Author Index: J

Jabbari, E.
721a Response of Breast Tumor Cells to Hybrid Polymer-Peptide Self-Assembled Nanoparticles
721h Structure, Properties, and Stromal Cell Response of Self-Assembled Micellar Star Poly(ethylene oxide-co-lactide) Hydrogels
Jackson, A.
485c Platinum Monolayers On Ruthenium for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR)
Jackson, D.
129f Bi-Functional Catalysts: A Path to Improved Catalytic Performance for the Conversion of Biomass Feedstocks
Jackson, E.
483d Microfluidic Cell Deformation As a Robust, Vector-Free Method for Cytosolic Delivery of Macromolecules
Jackson, G.
7a Modelling the Fluid Phase Behaviour of Aqueous Mixtures of Multifunctional Alkanolamines and Carbon Dioxide Using Transferable Parameters with the SAFT Approach
213d Application of the SAFT-VR Density Functional Theory to the Prediction of Interfacial Properties of Mixtures of Relevance to Reservoir Engineering
397d Validation of a Process Model of CO2 Capture in an Aqueous Solvent, Using an Implicit Molecular Based Treatment of the Reactions
437f Pressure Enhancement in Nanopores: Effect of Pore Shape
591h Gsaft: Application of the SAFT-γ Mie Group Contribution EoS in the Oil/Gas Industry - From Academic Research to Industrial Deployment
Jackson, G.
145f SAFT-γ Coarse Grained Models for the Molecular Simulation of Complex Fluids with a Top-Down Methodology
Jackson, G. S.
511b Electrospun Ceria-Based Water Gas Shift Catalyst Mats: Preparation, Characterization, and Integration Into a Membrane Reactor
Jackson, J. E.
154f Understanding the Effects of Thermal Treatments On Structure and Catalytic Properties of Ruthenium Nanoparticles On Mesoporous Silica
Jackson, K.
214d Inhibition of Alzheimer's-Associated Aβ Aggregation by Gold Nanoparticles
265b Steam Reforming of Ethanol Over Ru/Alumina: Effect of Temperature On Activity, Selectivity and Carbon Laydown
538d Deactivation of Precious Metal Steam Reforming Catalysis: Effect of Sulphur
619f Catalyst Deactivation During Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation
699d Alkene Hydrogenation and Isomerisation Over Rh Catalysts: Evidence of Sub-Surface Hydrogen
762d Selectivity Control in 3-Phase Hydrogenation of Alkynes
Jacob, K.
19a Hopper Design for Binary Mixtures
692b The Properties of Various Coating Polymers and Their Effects On Surface Frictional Behavior As Coatings On Pharmaceutical Tablets
Jacob, S.
612c Advanced Bio and Nanocomposites From Lignin
Jacob, T.
247e Role of Dissolved Carbon On the Nickel-Catalyzed Growth of Carbon Nanotubes
Jacobs, G.
22a Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Effect of Process Conditions On Performance of 0.48% Re-25%Co/Al2O3 Catalyst in a Stirred Tank Slurry Reactor
683b Shape-Selective Alkylation of Biphenyl with Propylene by Using Zeolite Catalysts
Jacobsen, A. J.
142cq Hollow Polymer Three-Dimensional Micro-Lattice Heat Exchangers
Jacobson, D.
69d A Self-Assembling Protein Hydrogel for Enzyme Incorporation Onto Electrodes in Biofuel Cells
Jacobson, D. L.
207c Determination of Liquid Holdup in Structured Packing Using Neutron Radiography
Jacobson, K.
308a Elongation Kinetics of Fibrillar Polyglutamine Aggregates
630g Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing Exergy Efficiency of Industrial Sectors in Developing Economies – Insight From India's Growth
Jaeger, D.
210e Multiscale Prediction of Patient-Specific Platelet Function Under Flow
Jaeger, V.
178v Simulations of Biomolecules in Nonaqueous Solvents
409g Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulosic Biomass in Nonaqueous Solvents
Jafari, M.
392d Ethylene Oxide Boosting in Oxygen-Assisted Membrane Reactor in Ethylene Epoxidation Process
Jaffer, S.
39d Fluid Flow Challenges to Meet for the Growing Demands for Energy
Jagota, A.
151i DNA Base Dimers Are Stabilized by Hydrogen Bonding Interactions Including Non-Watson-Crick Pairing near Graphite Surfaces
Jagtap, R.
445a Economic Plantwide Control Design Procedure
Jahangir, M.
65e Towards Point-of-Care HIV-1 Detection Through Electrical Sensing-On-a-Chip
Jahanian, P.
102c Organic Nanoparticle Deposition in Organosilane Nano-Arrays
393u Organic Nanoparticle Deposition in Organosilane Nano-Arrays (Poster)
774a Development of Proton Selective Membranes for Efficient and Economical Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
Jahanmiri, A.
211c Optimization of Biodemulsifier Production Condition in Order to Crude Oil Demulsification
185b Isoelectric Focusing without Carrier Ampholytes
Jahromi, M. K.
490d Water Management in a Seven-Layer Model of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
268d Inverse Design of Pairwise Interactions for Self-Assembly of Low-Coordinated Lattice Structures
Jain, M.
3dk Integrating Process Systems Engineering with Microfluidic Device Development, Optimization and Control for Biomedical Applications
142bi Analysis of Groove Micromixers: Shape Optimization Study
Jain, N.
286c Magnetic Block Ionomer Complexes for Imaging and Therapeutics
Jain, P.
649d Integration of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Subcomponent Models Using Reduced Order Methodology
788a Adsorption Based Process for CO2 Capture and Biogas Purification
Jain, R.
153a Polymer-Free near-Infrared Photovoltaic with Single Chirality (6,5) Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Active Layer
328d Renewable Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Glycerol Using Ni/CeO2 Catalyst
227g Modelling of Electrodialytic Removal of Multiple Ions From Synthetic Solutions
510f Design of Lab Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor
Jairam, S.
315e Synthesis of Sustainable and Stable Latex of Biopolymer Encapsulated Nanolignin-Clay Hybrid Via Miniemulsion Polymerization
Jajcevic, D.
493e Coupled CFD and DEM Simulation of Fluid-Granular Systems
Jalan, A.
