound Contrast Agents
45d Optimization and Control of Growth Modifier Concentration Profile for Achieving Target Crystal Shape Distribution
514d Simulation of the Crystal Shape Distribution in the Presence of Growth Modifiers
Nah, T.
673e OH-Initiated Heterogeneous Aging of Oxidized Organic Aerosol
451d Deriving 2D Velocity Profile Using Streamlines Image Velocimetry (SIV)
451e Non-Dimensional Analysis of Retinal Microaneurysms: Critical Threshold for Treatment
670c Production of Hydrocarbons by Catalytic Dehydration of Bio-Butanol (mixture of 1-butanol, acetone, and ethanol)
Naik, P. P.
366f Precipitation Kinetics of Aluminum Solids Formation During the Caustic Side Solvent Extraction (CSSX) Process
Naik, S. S.
655d Experimental and Computational Investigation of Breakage of Pharmaceutical Spherical Particles
Nain, A. S.
18h Migratory Single Cell Force Measurements Using Deformable Suspended Nanofiber Networks
102h Micro/Nanofiber Assemblies with Controlled Fiber Morphology
155h Changes in Cellular Behavior with Implementation of Aligned PLGA Fibers in Wound Healing Model
500e The Role of the Cytoskeleton in Focal Adhesion Development and Migration of Cells Attached On 3D Aligned Fibrous Scaffolds
500f Migration Dynamics of Mouse C2C12 Myoblasts On Single Suspended Fiber Mimicking ECM Fibril Beam Stiffness (N/m)
643b Soft Membrane Model As an Anti-Biofilm Formation Design Strategy Based On Topographical Cues
776h STEP Enabled Long Time Culture of Primary Hepatocytes in Multiple Layers
781g Single Cell Force Measurements of Glioblastoma Multiforme Using Aligned Nanofiber Networks
Nair, B.
732d Cationic Polylactides for siRNA Delivery
Nair, N.
115b Effect of Siloxane Present in Renewable Natural Gas On the Operation of Various Natural Gas Equipment
784c A MULTI-Functional Membrane Reactor System for the Destruction of Chemical Warfare Agents
Nair, N.
472b Molecular Recognition Using Nanotube-Adsorbed Polymer Interfaces
Nair, P.
View Bacterial Metabolites As Regulators of Inflammation and Adipogenesis
9g Shaping Single-Walled Metal Oxide Nanotubes From Precursors of Controlled Curvature
28a Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Materials and Membranes for Molecular Separations
123f An Inorganic Nanotube/Polymer Composite Membrane Platform for Molecular Separations
653d A Generalized Kinetic Model for the Growth of Single-Walled Metal Oxide Nanotubes
727g High-Throughput Screening of MOFs for CO2 Separation
759a From Normal to Single-File Diffusion of Gas Molecules in Nanotube Systems by NMR
View Hybrid Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks: Controlling Framework Porosity and Functionality by Mixed-Linker Synthesis
Najera, M.
59c Hollow Fe@SiO2 Nanorods for Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry
59e Exergetic Analysis of Chemical Looping Reforming
87b Development of in-Vivo Screening Benchmark for Complex Engineered Silica Nanoparticles
739d Exergetic Analysis of Chemical Looping Reforming Processes
Nakagawa, T.
791c The Effective Utilization System for Renewable Energy Making Use of Regional Characteristic
603d Gasification Characteristics of Methane Fermentation Residues and Aquatic Weeds
Nakamura, H.
395g Simulation Study of Multi-Component Gas Adsorption On MSC5A by Chromatographic Method
Nakamura, K.
392i Response of Zeta Potential to Fouling Status in MF/UF Processes
Nakano, A.
8f Temperature Measurement in a Microfluidic Device for Insulator-Based Dielectrophoretic Applications
185i Protein Streaming Via Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis in a Microfluidic Platform
394n Frequency Dependence of Protein Dielectrophoresis Probed with Insulator Based Devices
394q AC and DC Protein Streaming and Trapping with Insulator-Based Dielectrophoretic Devices
View Temperature Measurement in a Microfluidic Platform for Insulator-Based Dielectrophoretic Protein Manipulations
Nakashima, K.
602aa Cycle Operation of Laboratory-Scaled Adsorption Heat Pump for Regenerating Steam From Waste Water
Nakaso, K.
128a Investigation of Brown Coal Char-CO2 Gasification in a Laboratory Scale Drop Tube Furnace
180z Numerical Simulation of Drying Process of Polymer Solution Inkjet-Droplets for Predicting Film Configuration
602aa Cycle Operation of Laboratory-Scaled Adsorption Heat Pump for Regenerating Steam From Waste Water
Nakhla, G.
634e Economical Study of Bioparticles Used for Denitrification in Fluidized Bed Bioreactors (FBBR)
Nakles, D.
132d Reactive Transport Modeling and Scanning Electron Microscope Analyses to Evaluate Interactions Between Pozzolan-Amended Wellbore Cement and Acid Gas (CO2 + H2S) Under Typical Acid Gas Sequestration Conditions
Nalluri, S.
615c Control of Adult Stem Cells with Polyurethane Gel Matrix
Nam, H. G.
395x Use of a Three-Zone Simulated Moving Bed Process Based On the Amberchrom-CG161C Adsorbent for Continuous Removal of Acetic Acid From Biomass Hydrolyzate
144d Enhanced DeNOx Activity of Ag/Al2O3 Catalyst by a Bifunctional Reductant: Autocatalytic Synergy Between HC- and NH3-SCR Technologies
600k Hexane Cracking Over H-ZSM-5 with Different Al Contents
Namdee, K.
190d In Vivo Evaluation of Rod-Shaped Carriers for Vascular Imaging and Targeted Drug Delivery in Large Vessels in Mice
77d In-Situ Synthesis of Useful Polyamines for CO2 Capture From Piperazine and MEA Derivatives
243f Integrating Active Research On CO2 Capture in Traditional Process Design
Nana-Sinkam, S. P.
193d Simultaneous Capture and Characterization of Circulating Exosomes/Microvesicles Using Tethered Lipoplex Nanoparticles for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Surveillance
298d Microrna-29b Delivery Via EpCAM Targeted Cationic Lipoplexes in Lung Cancer Treatment
Nanda, A.
192a Laser Tissue Welding Using Polypeptide-Gold Nanorod Solders
Nandaku, N.
739d Exergetic Analysis of Chemical Looping Reforming Processes
Nandakumar, K.
142bh Modeling of Cryoprotectant Transport Across Cell Membranes in a Micromixer
142bi Analysis of Groove Micromixers: Shape Optimization Study
142h Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Surfactants On the Dynamics of the Organic Drops in Water Column
768b Design of Supported Catalysts by Principles of Semiconductor Heterojunctions
Nandakumar, N.
59e Exergetic Analysis of Chemical Looping Reforming
Nangia, S.
87d Effect of Nanoparticle Shape and Charge On Cytotoxicity: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
442g Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Alcohols From Aqueous Solutions Using Ionic Liquids
Nanoti, A.
693e Single Column VSA Studies for CO2 Recovery Using Metal Organic Frame Work Adsorbent: Comparison with Commercial Zeolite
Nantz, M. H.
618f A NOVEL Reactive Chip for Analysis of Carbonyl Compounds in Exhaled Breath
Napasindayao, T.
446d Fault Detection and Accommodation in Particulate Processes Using Multi-Rate Sampled and Delayed Measurements
246f Optimization of Water Storage and Distribution Systems for Cities
341e Optimization of Biofouling Control and Energy Supply Policies in Thermally Integrated Plants
Nara, L.
605a Mother Nature Vs. Good Engineering Design
Narani, A.
737c Alkene Metathesis of Camelina FAME with Supercritical Ethylene
Narasimhan, B.
71e Fabrication of Monodisperse Polyanhydride Nanoparticles Using Emulsion Polymerization
156b Functionalization of Novel Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Adjuvants to Promote Pathogen-Mimicking Characteristics
156d An Investigation of the Pulmonary and Systemic Persistence of Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Vaccine Formulations
283a Biodistribution and Cellular Uptake Upon Intranasal Administration of Monodisperse Biodegradable Particles
440c Stability and Immunogenicity of H5N1 Hemagglutinin Antigens Upon Sustained Release From Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
512b Multi-Enzyme Co-Localization with Nanoscale Pluronic–QD Micelles
550c Stabilization of Pneumoccoccal Surface Protein A in Polyanhydride Nanoparticles: Consequences for the Design of a Pneumonia Vaccine
593c Serum Protein Adsorption Onto Functionalized Polyanhydride Nanoparticles Influences Particle Interactions with Dendritic Cells
616a Amphiphilic Polyanhydride Films Promote Stem Cell Differentiation and Proliferation
679b Effects On Macrophage Activation Profiles Induced by Adsorption of Serum Proteins Onto Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
692b The Properties of Various Coating Polymers and Their Effects On Surface Frictional Behavior As Coatings On Pharmaceutical Tablets
Narayan, S.
636a Fundamentals of Electrochemical Energy Storage
Narayanan, R.
353g Faraday Wave Dynamics of Immiscible Systems in Finite Cells
Narayanan, S.
303a Modulus, Confinement and Temperature Effects On Surface Capillary Wave Dynamics in Bilayer Polymer Films near the Glass Transition
303e Surface Dynamics of Macrocyclic Polystyrene Films
Nardelli, M. B.
541a Hydrogen Activation On Pt-Au Bimetallic Clusters: A DFT Study
Narendra, J.
472f Graphene Paper Biosensor for Protein Detection
View Novel Graphene Paper Sensors: Detection and Sensitivity Parameters
Nargund, S.
210g Understanding Nitrogen Metabolism in the Biofuel Crop Poplar by Isotope-Assisted Metabolic Flux Analysis
507g Flux and Reflux: Metabolite Back-Mixing in Plant Cell Suspensions and Its Implications On Isotope-Assisted Metabolic Flux Analysis
Narsimhan, V.
470b A Nonlocal Theory to Predict the Concentration Distribution of Red Blood Cells Flowing in a Microchannel
Narula, J.
593b Coupling of Gene Expression and Growth Rate Determines Selection of Transcriptional Regulation Mechanisms
142cz Computational Modeling of a Microchannel Heat Exchanger Using Fluent: Pressure, Velocity, and Temperature Profiles
Naserifar, S.
180am Simulations of the Pyrolysis of Hydridopolycarbosilane (HPCS) Polymer Using the Reaxff Reactive Force Field
710h Toward a Molecular Model of SiC Nanoporous Membrane: Application of Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation to the Study of the Pyrolysis of Hpcs Polymeric Precursor
Naskar, A. K.
162g Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) Investigation of Porous Monolithic Carbons From Phenolic Precursor
Nasr, H.
114e DNS of Particle-Laden Gas Flow with Four-Way Coupling
Nastac, L.
517b Numerical Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Casting of Energetic Material in a Projectile Controlled by the Active Cooling/Heating Solidification and Mechanical Vibration Technologies
Natalie, K.
366c Development of a High Shear Crystallization Process for a Pharmaceutical Intermediate
513b Collective Osmotic Shock (COS) a New Way to Create Polymeric Templates for Inorganic Nanomaterials
706e High Performance Gas Separation Membrane From a Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity by Photochemical Surface Modification
Natarajan, S.
373g Ontology Based Process Supervision System for Large Scale Chemical Plants
546g Optimization of Biochemical Conversion Process of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Sugars by Integrating the Kinetic Models
Natesakhawat, S.
515b Double Perovskite Materials for Applications in Chemical Looping and Oxygen Storage
619d Sintering of Copper-Based Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis From Carbon Dioxide
623b Structure Sensitivity of Methanol Synthesis From Carbon Dioxide On Copper-Based Catalysts
Nathan, G. J.
724g Polygeneration of Fischer-Tropsch Fuels and Electricity by Hybridised Solar Gasification of Coal – a Pseudo-Dynamic Process Model
National Science Foundation, C.
458c Presentations by NSF CBET Program Managers
458d Break-Out Session with NSF Program Managers
Natrin, N.
25c Photocatalytic Degradation of Acetaminophen in Dilute Aqueous Solutions
Natssuki, Y.