279f From Quantum Chemistry to Diesel Injector Deposits: Revisiting Liquid Phase Oxidation
343d Multi-Physics Modeling of Auto-Thermal Diesel Surrogate Reforming
600bv New Pathways for Formation of Acids and Carbonyl Compounds in Low Temperature Oxidation
Jaliliannosrati, H.
671f Experimental, Anfis Modeling and De Optimization of Pilot Plant Scale Biodiesel Production From Yellow Grease in a Reactive Distillation
Jallo, L. J.
76d Using Inverse Gas Chromatography to Assess Passivation of High Surface Energy Sites of Milled Pharmaceutical Crystals Via Dry Coating of Nano-Silica
Jamadagni, S.
479d Uncovering the Role of Water in Biomolecular Interactions
Jameel, H.
734c Enhancement in Enzymatic Hydrolysis by Mechanical Refining of Pretreated Biomass
787a A Study in Lignin Inhibition for Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Woody Biomass
James, B. D.
338a A Numerical Study of Granular Shear Flows of Rod-Like Particles Using the Discrete Element Method
493d Parametric Analysis of the Effects of Particle Properties On the Granular Flows of Cylindrical Particles
James, G. K.
179f Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Depletion Force Generated by CTAB Micelles
James, L.
614a Biocompatible Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)-Based Nanocomposite Fibers
Jameson, C.
227b Nanoparticle Permeation Induced Water Penetration and Ion Transport Through a Lipid Membrane
Jampani Hanumantha, P.
363g Nanostructured Vanadium Nitride for Supercapacitor Applications
486b Novel Ternary and Doped Transition Metal Oxide Oxygen Evolution Electro-Catalysts for Hydrogen Production Via PEM Based Water Electrolysis
Jan, K. M.
596y Vessel Wall Transport: Can Increasing the Concentration of the Membrane Protein Aquaporin-1 Slow Down Pre-Lesion Atherosclerosis?
102g Unique Regimes in Nanofiber Formation From Pendant Precursor Drops Using Gas Jet
180w Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes / Syndiotactic Polystyrene Composite Aerogels
180x Tailoring Nanofibers Produced From Gas Jet Process
302e Poly(imide urea urethane) Aerogels with Potential Shape Memory Functionalities
589e Shape Memory Polymers Based On Polyurethane-Polybenzoxazine Blends
668d Morphology and Surface Properties of Polyethylene Oxide / Syndiotactic Polystyrene Aerogels
81c Mechanistic Analysis of the Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene and Crotonaldehyde Over NiZn
718e Ni-Based Bimetallic Catalysts for Acetylene Semi-Hydrogenation
Janak, S. L.
301g A Novel Approach to the Optimal Scheduling of Continuous Blending Operations
Janakiraman, V.
75d Application of Multivariate Analysis Tools and Design of Experiments (DoE) to Model the Design Space for Characterization of a Mammalian Cell Culture Process
219d Soybean Oil Based Fibers Formed without Solvent or Heat
236a Preprogrammed Noncontact Patterning of Polymer Films
336g Nanoconfined Self-Diffusion of Poly(isobutyl methacrylate)
722f Molecular Transfer Printing Over Large Areas
708c Vinyl Ester Resin Crosslinking Using Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Jang, G. G.
152b Electron Optics of Self-Assembled Nanocomposite Metamaterials
Jang, H.
647a Design of a Parameter and State Estimation Method for Detecting Local Concentration On the Surface of a Carbon-Nanotube Based Sensor
Jang, H.
786c The Controlling Parameters of Pyrene/Polymer Thin Films As Fluorescence Explosive Detecting Materials
Jang, J.
172d CFD Simulation of Pharmaceutical Particle Drying in Bubbling Fluidized Bed Dryers At Different Scales
Jang, S. S.
180ax Polysulfone-Based Alkaline Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell: Relationship Between Nanophase-Separated Structure and Transport Properties
405c GPU-Based High Performance Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Highly Heterogeneous Molecular Systems: Application for Three-Phase Model of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
437b Adsorption of Carboxylate On Calcite (101 ̅4) Surface: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach
635d Multi-Scale First-Principles Approach to Three-Phase Model of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
81c Mechanistic Analysis of the Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene and Crotonaldehyde Over NiZn
335a Applications of the Reaxff Method to Metal and Metal Oxide Surface Chemistry
638g Impact of Ceria Doping Into Titania Anatase On the Adsorption of Sulfur: A Density Functional Theory Study
Janik, M. J.
17d DFT Studies of CO2 Electrochemical Reduction Reactions On Cu-Based Catalysts
Janik, M. J.
130e Density Functional Theory Study of High Sulfur Tolerant Rh-Ni Bimetallic Catalysts in Steam Reforming Reactions
196f Mixed Rare Earth Oxides for Desulfurization and Tar Removal From Gasifier Effluents
292f Multi-Scale DFT/Reaxff Modeling of Hydrocarbon Reactions Over Pd/Ceria Catalysts
478d Density Functional Theory Evaluation of M-Doped Ceria for Desulfurization and Hydrocarbon Conversion
690d Atomistic Modeling of Electrochemical and Electrocatalytic Processes
718e Ni-Based Bimetallic Catalysts for Acetylene Semi-Hydrogenation
Janke, C.
581f Combining VAlON & VZrON to VZrAlON Oxynitrides: A Novel Efficient Catalyst Class for the Ammoxidation of Heteroaromatics
Janke, C.
396f Testing of Amidoxime-Based Adsorbent for the Recovery of Uranium From Seawater
Jankovic, V.
714g Plasmonic Polymer Solar Cells with Spectrally Tuned Au/SiO2 Core/Shell Nanorods Incorporated in Active Layers
112a Monte Carlo On Gpus; A Proof of Detailed Balance
Jansen, A. N.
556g Energy Storage in Redox-Active Organic Molecules
Janz, E. E.
98d Drawdown of Floating Solids with up-Pumping Agitators
226d Agitator Power Draw in Continuous Operation
Jaramillo, C.
660a Soot Oxidation Kinetics: Pressure and Fuel Comparisons
Jaramillo Henao, C. A.
451i Exploring the Relationship Between Helicobacter Pylori's Caga Sequence and Affinity with Host's Receptors: A Proposal for Molecular Diagnostic Tools
Jaramillo, M.