395r Azeotropic Adsorption Equilibrium of Mixed Organic Solvent On FAU Type High Silica Zeolite - Interpretation by Molecular Simulation and Do's Method
Naud, D.
517a Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations of Nanopowder Dispersion for Applications in Solid Propellants
Naughton, M. S.
289c Development of Microfluidic Reactors for Quantum Dot Synthesis
490e Investigation of Cathode Contaminants within Microfluidic and Laminar-Flow Fuel Cells
Navari, R. M.
283c Rationally Engineered Nanoparticles for Overcoming Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma
Navarro, M.
36a Purification of Zeolite Nanosheets by Density Gradient Centrifugation and Their Assembly On Various Supports
399b New Vapor Compression Alternatives in Thermally Coupled Distillation
488e A Hybrid Simulation-Optimization Approach for the Design of Internally Heat-Integrated Distillation Columns
Navarro, M.
684e Modeling Chemical-Looping Combustion in Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactors
Naviaux, D.
774f Fractional Degradation Cost for Cycling a Zinc/Bromine Flow Cell Battery
Nawaz, S.
312c Interactions of PEO-PPO-PEO Block Copolymers with Lipid Membranes: A Computational and Experimental Study Linking Membrane Lysis with Polymer Structure
Nayhouse, M.
168b Precise Simulation of Fluid-Solid Transitions Using Constrained Cell Models
362c Modeling of Globular Protein Crystal Growth Via Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations
747b Shape Control of Protein Crystals
221f Protease Responsive and Biofunctional Peg Hydrogel Coated Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery Into Tumor Cells
Nazockdast, E.
142dg Pair-Particle Dynamics in Sheared Colloidal Suspensions: Simulation and Theory
602i Biomass-Solvent Catalytic Reactions: Assessing Sugars and Intermediates by HPLC and GCMS
Neal, L. M.
600p Comparative Study of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Anode Catalysts
Nealey, P. F.
722f Molecular Transfer Printing Over Large Areas
Nealson, K. H.
177b Application of Bioelectrochemical Systems to Hexavalent Chromium Remediation
341d Integration of Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells and Compressed Air Energy Storage for Peaking Power with Zero Carbon Emissions
Neathery, J. K.
515f Development and Performance Evaluation of a Cost-Effective Oxygen Carriers
515g Study of Wyoming PRB Coal for Application of Solid Fueled Chemical Looping Combustion with TGA-MS
Neathery, J. K.
772b Mass Transfer Evaluation of CO2 Absorption in a Wetted Wall Column
772d Aqueous Morpholine As a Potential Post-Combustion CO2 Absorption Solution
Neau, H.
707c Axial Mixing of Polypropylene Particles in Horizontal Rotating Drum Mixers
596bc Effects of Oscillatory Convective Flow On Chemical Signal Propagation in Epithelia
212c Study of Distribution and Stability of Solid Particles in a Spouted Bed
393aw Phase Equilibrium Prediction of Different Phospholipids in Supercritical CO2 with Ehanol As a Co-Solvent
Neelamegham, S.
52c Silencing α(1,3)Fucosyltransferases in Human Leukocytes Reveals Differences in E-Selectin Ligand Synthesis Between Humans and Mice
74e The α2,3 Sialyltransferase ST3Gal-IV Regulates Human Leukocyte Binding to All Three Selectins: Distinction Between Mice and Men
199d A Systems Biology Approach for Mechanistic Understanding of Glycan Structure and Function
309b Regulatory Role of D'D3 Domain in VWF-A1 Mediated Platelet Thrombus Formation: Application towards Understanding Von Willebrand Disease
425d Scaling Down the Size and Increasing the Throughput of Glycosyltransferase Assays: Activity Changes On Stem Cell Differentiation
Neely, B. J.
181aa Generalized Non-Linear QSPR Models for Surface Tension
295b In Silico Prediction of Cancer Mechanism of Action
327c Process Simulation of a Bi-Phasic Reaction: Hydrogenation of p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde
384f A Theory-Framed Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship (QSPR) Model for Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium
Nefcy, E.
32a Characterization of Student Model Development in Physical and Virtual Laboratories
181Ťas Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of the Binary Systems (N,N,N,N'-Tetramethylethylenediamine + Water), (Tetramethylpropylenediamine + Water) or (Diethylenetriamine + Water) At Several Temperatures
181at Investigation of the Thermodynamic Properties of (Furfuryl Alcohol + Toluene), (Furfuryl Alcohol + Ethanol), or + (Furfural + Toluene) Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures
181d Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of Ternary Systems Containing 1-Butanol (or 2-Butanol), + 1-Hexene and + Methylbenzene At 313.15 K
181v Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of (Water + Glycerol), (Water + 1,3-Propanediol), or (Ethanol + Glycerol) Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures: Measurements and Modeling
181Ťas Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of the Binary Systems (N,N,N,N'-Tetramethylethylenediamine + Water), (Tetramethylpropylenediamine + Water) or (Diethylenetriamine + Water) At Several Temperatures
181at Investigation of the Thermodynamic Properties of (Furfuryl Alcohol + Toluene), (Furfuryl Alcohol + Ethanol), or + (Furfural + Toluene) Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures
181d Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of Ternary Systems Containing 1-Butanol (or 2-Butanol), + 1-Hexene and + Methylbenzene At 313.15 K
181v Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of (Water + Glycerol), (Water + 1,3-Propanediol), or (Ethanol + Glycerol) Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures: Measurements and Modeling
525c Thermodynamic Properties of 2,5-Dimethylfuran + Furfuryl Alcohol, 2,5-Dimethylfuran + Methylisobutylketone, or Furfuryl Alcohol + Methyl Isobutylketone Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures: Measurements and Modeling
Negash, B.
153b Synthesis Routes of Phosphorous-Free Semiconducting Selenide Nanoparticles for Photovoltaic Applications
Negi, Y. S.
477f In -Situ Precipitation of CaCO3 within Pulp Fibers Enhances Optical and Printing Properties of Paper
Neilson, B.
88f Adsorption of Acrylic/Sulfonic Acid Copolymer-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoclusters On Silica Microspheres At High Divalent Salinity
158g Copolymer-Coated Stabililization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoclusters At High Ionic Strength and High Temperature Designed by Combinatorial Materials Chemistry
Neimark, A. V.
109d Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Scanning Adsorption-Desorption Isotherms On Mesoporous Materials
180t Characterization of the Interactions of Polyelectrolyte Membranes with Organophosphorus Agents and Their Simulants: A Molecular Dynamics Simulations Study
620d Characterization of Novel Ordered Mesoporous Carbons
648b Modeling Solvent-Gradient Chromatography of Complex Polymers Using Statistical Theory of Interaction Polymer Chromatography
Neimark, A. V.
348d Coarse-Graining Protocol for Mesoscale Simulations of Nanostructured Polymers
Neira D'Angelo, M. F.
111g Aqueous Phase Reforming of Biomass In Microreactor
651e Laser- Drawn Features On Nanoparticle Films
Nejad, H. H.
668c Model of Shale Shaker Performance
Nel, A. E.
209b Structure-Activity Relationship Predicted Toxicity Metric for Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Nellums, R. R.
764f Water Processed Nanothermite Inks for Direct Deposition On Low Energy Initiators
Nelson, C. M.
776b Engineered Microenvironments to Analyze Host-Tumor Cell Interactions
Nelson, N.
452c Single Molecule Studies of the Hydrophobic Interaction At the Solid-Liquid Interface
Nelson, R.
153d Modification of PCBM Crystallization Via Incorporation of C60 in Polymer/Fullerene Solar Cells
498e Adsorption of Galacturonic Acid Onto Anion-Exchange Resins to Enhance the Enzymatic Hydrolysis in a Proposed Citrus Processing Waste Biorefinery
782c Utilization of Citrus Processing Waste As Renewable Feedstock for Biorefinery Applications: Technical Advances, and Analysis of Engineering Challenges for the Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis Steps
192c CO2 Assisted Development of PCL-Gelatin Based Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications
249f Hemoglobin Regulates the Migration of Glioma Cells Along Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Aligned Nanofibers
678g Tunable, Aligned Electrospun Nanofiber White Matter Mimetics for Investigating Tumor Cell Migration
Nema, O.
View Potential Use of Bio-Char As Alternative, Inexpensive Sorbent
Nemer, M. B.
142bg Drop Circulation and Liquid-Liquid Extraction in Hele Shaw Flow
Neogi, P.
251e A Single Pore Model for Displacement of Heavy Oil with Carbon Dioxide
441d Combined Heat Transfer Coefficient and Bubble Dynamics Measurements in Bubble Columns: Assessment of a Mechanistic Approach
609b Investigation of the Effect of Internals On Hydrodynamics in Bubble Column Reactors Using Computed Tomography (CT)
Nery-Azevedo, R.
435i Microfluidic Hydrogel Structures for Controlled Concentration Gradients and Fast Solution Switching
Nesmith, T.
142bi Analysis of Groove Micromixers: Shape Optimization Study
Nestl, S.
587a Component Development for Decentralized Sustainable Hydrogen Production
Nettleton, D.
15e Proteomics Based Multivariate Random Forest Method for Prediction of Protein Separation Behavior During Downstream Purification
225d Aerobic Oxidations in Flow: The Functionalization of Olefins
Neuhaus, E.
647d Modeling the Polymeric Microstructure of Ldpe with a Novel Hybrid Simulation Approach
Neumann, G. T.
266b Cerium-Containing HZSM-5 Catalysts for Biomass Upgrading
600bk Mesopore Formation During Zeolite Dry Gel Syntheses: A FIB/SEM Study
75e Facing Heterogeneities in Bioprocesses, a Downscale Approach Tailored to Suit Large Scale Conditions
306e Characterizing Heterogeneity of Environmental Conditions in Various Bioreactor Scales Used for Cell Cultivation
Neurock, M.
67b Theoretical Insights Into Catalytic Conversion Methane and Light Alkanes Over
125a Mechanistic Insights Into Ring-Opening and Decarboxylation of 2-Pyrones in Liquid Water and Tetrahydrofuran Solvents
217b Insights Into the Selective Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis of Renewable Intermediates
428d Selective Oxidation Over Supported Au Catalysts
495g Water-Gas Shift Catalysis Over Supported Gold Nanoparticles
541d Theoretical Insights Into the Effects of Hydrocarbon Structure On the Catalytic Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Ketones
638f Mechanistic Insights Into the Catalytic Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane Over Co3O4 Surfaces
699e Hydrogenolysis of Polyols and Cyclic Ethers On ReOx-Promoted Pt and Rh Catalysts
Neves, L. F. F.
156h Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Targeted to the Tumor Vasculature for the Treatment of Breast Cancer
139b Metabolic Engineering of Clostridium Ljungdahlii for Production of Fuels and Other Chemicals From Carbon Dioxide Via Microbial Electrosynthesis or with Carbon Monoxide or Hydrogen As the Electron Donor
Newalkar, G.
383b Characterization of Products From High-Pressure Biomass Pyrolysis in an Entrained-Flow Reactor
Newbloom, G.
113g In Situ Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Property Development During the Self-Assembly of Conjugated Polymer Organogels
180bk Structure and Property Development of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Organogels Probed with Combined Rheology, Conductivity and Small Angle Neutron Scattering
738e Formic Acid Free Flowsheet Development to Eliminate Catalytic Hydrogen Generation in the Defense Waste Processing Facility
Newkirk, M. S.
663e Solution Behavior At High Pressures: Linear to Star Polymers in SCF and Liquid Solvents
Newman, J.
503g Electrochemical Characterization of Passivating Films in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Newman, R.
299a Toward Tailored Elasticity of Particulate Soft Matter by Control of Structural Rigidity
Ng, C.
155h Changes in Cellular Behavior with Implementation of Aligned PLGA Fibers in Wound Healing Model
Ng, D.
553b Nanostructured Particles of Manganese Oxide for ORR in Alkaline-Based Fuel Cells
Ng, H. T.
345c Measuring Hamaker Constants by Atomic Force Microscopy From the “Jump-Into-Contact” Distance: Quasi-Static Models and Dynamic Simulations
293f Thermal Management of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Control Strategies
Ng, K. Y. S.