453c Effect of Early Endoderm Induction On Late Stage Pancreatic Maturation of Differentiating Human Embryonic Stem Cells
489e Endothelial Cells Mediate Maturation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Dervied Pancreatic Progenitors Into Insulin Expressing Cells
615d Correlating Effects of Gel Microstructural Features with Specific Differentiation Patterning of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
17b CO2 Electroreduction Pathway to Multi-Carbon Products
73a Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 On Modified Gold Surfaces
73f Polyaniline-Modified Pt Catalyst for Improved Electrochemical Reduction of CO2
148e High Surface Area Transparent Conducting Oxide Electrodes and Their Application to Energy Technologies Based On Electrochemical Processes
339b Activity and Durability of Wet-Chemical Synthesized Amorphous Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
339f Engineering the Surface Structure of MoS2 Through Morphological Control At the Nano-Scale for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Production
418a Development of Quantum Confined MoS2 for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
418c Modeling the Theoretical Limits of Solar-to-Hydrogen Efficiency for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Based On Realistic Assumptions of Material Performance
418f Flexible Platform for Studying Charge Transport in Tantalum Nitride and Oxynitride Photoanodes for Solar Water Splitting
485c Platinum Monolayers On Ruthenium for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR)
553b Nanostructured Particles of Manganese Oxide for ORR in Alkaline-Based Fuel Cells
638b Investigation of Surface Oxidation State and Oxygen Evolution Activity of Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles
641d In-Situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Investigation of a Bifunctional Manganese Oxide Catalyst with High Activities for the Oxygen Reduction and Evolution
690a A Tutorial On Electrocatalysis: Fundamental Concepts, Methods, and Applications
690c Experimental Methods to Benchmark Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution and Oxygen Evolution
754a Nanoscaling Effects On the Electronic Structure of TiO2 Supported Gold Nanoparticles and Their Impact On Electrocatalytic CO Oxidation
Jarboe, L.
477b Clean Pyrolytic Sugars Solution
675b Hybrid Thermochemical Processing: Fermentation of Pyrolytic Substrates
763f Production of Activated Carbon From Fast Pyrolysis Biochar
Jarenmark, L. M.
69c Engineering Novel Tandem Catalytic Reactions Using Organometallic Catalysts and Metalloenzymes
Jarillo-Herrero, P.
756a Understanding and Controlling the Substrate Effect On Graphene Electron Transfer Chemistry Via Reactivity Imprint Lithography
Jariwala, K.
204d Large-Scale Computational Screening of Adsorbent Materials for Carbon Capture
572b Integrating the Carbon Capture Materials Database with the Process Simulation Tools of the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative
Jarmer, D.
366b PBE-Aided Design of Slurry Milling Process to Reduce Particle Size of Intermediate and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
661c Development of a Laboratory and Mathematical Model to Predict Scale up Performance of an API Slurry Milling and Isolation Step
Jarnagin, N.
236c Poly(styrene)-b-Poly(acrylic acid) Block Copolymers: Phase Separation Behavior and Directed Self Assembly
722d Investigation of High χ Block Copolymers for Directed Self-Assembly: Selective Block Removal of PS-b-Phost Patterns Via Selective ALD and Etch
395f Development of Polymer-Templated Phenolic Resin-Based Carbons with Ultra Large Mesopores for Adsorption of Biomolecules
Jarosz, P. R.
276g Physical and Electrical Characterization of Single and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Bulk Networks
Jäschke, J.
627e Sensitivity-Based Output Feedback in Dynamic Optimization
713b Self-Optimizing Control Using the Sensitivity Features of SIpopt
Jasperson, L. V.
321d Assessing Anhydrous Tertiary Alkanolamines for Gas Purifications
441a Nucleation and Accumulation Phenomena of Hydrate in Oil and Gas Pipelines
486e UV and Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation of Glucose by ZrO2 Doped TiO2/ZnO Nanomaterial
563f Isolation of a Lignolytic Facultative Anaerobe From the Former Goldmine in Homestake,Lead,South Dakota
Javadi, M.
732b Eliposomes: Novel Drug Delivery Vehicles
Javer, A.
662h Microrheology of Chromosomal Loci in Escherichia Coli
Javier, A. E.
24c Simultaneous Electronic and Ionic Charge Transport in an Electrochemically Oxidized Block Copolymer
Jawed, A.
211h Strategies for Enhanced Production of Recombinant Staphylokinase by Escherichia Coli
Jay Pang Moncada, R.
199g Analysis of the Effects of Varying Carbon Dioxide Concentration in the Biomass Production and Metabolic Network of the Microalgae Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii
Jayaganthan, R.
440d Fucoidan Loaded PCL-PEO Nanofibrous Scaffold for Small Diameter Vascular Graft - a Solution to Intimal Hyperplasia
Jayamurthy, M.
689a Development of Intensified Catalytic Reactors for DME and Fischer-Tropsch Biofuels Synthesis in Future Integrated Biorefineries
689f Novel Reactors with Intensified Catalytic Properties for Renewable Diesel Production
Jayaraman, A.
178c Molecular Simulations of Blends of Conjugated Polymers and Fullerene Derivatives for Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
574a Morphological Studies of Conjugated Polymer Based Materials Using Coarse-Grained Molecular Simulations [Invited Talk]
663a Molecular Simulation Studies Relating Thermodynamics of Polycation-DNA Binding to Non-Viral DNA Delivery
86d Polymer Functionalized Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanocomposites
178d Molecular Simulation Studies Relating Polycation Architecture to the Structure and Thermodynamics of Polycation-DNA Complexes
178e Molecular Simulation Studies of Assembly of DNA-Grafted Nanoparticles: Effect of Grafted DNA Strand Sequence and Composition
294c Sequence Specific Recognition of Cancer Drug-DNA Adducts by HMGB1a Repair Protein
Jayaraman, A.
100d Modeling Intra- and Inter-Kingdom Signaling Through NF-Kb Pathway in Dendritic Cells
199f Modeling of Fluorescent Protein-Labeled Cell Populations to Analyze Transcriptional and Division Effects On Fluorescent Intensity Distributions
210f Prediction and Validation of Microbiota-Derived Tryptophan Metabolites with Anti-Inflammatory Properties
596ba Lead Identification, Optimization, and Characterization of Novel Cancer Treatment Strategies Using Repositioned Drugs
621f Mechanistic Investigation of the TRAIL-Sensitization Activity of Mitoxantrone
703b Inter-Kingdom Signaling and Chemotaxis of E. Coli towards the Human Hormone Norepinephrine
Jayaraman, J.