229g Facile Fabrication of Hollow TiO2 Nanoparticles As Safe Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
296f Mixed Hydrophobic Room Temperature Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium-Air Battery
316d Transformative Catalytic Technology for Advanced Biofuel Production
316f Hydrotreating of Soybean Oil Over NiMo Carbide Catalyst On Five Different Supports
503c Nitride-Rich Silicon Anodes for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
670f Effect of Hydrogen On Catalytic Decarboxylation of BROWN Grease to Green Diesel
743b Modifications of Silicon Nanoparticles/Graphene Sheets Composite Anode to Enhance Lithium Ion Battery Performance
745e Znla Catalyst Durability and Regeneration Method in the Process of Converting DDGS Oil and Yellow Grease Into Biodiesel
774a Development of Proton Selective Membranes for Efficient and Economical Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
774g Design Mesostructured LiMn2O4 As Low-Cost Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Ng, K. Y. S.
25g Facile Fabrication of Functional TiO2 Nanoarrays On Different Substrates
296g Novel Graphene Supported Bifunctional Catalysts Combined with Ionic Liquid Electrolyte in Rechargeable Lithium-Air Batteries for Prolong Cyclic Stability
363b Tunable 3-D MnO2/Graphene Composites for Next-Generation High Energy Density Supercapacitors
673f Aerosol Composition and Sources in the Atlanta Area Measured by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Ng, R.
741a Temperature-Responsive Nematic Hydrogels
779b Upgrading of Biomass-Derived Liquid to Clean Fuels
Ngale, K. N.
178i Towards More Efficient Enhanced Sampling Methods to Study Phase Transitions
Ngo, T.
View Responsive Membranes for Tunable Flux and Biomolecule Immobilization
Ngobi, L.
283g Magnetic Resonance Imaging As a Powerful Tool for Visualizing Controlled Release From Biodegradable Microparticles
Nguyen, C. M.
541c Reaction of Bio-Alcohols in H-FAU, H-Mor, H-ZSM-5 and H-ZSM-22
Nguyen, D. T.
734e Immobilized-Cells Hollow Fiber Membrane Reactor for Fermentation of Inhibitors in Lignocellulosic Hydrolysates
87a Activation of NALP3 Inflammasome by Gold Nanoshell/Silica Core Nanoplasmonics
Nguyen, H.
409f Optimization of Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) Production by Activated Sludge Via Fermentation of Glucose
Nguyen, H. D.
57g Toward Self-Assembly of Nonviral Gene Delivery Complexes by Pegylated-Poly(Lysine) and siRNA Molecules Via Molecular Dynamics Simulations
117d Self-Assembly of Complex DNA Architectures Via Multiscale Simulations for Nanotechnology and Alterative Energy
358c Self-Assembly of Peptide Amphiphiles Into Hydrogel Via Multiscale Simulations
588d Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Peptide Self-Assembly Under Confinement
Nguyen, H.
393n Simulation of Heat Transfer in Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Silica
Nguyen, N. T.
673a Gas-Particle Partitioning of Primary Organic Aerosol Emissions From Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles
Nguyen, P.
741a Temperature-Responsive Nematic Hydrogels
320b Structure of Poiseuille-Couette Flow in an Infinite Channel with Direct Numerical Simulations
Nguyen, S.
237b Synthesis of Hierarchical Graphene Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposites
313a Hierarchical Structure of Graphene Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposites
Nguyen, T. X.
162a Mechanism of Water Adsorption in Hydrophobic Nanospaces of Disordered Carbons
Nguyen, T. Q. N.
692c Surface Modification of Pollen Shape Carriers for Improved Dry Powder Inhalation Efficiency
71b Extracellular Matrix Stiffness and Drug Resistance in Carcinoma
Nguyen, T. D.
188g Magnetic Janus Particles: Preparation, Self-Assembly, Simulation, and Application
Nguyen, T. V.
751c Electrode and Cell Design Principles in Batteries and Fuel Cells
777b A Mathematical Model of a Regenerative H2-Br2 Fuel Cell
Nguyen, V. N.
280b Sustainability in Chemical Engineering Education - TBD
Nguyen, V.
View Propylene (C3=) Metathesis On MoOx/SBA-15 Catalysts: In Situ Characterization and Active Site Counting
Ni, F.
791b Dynamics of Pumped Heat Energy Storage Systems
69e Efficient Stereoselective Synthesis of Ethyl (R)-2-Hydroxy-4-Phenylbutyrate by a Bacterial Reductase Coupled with Cofactor Regeneration
Niamat, R.
615e A Novel Application of Nanofiber Scaffolds for Gene Therapy
Niazi, A. A.
View Viscosity of the Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride [BMIM]Cl From Reverse Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
Nichol, C. A.
502c Gotta Keep It Separated: Engineering a Centrifuge From a Simple Salad Spinner
Nichol, D.
603g Production and Properties of Cellulosic Whiskers From Aspen Kraft Pulp
Nichols, C.
662f Identifying Transcriptional Phenotypes Associated with Single Cell Variability in Hypertension
Nicholson, K.
319c Computationally Efficient Determination of Thermodynamic Stability of Five Metal Hydrides Using First Principles Including Hydrogen Isotope Effects
Nicoletti, P.
634b Gasifier Performance Modeling Including Mass Transfer Effects
Nicoll, S.
616c Biomimicry of Cellular Ligand Presentation in 3D Stem Cell Scaffolds Via Proteolipobead-Matrix Hybrid Systems
Nicolleti, P.
529d Recent Developments in Carbonaceous Chemistry for Computational Modeling (C3M) with Uncertainty Quantifications (UQ)
Nie, H.
457a Effect of Particle Size On Hydrogen Production by Reaction of Liquid Water and Aluminum Powders
Nie, L.
635e Hybrid Membranes for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Nie, M.
296a A Nanoscale Study of the Formation of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Li Ion Batteries
Nie, X.
17d DFT Studies of CO2 Electrochemical Reduction Reactions On Cu-Based Catalysts
81b DFT Studies On Adsorption, Diffusion, and Clustering of Cu and Au On the Non-Polar ZnO(10-10) Surface
Nie, Y.
508a Dynamic Modeling and Recipe Optimization of Semibatch Polymerization Processes
Nie, Z.
556f In-Situ Investigation of Vanadium Ions Transport in Redox Flow Battery
774b Microporous Separators On Fe/V Redox Flow Battery: A Valuable Opportunity for Cost Reduction
774c In Situ Investigation of Vanadium Ions Transport in Redox Flow Battery
774d Electrolyte Optimization for Fe/V Redox Flow Battery System
Niedringhaus, T.
468f A New Type of Silicon Nanofet Detector with Single-Nanoparticle Sensitivity
Nieh, M. P.
786c The Controlling Parameters of Pyrene/Polymer Thin Films As Fluorescence Explosive Detecting Materials
Nielsen, C. H.
123e Aquaporin Based Biomimetic Membranes
Nielsen, D. R.
11d Bacteria Engineered to Produce the Chiral Building Block (S)-Styrene Oxide From Renewable Feedstocks
571g Renewable Production of 5-Carbon Polyamide Building Blocks Using Engineered E. Coli
602r Bacteria Engineered for Bio-Styrene Production
Nielsen, J.
48b Protein Endocytosis and Degradation: Impact On Secreted Protein Titers in Yeast
243f Integrating Active Research On CO2 Capture in Traditional Process Design
78a Mechanistic Aspects of CO Hydrogenation On Iron and Other Group VIII Metal Surfaces: DFT Studies
196c Properties of Olivine Catalysts for Indirect Gasification of Biomass
566f Three Decades of Fischer-Tropsch Studies: Old Questions - New Answers?
641g In-Situ Characterization of Cu-Promoted Fe Model Catalysts by Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing and XPS
Niemoeller, A.
614d Altered Clay Percolation in PBAT Nanocomposites Compatibilized by PBAT-g-MA
98e Modelling of Turbulence in Agitated Vessels Operating At "Just Suspension Speed"
404a Mixing Issues in Stem Cell Culture Bioreactors Using Microcarriers
Niesbach, A.
372d Experimental Investigation and Model Validation of a Heterogeneously Catalyzed Reactive Distillation Process to Intensify the Synthesis of n-Butyl Acrylate From Acrylic Acid and n-Butanol
516f Process Analysis and Generic Optimization of the Synthesis of n-Butyl Acrylate in an Industrial Scale Reactive Distillation Column
361b Multi-Scale Approach in Mixing for Colloidal Systems Design: Concentrated and Highly Concentrated Inverse/Direct Emulsions
750f Multi-Scale Approach to the Design of Emulsions: Water-in-Oil and Oil-in-Water with Dispersed Phase Between 10% w/w and 30% w/w
207b Tower Scanning As a Quantitative Tool
Nieva, A. D.
555d Improved Emulsion Breaking for Treatment of Bilge Water by Induced-Air Flotation
573b Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Hydrodynamics in an Advanced-Flow Reactor (AFR)
637e Experimental and Statistical Optimization of Chelant Assisted Extraction of Heavy Metals From Bimetallic Spent Catalyst
298g Development of an Adenovirus Gene Therapy Vector with Improved Transduction Efficacy and Reduced Innate and Adaptive Immune Response
Nigra, M. M.
3ce Understanding Catalysis Through Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Catalytic Materials
154b Understanding Homogeneous Au Nanoparticle Reduction Catalysis Using Organic Ligands
753g Molecular-Level Structure-Function Relations in Gold Nanoparticle Catalysis
723a Supply Chain Management Optimization Using a Hybrid Simulation Based Optimization Approach
Niitsoo, O.
742g Experimental Examination of Irreversibility of Electrostatically Driven Adsorption of Silica Nanoparticles At Solid-Liquid Interface
Nijemeisland, M.
258e Experimental Validation of High Reynolds Number CFD Simulations of Heat Transfer in a Pilot-Scale Fixed Bed Tube
354b Modeling of Particle-Particle and Particle-Wall Contact Points in the 3D CFD Simulation of Transport in Fixed Beds of Spheres
625c Experimental and CFD Simulation of Methane Steam Reforming Reaction/Deactivation in a Catalytic Fixed-Bed Reactor
Nijenhuis, J.
55g Reaction-Diffusion in a Cobalt Catalyst Particle: Aspects of Activity and Selectivity for a Variable Chain Growth Probability in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
111g Aqueous Phase Reforming of Biomass In Microreactor
573d Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer In the Horizontal Rotating Foam Stirrer Reactor
769f Selective Hydrogenation of a Functionalized Alkyne In Horizontal Rotating Foam Stirrer Reactors
Nikbin, N.
81e Poisoning Mechanisms of MgO-Supported Au Clusters in CO Oxidation
195c Acid-Catalyzed Conversion of Dimethylfuran to p-Xylene in Catalytic Zeolite-Y. A Combined Computational and Experimental Study
266c Cycloaddition of Biomass Derived Furans for the Renewable Production of p-Xylene
600bd Catalytic Cycloaddition of Ethylene to Dimethylfuran for the Production of p-Xylene
Nikkanen, J. P.
705e Two-Step Gas Phase Synthesis of Janus-Like and Core-Shell FexOy-TiO2 Composite Nanoparticles
142bu Correlation Between Radial Filtration and Normal Stress Distribution in Highly Concentrated Suspensions Undergoing Constant-Force Squeeze Flow
Niknam, M.
788d Synthesis of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework ZIF-7 and Application for CO2 and CH4 Separation
111f Aqueous-Phase Fructose Dehydration Using Zeolite Catalysts
195d Economic Analysis of the Production of p-Xylene From 5-Hydroxymethyfurfural
266d Understanding the Solvation of Fructose and 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural in Water - Dimethyl Sulfoxide Mixtures Using Molecular Dynamics and Vibrational Spectroscopy
395an Adsorption in Zeolites of Components Encountered in Hexose Dehydration
546e On the Systematic Synthesis Screening and Integration of Real-Life Biorefineries
551c Optimal Rules for Central Bank Interest Rate Subject to Zero Lower Bound
Nikova, A.