408b Engineering and Characterizing Aggregation-Resistant Antibodies
Jayaraman, K.
64d Modeling of Foam Flow From Adjacent Pour Regions in Reactive Polyurethane Foaming
Jayatilaka, H.
View The Role of Microtubules and Microtubule-Binding Proteins EB1 and LIC2 in Three-Dimensional Cancer Cell Migration
Jayawickrama, D. A.
601g Characterization of Powder Mixing From Bench Scale to Commercial Scale with a Kinetic Model and NIR
462h Isotopically Nonstationary 13C Flux Analysis of Isobutyraldehyde Production in S. Elongatus
Jeffery, S. B.
310c Scale-up Considerations for a Continuous Process with QbD in a Manufacturing Setting
Jeffries, T.
257a Metabolic Network Modeling of Redox Balancing and Ethanol Production in Scheffersomyces Stipitis
Jellinek, J.
265a Activity Relationships Between Aqueous Phase Reforming and the Water Gas Shift Reaction
699g An Integrated Approach for Characterization of Pt Based Aqueous Phase Reforming Catalysts
598i Decentralized Multi-Loop PID Controller Design Directly From Plant Data
Jenkins, I.
178ae Rational Design of DNA Functionalized Colloidal Particles
Jenner, E.
View Synthesis and Purification of N-LfB6
Jennings, K. E.
202b Integrating the Ipad and Iphone with Mass & Energy Balances
Jensen, A.
593ao Effect of Stretching On Transport Across the Stratum Corneum
Jensen, C. D.
665e The Role of Chemical Engineers in Developing Sustainable Building Materials
Jensen, J.
689b Drop-in Gasoline From Carbona Wood Gasification, Morphysorb CO2 Removal, and the Tigas Process
Jensen, K. F.
483d Microfluidic Cell Deformation As a Robust, Vector-Free Method for Cytosolic Delivery of Macromolecules
Jensen, K. F.
225a High Pressure Heterogeneous Catalysis with Continuous Flow Microreactors
225d Aerobic Oxidations in Flow: The Functionalization of Olefins
231b Microfluidic Synthesis of Electro-Catalytically Active Nanoparticles
281a Automated Optimization, Kinetic Modeling, and Scale-up of Flow Chemistry Processes
349a Continuous Synthesis of Nano Structures
657d Design of a Microreactor for Microwave Organic Synthesis
Jensen, M.
668a Cryogenic CO2 Removal From Natural Gas by Desublimation in Staged Heat Exchanger
Jensen, M. D.
415f A Phased Approach to Developing A Pipeline Network for CO2 Transport During Ccus
Jensen, M. C.
593ag Engineering Chimeric Antigen Receptors for Logical Computation
Jentoft, R.
410d Hydrophobic Zeolites of High Tolerance to Reactions in Hot Liquid Water
Jeoh, T.
142br Changes in Fiber Shape and Rheology of Cellulosic Suspensions During Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Jeon, C.
395o Removal of Nickel Ions From Industrial Wastewater Using Sericite
Jeon, J.
488a Optimal Design of LNG Plant for Cost Minimization
Jeon, J. H.
117g Charge Effects On the Fibril-Forming Peptide KΤVΙΙΕ: A Two-Dimensional Replica Exchange Simulation Study
View Engineering Novel Self-Assembling Peptide Materials Via Study of Diphenylalanine
Jeon, J. W.
296d Polyaniline Nanofiber/Vanadium Pentoxide Layer-by-Layer Electrodes for Energy Storage
658a Oxidatively Stable, Water-Dispersible Polyaniline Derivatives for Flexible Energy Storage
Jeon, J.
570h A Mathematical Model of Tumor-Induced Bone Disease Based On the Vicious Cycle Concept
Jeon, P.
395t Layered-Bed PSA Process for H2 Recovery From Coal Gas
395u Solubility of CO2 in Saline Water and Adsorption of CO2 On Clay Minerals From Subcritical to Supercritical Conditions
Jeong, H. K.
9b An Aerosol Route to the Continuous Synthesis of Metal-Organic Framework Materials
36b Rapid Synthesis of Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Membranes for Gas Separations
355e Synthesis and Characterization of ZIF-8 Membrane with Exceptionally High Propylene / Propane Separation Performance
Jeong, J. S.
346d Oxygen Effect On Elastic Modulus of Graphene Oxide
Jeong, Y. S.
481a Integration of Post-Combustion Capture with Compression and Liquefaction Process of CO2
Jeppesen, C.
224c The Continuous Chromatographic Separation of Molecules/Particles Using Optical Electric Fields
Jepsen, M. S.
604f A Systematic Approach for Conceptual and Sustainable Process Design: Production of Methanol
Jerden, J. L. Jr.
669a Multi-Domain Mixed Potential Model for Spent Fuel Dissolution
Jerez, J.
View NIR Spectroscopy and Chemical Imaging of Low Concentration Blends
jerez-Rozo, J.
283f A Novel Approach for Transformation of Nanosuspensions Into Polymer Films Containing Nanoparticles
Jerke, A.
View Intracellular Uptake and Distribution of Block-Copolymer Cross-Linked Nanoassemblies
703c Constructing a Synthetic Gene Network to Model and Understand Signaling Interactions
Jernelius, J.
170c Transformation of an Amorphous API to Crystalline Hydrate and Co-Crystals
Jernigan, A. C.
322c Effect of Growing Conditions On Algal Carbohydrate to Butanol Production
602e Algal Genotyping in an Open System and a Bioreactor
Jerome, D. H.
263e Petroleum Properties Via CAPE-OPEN: From Prototype to Commercial Application
Jessup, L.
378b Demonstration of Zero Discharge Desalination Technology for Concentrate Management
748f Collaborative Development of Zero Discharge Desalination Technology
Jewel, A.
581a Atomic-Scale Insights Into the Reactivity of Catalytically Important Pd/Cu Alloys
731e Transport of Nucleic Acid Cargo Into Cells Using “Striped” Cell-Penetrating Gold Nanoparticles
Jewett, M. C.
458a Insights Into a Productive Academic Career: A Research Perspective
Jha, A.
336a Nanostructured Block Copolymer Membranes for Biofuel Production
Jha, R.
View Effective 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Production in Piperylene Sulfone, a Recyclable Solvent
Jhon, M. S.
142cj Continuum/Molecular Hybridization Model for Small Scale Systems
142l Inverse Approach for Turbulent Models Using Optimized Lattice Boltzmann Method
362a Atomistic/Molecular Scale Integration of Polymer/Solid Surface Interaction Models
393r Multiscale Thermal Transport Model for Nano Scale Graphene Systems
649c Physiochemical Properties of Functional Polymer / Solid Carbon Surface Composites Via Molecular Simulation
649d Integration of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Subcomponent Models Using Reduced Order Methodology
709c The Molecular Rheology of Perfluoro Oligomer Nano Composite Films
Jhon, Y. I.
393r Multiscale Thermal Transport Model for Nano Scale Graphene Systems
Jhong, M.
685e Electrode and Catalyst Design for Electrochemical Reduction of CO2
Jhunjhunwala, S.
550g Preclinical Evaluation of Treg Recruiting Microparticles for the Treatment of Periodontitis
678e Biomimetic Sustained Release Systems for Regulating Inflammation in Composite Tissue Transplant Rejection
726f Sustained Release Systems to Locally Expand Regulatory T Cell Populations and Suppress Inflammation
Ji, E.
781a Electrospun Antimicrobial Mats
Ji, H.
436b Recent Computational Tools for the Analysis of Complex Biochemical Reaction Networks
683g Oriented ZSM-5 Membranes in Stainless Steel Tube for Catalytic Cracking of n-Dodecane
Ji, S.
179x An Investigation of Surface Modification On Nanostructured Polymer-Metal Interfaces
403f Dynamic Encapsulation of Hydrophilic Nanomaterials in Hydrophobic Polymer-Based Particles by Simple Emulsion Technique
547e Study of A Novel Biomass Pretreatment Process Utilizing A Modified Taylor-Couette Mixer and the Effect of Cationic Polyelectrolyte On Alkaline Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis
600bx The Effect of Rare Earth On the Structure and Performance of Pd/Cordierite Monolithic Catalyst
600u The Effect of Rare Earth On the Structure and Performance of Pd/Cordierite Monolithic Catalysts
Ji, S.
179d Colloidal Particle Halos in Ternary Particle System
180i Covalently-Colored Polymer Latex Prepared by Emulsion Polymerization Using Polymerizable Dyes
403b A New Approach to Prepare Polystyrene(Pst)/CaCO3 Core-Shell Composite Nanoparticles
Ji, Z.
209b Structure-Activity Relationship Predicted Toxicity Metric for Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Jia, F.
512b Multi-Enzyme Co-Localization with Nanoscale Pluronic–QD Micelles
Jia, G.
570a Incremental Parameter Estimation and Ensemble Kinetic Modeling of Metabolic Networks
Jia, W.
393q Noble Metal-Based 1-D Nanomaterials in the Application of Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells
576a Noble Metal-Based 1-Dimensional Nanomaterials in the Application of Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells
Jia, Y.
529c Ultrasound Measurements of Temperature Profile Across Gasifier Refractories
Jia, Z.
399f Effect of Sulfur Poisoning On A Cobalt-Based Fischer-Tropsche Catalyst in A Fixed BED Compact HEAT Exchange Reactor
670d Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Using A PILOT Scale Fixed BED Compact HEAT Exchange Reactor
388n Thermite Reaction Based On Nano-Al and Iodine Pentoxide: Ignition and Combustion Characterization
764a Nano-Al and Nano-Al/CuO Thermite Under Rapid Heating: A Mechanistic Study
Jian, Z.
142bo Diamagnetic Particle Trapping in Ferromicrofluidics
Jiang, B.
427g Industrial Fluidized Bed Polyethylene Reactor Temperature Modeling in Condensed Mode Operation
Jiang, D.
494c Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Reactor Network Based On Transfer Fundamentals
Jiang, D. E.
120d Using Porous Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Separation of CH4/CO2 and CH4/H2 Mixtures
642a Density Functional Theory for the Structure and Dynamics of Electric Double Layers of Ionic Liquids
Jiang, H.
180bf Development of Environmentally Responsive, Integrated Soft and Hard Materials
235g Thermoresponsiveness of Integrated Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Hydrogels with Ultra-Thin Silicon
Jiang, H.
591b Modeling of Alkane Hydrate Dissociation Conditions in the Presence of Electrolyte Solutions and Alcohols Using Ion-Based Statistical Associating Fluid Theory
Jiang, H.
74a Osmotic Regulation of Cell Migration and Volume in Microfluidic Channels
Jiang, J.
149c Poly(ionic liquid) Membranes for CO2/N2 Separation: Insight From Atomistic Simulation
180c pH-Sensitive Drug Loading/Releasing in Amphiphilic Copolymer Pae-Peg: Integrating Molecular Dynamics and Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations
434b Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 As a Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Water Desalination: Insight From Molecular Simulation
539a Metal-Organic Framework/Polymer Mixed-Matrix Membranes for H2/CO2 Separation: A Fully Atomistic Simulation Study
771f Atomistic Simulation to Design MOF-Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes for CO2 Capture
783c Mechanistic Insight Into Cellulose Dissolution In Ionic Liquids
Jiang, J.
448e Structural and Functional Characterization of Photosynthetic Proteins in Marine Algae
Jiang, J.
117b Evaluating Photosynthetic Antenna Complex Assemblies for Efficient Solar Energy Utilization
593t Characterization of Photosynthetic Proteins in Marine Algae
Jiang, J.
558a Towards Ex Vivo Platelet Manufacturing: The Importance of Matrix Elasticity and Shear Force On Megakaryocytic Differentiation
222d Effect of Preparation Variables On Morphology and Water Flux of PVDF Hollow Fiber for Membrane Distillation
Jiang, L.
410c Role of Zn On Structure and Catalytic Activity of MnO2 Catalysts
Jiang, M.
604g A Multidimensional Population Balance Model for Growth and Dissolution Identified From a Designed Temperature-Cycling Experiment
Jiang, N.
600bw Conversion of Fructose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural in Aqueous/Organic Media Using Formic Acid As Catalyst
Jiang, R.