750c Oil Emulsification by Surface-Tunable Carbon Black Particles
Nilam, R.
331h Optimization of a 4 Step PSA Cycle for CO2 Capture From Post-Combustion Flue Gas
320c Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Incompressible Wake Flow - Comparison with Particle Image Velocimetry Data
Nilsen-Hamilton, M.
678i Synthesis and Characterization of Bioinspired Hierarchically Self-Assembling Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites
Nilsson, A.
754a Nanoscaling Effects On the Electronic Structure of TiO2 Supported Gold Nanoparticles and Their Impact On Electrocatalytic CO Oxidation
Nilsson, B.
391b Study of the Mechanisms of Antibody Aggregation in Solution
Nimlos, M. R.
264e Catalyst Screening for Upgrading Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Vapors
Nimmanwudipong, T.
476e Selective Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol Catalyzed by Pt/MgO
Ning, J.
423b Coordinated Induction of Multi-Gene Pathways in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Ning, X.
355a Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes for N2/CH4 Separation
392c Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes for N2/CH4 Gas Separation
Nino, J. C.
695d Hopping Mechanisms in Dielectric Relaxation of Pyrochlores From First Principles Calculations
Niranjan, M.
231f Synthesis and Phase Transfer of Oxidation Resistant Copper Nanoparticles to Various Organic Solvents
462a Towards Development of an Optimal Modular Cell for Production of Biochemicals and Biofuels
Nirmalakhandan, N.
677b Microwave-Mediated Transesterification of Algal Biomass to Biodiesel Under Supercritical Ethanol Conditions
226b Interaction Between Fluid Mixing and Chemical Reaction -Effect of Non-Uniform Chaotic Mixing On Concentration Distribution for Periodical Reaction System-
Nitao, J.
132b Application of an Integrated Multiphysics Simulator to Underground Coal Gasification
Nitsche, L. C.
180ag Interaction of Sedimenting Drops in a Miscible Solution – Formation of Heterogeneous Toroidal-Spiral Particles
Niu, K.
637g Experimental Study of the Operating Parameters and Biodegradation Kinetic Model for Wastewater Treatment In a Biological Fluidized Bed Reactor
Niu, M.
602bf Pretreatment of Wheat Straw Using the H2O-SO2 System At Elevated Temperatures
Niu, Q.
522c Self -Assembly of Conjugated Diblock Copolymers within Nanofibers for Solar Cell Applications
Nixon, E. C.
7f Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture: A Thermodynamic Study
158f Synthesis of Nanoparticles Through the Use of Reversible Ionic Liquids
387e Using Structure-Property Relationships to Design Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
442a Sustainable Applications Through the Use of Reversible Ionic Liquids
542f Designing Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
View Using Structure-Property Relationships to Develop Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
Nixon, M.
305e Use of Parallel Coordinates to Monitor Absorption and Stripper Columns for Optimal CO2 Removal
Nizkorodov, S. A.
611b Evaluating the Significance of Direct Photolysis of Organic Compounds Dissolved in Cloud and Fog Waters
Njikam, F. N.
310f Quality by Design Development of a Film Coating Process Resulting in a Dimensionless Design Space
Noble, R. D.
28c Scale-up of SAPO-34 Membranes for CO2/CH4 Separation
241b Nanostructured Polymer Membranes with Sub-1-Nm Pores for Molecular Size Separations Via the Cross-Linking of Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Assemblies
691a Understanding Droplet Bridging in Ionic Liquid-Based Pickering Emulsions
Nogareda, J.
93f CFD Approach for the Design of Microcapsules Based On the Formation of Drops Using Viscous Non-Newtonian Fluids Through Fan Jet Nozzles
Noh, B.
53b Optimal Plant Operation of Industrial Reverse Osmosis Desalination
Noh, S. M.
180aa Characterization of UV-Thermal Dual Curable Clearcoats Using Rotational Rheometry: Effect of Thermal Radical Initiator (TRI) and Photo Initiator (PI)
Nokes, S. E.
260d Cellulose Thin Film Hydrolysis by Cellulase Enzymes in the Presence of Inhibitors – a QCM Study
787e Role of Tween-80 in Reduction of Nonproductive Cellulase Binding to Lignin
Noll, H.
84c Recycling of Valuabe Metals From Battery Scrap Leachate by Supported Liquid Membrane Technology
66d Spin-Processing of Colloidal Coatings for Optimum Anti-Reflection Effect
395g Simulation Study of Multi-Component Gas Adsorption On MSC5A by Chromatographic Method
395h Simulation Study of Multi-Component Gas Adsorption On MSC3A by Volumetric Technique Method
45a Reduction of a Mechanistic Drying Model of Pharmaceutical Granules for Inclusion in a Population Balance Model with Continuous Growth Term
746c Application of Global Sensitivity Analysis As Preparatory Step for Reduction of a Drying Model of Pharmaceutical Granules
Nordlund, D.
638b Investigation of Surface Oxidation State and Oxygen Evolution Activity of Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles
Noriler, D.
124b Application of Euler-Lagrange Approach to Predict the Multiphase Flow with Simultaneous Heat and Momentum Transfer, and Solidification Predicted by A Shrinkage Unsolidified Core Model
559e Geometric Optimization of Cyclones for Combination of Nonlinear Mathematical Programming and Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques (CFD)
Norman, R. S.
139d Electroautotrophic Synthesis of Acetate and Methane
Norris, D. J.
153e Template Stripped Metal Nanostructures for Photovoltaics
Norskov, J. K.
17c Mechanisms of Carbon-Carbon Coupling in CO2 Electroreduction On Cu(211)
267a Modeling the Electrochemical Double Layer - CO2 Reduction On Pt(111)
566a (Photo-)Electro-Catalytic Fuel Production
Nřrskov, J. K.
718a Production of Formaldehyde On Transition Metal Catalysts Via the Anhydrous Dehydrogenation of Methanol
Norskov, J. K.
556a Electrochemistry and Transport Limitations of Non-Aqueous Li-Air Batteries From First-Principles
718g Universality in Oxygen Reduction On Metal Surfaces
Northen, T.
667e Discovery and Functional Determinations of Biomass-Degrading Enzymes by Robotic Cell-Free Translation
Northrup, S.