512a A Specific Non-Covalent Enzyme Immobilization Approach with Nanomaterials to Enable High Activity Retention
593aa Engineering Global Regulator cAMP Receptor Protein (CRP) of E. Coli to Improve Strain Performance Under Stress
593w Improve Acetyl-CoA Level in Baker's Yeast
Jiang, S.
57e Hydrophobic Association with Amphiphilic and Superhydrophilic Cosolutes
178t Modeling Nonspecific Interactions in Biology
360a All-in-One Peptide Biomaterial: Biomolecular Recognition, Ultra-Low Fouling, and Surface Anchoring
360b A Thermo-Responsive Antimicrobial Wound Dressing Hydrogel Based On a Cationic Betaine Ester
360e A Nonfouling Zwitterionic Polymer with Built-in Antimicrobial Functions
692f Construction of Zero-Order Release Nanoparticle with Non-Fouling Surface
710e Molecular Simulation of Hydration of Zwitterion
Jiang, S.
3cw Modeling and Experiments of Nonspecific Interactions
26b Specific Targeting Stealth Nanoparticles Coated with Ultra-Low Fouling Peptide
303f Construction of an Integrated Zwitterionic Device of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring, Real Time Self-Regulated Insulin-Releasing and Non-Fouling Capabilities
451h Modeling Nonspecific Interactions in Biological Systems
472c Zwitterionic Poly(carboxybetaine) Hydrogels for Glucose Biosensors in Complex Media
Jiang, T.
142ce Nonlinear Rheology of Colloid-Polymer Composites
686a Exploring and Manipulating Dense Packing Properties of Particles in Different Continuous Phase
Jiang, W.
73d Photocatalytically Reducing CO2 to Methyl Formate in Methanol Over Ag-SrTiO3 Photocatalysts
Jiang, W.
571f Metabolic Engineering of Clostridium Tyrobutyricum for Isopropanol Production
Jiang, X.
478h A Quantum Chemical and Molecular Dynamic Study On Cyclohexanone Ammoximation Over TS-1
600t Biomimetic Synthesis of Magnetic Composite Particles for Laccase Immobilization
Jiang, Y.
403b A New Approach to Prepare Polystyrene(Pst)/CaCO3 Core-Shell Composite Nanoparticles
Jiang, Y.
479f Computational Spectroscopy of Protein Structure
Jiang, Z.
303a Modulus, Confinement and Temperature Effects On Surface Capillary Wave Dynamics in Bilayer Polymer Films near the Glass Transition
303e Surface Dynamics of Macrocyclic Polystyrene Films
Jiang, Z.
36a Purification of Zeolite Nanosheets by Density Gradient Centrifugation and Their Assembly On Various Supports
Jiang, Z.
635e Hybrid Membranes for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
646c Design and Construction of Antifouling and Self-Cleaning Membranes Surfaces
697e Hybrid Proton-Conducting Membranes Doping with Various Functionalized Titania for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Jiao, F.
105e Nanostructured Manganese Oxides As Efficient Oxygen Evolution Catalysts
296b Highly Ordered Mesoporous Materials As Potential Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries
Jiao, J.
662c Analysis and Visualization of Multiparameter, Single-Cell Data Using Self-Organizing Maps
Jie, X.
788b Preliminary Studies of CO2 Removal From Simulated Pre-Combustion Syngas Via a Pressure Swing Membrane Absorption Process
132f Results of Latest U.S. Department of Energy Funded Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects
Jimenez del Val, I.
199c An Integrated Modeling and Experimental Framework for Predicting the N-Linked Glycosylation of Monoclonal Antibodies
350e Identifying Similar Environmental Objectives in Multi-Objective Optimization Via Clustering Methods
Jiménez, L.
602g Biodiesel Production From Cynara Cardunculus Crop: Economic, Environmental and Social Assessment
602h Reducing the Energy Consumption of Biofuel Production Using a Solar Assisted Steam Generation System with Heat Storage
Jiménez, L.
593d Smart Multi-Objective Global Optimization for Metabolic Engineering
Jimenez, L.
599n Environmentally Conscious Optimization of Chemical Supply Chains Using Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
Jiménez, Y. P.
600bo Homogeneous Esterification of Isoamyl Alcohol with Salycilic ACID, Kinetic Study
Jiménez-Gutiérrez, A.
341e Optimization of Biofouling Control and Energy Supply Policies in Thermally Integrated Plants
Jin, H.
472b Molecular Recognition Using Nanotube-Adsorbed Polymer Interfaces
Jin, H.
503b Synthesis of Biorenewable C/Si/SiO2 As the Li-Ion Battery Anode Material
Jin, I.
84g The Purification of Polymeric Microspheres Via Soxhlet Extraction Using Liquid DME
Jin, J.
506c Multiple-Effect Membrane Distillation for Desalination of Seawater and Deep Concentration of the Brine Drained From Conventional Desalination Plants
Jin, K.
678d Design and Fabrication of Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
Jin, M. J.
498b Conversion of E-AFEX(TM) Pretreated Corn Stover to Ethanol by Bcrl Fast SHF Process
608e Development of the Extractive-AFEXTM (E-AFEXTM) Pretreatment Process
626c Biomass Particle Size Influences Sugar Conversion
667b Phenotypic and Multi-Omic Approaches to Address Molecular Bottlenecks in the Fermentation of Lignocellulose Into Ethanol by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Jin, R.
73b Atomically Precise, Ligand-Stabilized Au25(SR)25 Nanocatalysts for Highly Efficient Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
534e A State-Space-Based Mixed Integer Dynamic Optimization Formulation for Batch Distillation Process Synthesis
Jin, T.
675b Hybrid Thermochemical Processing: Fermentation of Pyrolytic Substrates
587e Hydrogen Production From Bio-Ethanol in Dense Mixed-Conducting Oxide Membrane Reactor
Jin, X.
323d Characterization and Quantification of the Intrinsic Magnetization
198a One Pot Synthesis of Lactic Acid From Sugars and Polyols
Jin, Y.
491g Production of Hydrogen and Nanocarbon From Catalytic Decomposition of Methane Over a Ni-Fe/Al2O3 Catalyst
Jin, Y.
531a Genome-Scale Model and Pathway Analysis for Optimization of Butyric Acid Fermentation by Clostridium Tyrobutyricum
Jin, Y.
537a Receptor-Ligand Interactions of Thrombin with Glycosaminoglycans On Self-Assembled Monolayer Platforms
Jin, Z.
424e Charge Transfer in Junctions of Single Layer Graphene and Metallic Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
756a Understanding and Controlling the Substrate Effect On Graphene Electron Transfer Chemistry Via Reactivity Imprint Lithography
Jindal, T.
328c Effect of Noble Metals On Steam Reforming of Ethanol for Minimization of Carbon Monoxide Formation for Hydrogen Production
Jing, B.
473f Polyoxometalate (POM) Nanocluster-Induced Phase Transition in Phospholipid Biomembranes
Jing, H.
210e Multiscale Prediction of Patient-Specific Platelet Function Under Flow
Jinka, K. M.
772d Aqueous Morpholine As a Potential Post-Combustion CO2 Absorption Solution
Jitkarnka, S.
195f Enhancement of Aromatic Production From Bioethanol Dehydration Using Dual-Bed Catalytic Systems
600j Effect of Operating Conditions On Selectivity of Propylene From Bio-Ethanol Dehydration Using SAPO-34 Catalyst
Jo, S. H.
395x Use of a Three-Zone Simulated Moving Bed Process Based On the Amberchrom-CG161C Adsorbent for Continuous Removal of Acetic Acid From Biomass Hydrolyzate
542d Novel Solvent Selection and Solvent Stripping for CO2 Capture From Power Plants
689b Drop-in Gasoline From Carbona Wood Gasification, Morphysorb CO2 Removal, and the Tigas Process
Joglekar, G.
461c Use of Workflows in Managing Experimental Data
544e Use of Workflows in Knowledge Management
Jogwar, S. S.
687d Reduction and Control of Tightly-Integrated Plants Using Graph-Theoretic Methods
38g Effects of Algae Extract On the Growth and Metabolism of Various Microorganisms
Johansen, J.
185c Deglycosylation of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases to Improve Resolution On 2D Gels
338g Extending and Filling the Gaps in Solids Flow Theory
707i Understanding and Preventing Complex Segregation Behavior
Johansson, E.
466g Application of Quality by Design in API Process Development
631e Wet-Media Milling of Colloidal Drug Suspensions Stabilized by Means of Charged Nanoparticles
343b Desulfurization of JP-8 Fuel Using Ag-Loaded Silica Supports Under Ambient Conditions
John, J.
467d Multi Scale Flowsheet Simulation for the Purification and Processing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
John, V. T.
25b Hydrophobically Modified Biopolymer As Enhanced Carrier for in Situ Groundwater Remediation
275a Hybrid Bilayer Hollow Submicron Particles with Carbon and Silica Nanoshells Fabricated Through a Template Free Process and Their Applications As Multifunctional Materials
487d Enhanced Effectiveness of Dispersants in Oil Spill Remediation Through the Use of Modified Polysaccharides
750c Oil Emulsification by Surface-Tunable Carbon Black Particles
Johnnie A., W.
667e Discovery and Functional Determinations of Biomass-Degrading Enzymes by Robotic Cell-Free Translation
602x Evaluation of a Vortex-Generating Flume for Low-Cost Wastewater Treatment
Johnson, B. N.
618d Real-Time Detection of Micro-RNA Using Cantilever-Based Biosensors
786d Effects of Minor Asymmetries in Boundary Conditions of Cantilever Resonators On Sensing Properties
Johnson, B. N.
175b Elucidating the Genetic Architecture of Isobutanol Tolerance in Escherichia Coli Through Targeted Genome Engineering and High Throughput Screening
Johnson, C.
462h Isotopically Nonstationary 13C Flux Analysis of Isobutyraldehyde Production in S. Elongatus
Johnson, C.
View Polyaniline As a Colorimetric Sensor of Horse Radish Peroxidase
Johnson, D.
661f Multi-Scale Modeling of Pharmaceutical Spray Drying
Johnson, D. K.
482f Effects of Dilute Acid Pretreatment On Cellulose DP and Factors Related to Cellulose Digestibility
519b Mechanistic Modeling of the Enzymatic Saccharification of Cellulose-Iβ and Cellulose-III: Parameter Determination and Model Validation
Johnson, D. C.
503f Aqueous Based Cathode Slurries for Use in Three-Dimensional Lithium-Ion Batteries
777h Electrodeposition As a Route Toward Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
Johnson, D. D.
600d Amorphous-to-Crystalline Transformation of Pt Nanoparticles: Dependency On Size, Support and Adsorbates
Johnson, E.
423e Exploiting Thermodynamics of mRNA Secondary Structure for Antisense Design
Johnson, G.
78d Ex-Situ Prepared Cobalt-Manganese Nanoparticles As Model-Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Johnson, H.
378b Demonstration of Zero Discharge Desalination Technology for Concentrate Management
748f Collaborative Development of Zero Discharge Desalination Technology
Johnson, J. K.
120d Using Porous Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Separation of CH4/CO2 and CH4/H2 Mixtures
123g Carbon Nanotube-Polyamide Nanocomposite Membrane for Water Desalination
158d Understanding the Effects of Synthesis and Treatment On Network Stability and Surface Chemistry of Silica
393aa Development of an Integrated Computational and Experimental Framework for Understanding and Controlling Nanoparticle Interactions
509g First-Principles Study of H2O Adsorption On the NaBH4(100) Surface
697b Hydroxyl Functionalized Graphene: A Promising Anhydrous Proton Exchange Membrane
700f Chemical Reaction of •CH3 with the Basal Plane of Graphite
Johnson, J.
249f Hemoglobin Regulates the Migration of Glioma Cells Along Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Aligned Nanofibers
Johnson, K.
735d Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Framework As Catalyst for Styrene Epoxidation Reaction: A First Principle Study
772f Development of Reaxff Force Field for Carbon Dioxide Capture with Ionic Liquids: A Combined First Principles and Classical Simulation
View Zwitterion-Functionalized CNTs for Efficient Desalination
Johnson, L.
View Crazing and Strain Localization of Polycarbonate Glass in Creep
Johnson, L. M.
286c Magnetic Block Ionomer Complexes for Imaging and Therapeutics
Johnson, M.
65j Microbe Removal Using Reservoir-Based Dielectrophoresis (rDEP)
Johnson, M. D.
467b Continuous High Pressure Vapor/Liquid PFR Sampling System with On-Line HPLC
467c Characterization and Selection of Continuous Plug Flow Reactors in Pharmaceutical Development
Johnson, M.