279b Semi-Empirical AM1, PM3 and PM6 Calculations On the Metakaolin Molecular Structure: Practical Application in Geopolymer Cement Production
563g High-Temperature Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Carbohydrates
Norton, H.
447c Engineering Cystine Knot Peptides As a New Class of Molecular Imaging Agents
130f Distorted Rutile Oxides As Potential Catalysts for Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Biodiesel
490f Molybdenum Dioxide (MoO2)-Based Anode Fabrication and Its Performance Analysis for SOFC Applications
581e Advanced Catalysts for Fuel-Flexible Fuel Cells
Norton, T.
241c High Temperature Dual-Phase Inorganic Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separation
Noshadi, I.
381b 100% Conversion of Waste Brown Grease to Biodiesel and Syngas As Valuable Products for Heat and Power Cogeneration
671f Experimental, Anfis Modeling and De Optimization of Pilot Plant Scale Biodiesel Production From Yellow Grease in a Reactive Distillation
Nossal, R.
14f “High-Throughput” Stiffness Assay for the Study of Cancer Cell Susceptibility to Anti-Cancer Drugs
67c Adding Complexity, and Perhaps Cooperativity, to Dispersed Metal Oxide Catalysts
266f Minimizing Humin Formation Via HMF Derivatization
638d Aldehyde Hydrogenation Over Fe, Cu, and Co Sites of Controlled Dispersion On Alkali-Modified Oxide Supports
657a Building and Controlling Structure-Function Relationships of Titania Photocatalysts
770e Atomic Level Design of Bifunctional Titanium-Amine Materials for Cooperative Catalysis
237f Characterization of the Flexural Properties of Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofiber/Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites by Experimental Design
648f Simulation of Polymer Crystal Growth with Various Morphologies Using a Phase-Field Model
686d Fundamental Interfacial Behavior of Confined Colloid-Polymer Systems
710f Structure of Rigid Hard-Ring Fluid
Nova, A. F.
488d Analysis of the Influence of Heat Flows in Optimal Design and Operation of Multicomponent Distillation Columns: Extractive Distillation Case Study
547c Isoconversional Methods to Model Oxidative Alkaline Pretreatment of Lignocellulose
Novais, A.
572d A Global Optimization Approach for the Short-Term Scheduling of Hydro Power Generation
64c Scaled Transport Coefficient Correlations for Fluids
580f Reduction of VOC Emissions in High Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Process: Toxchem Based Fate & Emissions Modeling Case Study
640b Color Removal and Biosolids Reduction with Ozone in Textile Plant Wastewater Treatment
640e Improved Volatile Solids Reduction in Aerobic Digesters by Application of Sludge Ozonation Using the Lyso™ Process
368g Short-Term Scheduling of Multiproduct Batch Plants: A Novel CP Approach
368d A Reactive Scheduling Framework for Batch Plants: Balancing Schedule Stability and Efficiency Performance Measures
368g Short-Term Scheduling of Multiproduct Batch Plants: A Novel CP Approach
789b ECM Stiffness and Modulus As Independent Controllers of Cancer Metastasis
Nowak, U.
604l Multi-Objective Optimization in Industrial Chemical Process Development by Navigation On Pareto Fronts
Nowinski, A. K.
26b Specific Targeting Stealth Nanoparticles Coated with Ultra-Low Fouling Peptide
178t Modeling Nonspecific Interactions in Biology
358d Designing Peptide Biomaterials Using Experiments and Modeling
360a All-in-One Peptide Biomaterial: Biomolecular Recognition, Ultra-Low Fouling, and Surface Anchoring
451h Modeling Nonspecific Interactions in Biological Systems
Ntetsikas, K.
180ad Entangled Polystyrene Melts with Well-Defined Long-Chain Branching in Large Deformation
Nuchitprasittichai, A.
599ae A Comparison of Sampling Approaches Used in a Sequential Sampling Approach for Stochastic Programming Problems with Continuous Uncertain Parameters
604h Surrogate-Based Optimization of CO2 Capture Process with Aqueous Amines
Nugent, E.
662h Microrheology of Chromosomal Loci in Escherichia Coli
Nulwala, H.
279c Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Water Absorption Into Ionic Liquids
505a Ionic Liquid Diblock Copolymers
Nulwala, H.
149a Practical Membranes for CO2 Capture
Nunes, S.
222a Self-Assembly and Superhydrophobicity in Membrane Development for Water Application (Keynote Talk)
Nuńez, V.
680a Developing a Magnetic Microfluidics Setup to Capture Bacterial Contaminants in Blood Products
526e Investigating On the Influence of Mesh Density, Turbulence Models and Numerical Aspects of CFD Modeling in PBT Impellers Using Non-Structured Meshes
Nunoura, T.
167e Inhibition of Catalyst Poisoning in Supercritical Water Gasification of Sewage Sludge: Technical Study On Reactor Design
Nurse, N.
448a Effect of Histone Tail Modifications On Chromosome Structure and Activity
596h Effects of Histone Tail Modifications On Chromosome Structure and Activity
351c Pulsed Release Through Layered Polymers
596aa Confocal Fluorescent Microscopy Vs. Direct Enumeration for Quantification of Biofilm Infection Deactivation
Nuzzo, R. G.
600d Amorphous-to-Crystalline Transformation of Pt Nanoparticles: Dependency On Size, Support and Adsorbates
Nyankima, A. G.
276f Characterization of Lysozyme/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/ Polyvinyl Alcohol Films
Nyce, M.
642c Phase Changes in Secondary Manganese Dioxide Electrodes for Grid-Scale Batteries
777d Improved Cycle Life Performance of MnO2 Cathode and Zn Anode for Secondary Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries
Nygren, P.
52a The Interaction of a Bacterial Toxin (Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans leukotoxin) with Its Receptor Depends On Both Lipid-Protein and Protein-Protein Interactions
Nykyforchyn, C.
View Localization of Megalin Along Zebrafish Lateral Line; Implications for Ototoxicity of Nephrotoxic Drugs
Nzihou, A.
737a Catalytic Performance of Char for Reduction of Tars in Biomass Gasification