431d New Thin Film Solar Cell Materials from Earth Abundant Elements
Johnson, P. A.
393ao The Immobilization of Carbonic Anhydrase (CA) with Magnetic Fe3O4 Materials Such As PVA-Fe3O4 Nanoparticles and Fe3O4-PVA Thin Films for a Biomimetic CO2 Sequestration
680f Development and Modeling of Single Particle SERS Assays
781e Electrospun Recombinant Spider Silk Proteins for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
Johnson, S. M.
596r Delivery Systems for Controlled and Sustained Release of Malarial Inhibitors
Johnson, W. L. II
753c Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx Over Ag/Alumina: Investigation of Alcohols and Fuel Blends On Performance and Selectivity
Johnston, D. B.
602ah Fouling Rates of Synthetic Thin Stillage
Johnston, K. P.
88f Adsorption of Acrylic/Sulfonic Acid Copolymer-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoclusters On Silica Microspheres At High Divalent Salinity
158g Copolymer-Coated Stabililization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoclusters At High Ionic Strength and High Temperature Designed by Combinatorial Materials Chemistry
408f Low-Viscosity Highly Concentrated Dispersions of Stable Protein Nanoclusters for Subcutaneous Injection
165e Thermal Degradation Mechanisms of Lignin
318e Measuring Trace Components in Syngas Using Gas Chromatography and Ion Chromatography
318g Development and Application of Solid-Phase Microextraction for Pyrolysis and Syngas Analysis
477b Clean Pyrolytic Sugars Solution
780e Evaluation of Bio-Oil Corrosion Characteristics
317b Electrochemical Membrane for Carbon Dioxide Separation and Power Generation
562c Development of a Butanol Fuel Processor for Person-Portable Fuel Cell Power Systems
Jones, A. J.
410a Understanding Acid Strength and Solvation Contributions to Catalytic Turnovers On Solid Acids
Jones, A.
65b Rapid, Free Solution Electrophoretic Separation of Long DNA
549c Optimally Designed Capillary Networks for Rapid DNA Separation by Micelle End-Labeled Free Solution Electrophoresis
Jones, B. W.
734c Enhancement in Enzymatic Hydrolysis by Mechanical Refining of Pretreated Biomass
Jones, C. M.
49c Hot-Gas Pressure Swing Adsorption for Isopropanol Dehydration
Jones, C. W.
49a Mathematical Modeling of Rtsa Using Polymeric/Supported Amine Hollow Fibers-Single Fiber Model
123f An Inorganic Nanotube/Polymer Composite Membrane Platform for Molecular Separations
410b Tuning Acid-Base Cooperative Interactions Between Amines and Silanols Through Controlling the Linker Length
414a Technological and Economic Analysis of Adsorption Processes for Direct Capture of CO2 From Air
548i Dynamics of Amine-Oxide Hybrid Adsorbents for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
View Hybrid Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks: Controlling Framework Porosity and Functionality by Mixed-Linker Synthesis
Jones, C. W.
67f Mixed Oxide Supports Reduce Methanol Selectivity in the Catalytic Synthesis of Higher Alcohols From Syngas Over Potassium-Promoted Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts
666a Oxidation & Degradation Studies of Aminosilica Adsorbents
720c Pd-Impregnated Hyperbranched Aminosilica (HAS) Materials As Hybrid Catalysts for the Selective Production of Olefins From Alkynes
Jones, D. S.
47e Engineered Hepatocyte Growth Factor Mutants: New Tools for Tissue Regeneration and Vascularization
Jones, D. D.
186d Optimal Control System Design of an Acid Gas Removal (AGR) Unit for an IGCC Power Plant with CO2 Capture
308g Interaction of Tau Protein with Model Lipid Membranes Induces Tau Structural Compaction
407a Interaction of Tau Protein with Model Lipid Membranes Induces Membrane Disruption
Jones, F.
38b Catalyst Studies with Implications On the Design and Fabrication of Microreactors
Jones, F.
671c The Effect of Phase, Feed Composition and Temperature On Biodiesel Production and Microreactor Design
Jones, J.
19b Relationships Between Particle Properties of Fine Powders and Flow Properties Under Low Compaction Stresses
Jones, J. J.
142x Intrachain Hydrodynamic Interactions for DNA in Slits
Jones, K. D.
498e Adsorption of Galacturonic Acid Onto Anion-Exchange Resins to Enhance the Enzymatic Hydrolysis in a Proposed Citrus Processing Waste Biorefinery
782c Utilization of Citrus Processing Waste As Renewable Feedstock for Biorefinery Applications: Technical Advances, and Analysis of Engineering Challenges for the Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis Steps
Jones, P. V.
8c Bioparticle Capture in a Sawtooth Dielectrophoretic Microchannel
394h Dielectrophoretic Differentiation of Bioparticles in a Sawtooth Microchannel
Jones, S. W.
352d Development of a Metabolite Stress-Response Model in Solventogenic Clostridia by Coupling Multiple –Omic Data with a Genome-Scale Model
Jones-Magnor, S.
20e Influence of Simplifying Assumptions On Solubility Studies in Polymers
Joo, K.
597a Fire Incident Anomaly Detection and Monitoring System Based On Mining of National Fire Data
Joo, K. I.
536d Co-Delivery of Doxorubicin and Paclitaxel Via Multilayer Liposomes for Enhanced Cancer Therapy
615b Injectable Thermo-Sensitive Hydrogel As an Adjuvant: In Vivo Modulation of Dendritic Cells for Cancer Vaccine
Joo, Y. L.
179v Immiscible Phase Mixing and Reaction in Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille Flow
229d Electrospun Nanofibers for Lithium Ion Batteries
393ai Templating Nanoparticle Arrays Via Shear-Directed Assembly of Spherical and Worm-Like Block-Copolymer Micelles: A Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Study
766b Coaxial Nanofibers with Aligned Gold Nanorods near the Fiber Surface for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Jordan, C.
557g Development and Characterization of Novel, Micelle-Based Parthenolide Delivery Systems
Jordison, T.
329a Catalytic Conversion of Ethanol to 1-Butanol and Higher Alcohols
Jorge, M.
218g Ethane/Ethylene Separation by Simulated Moving Bed: From Molecular Simulations to Process Design
Jorgensen, E. L.
383c High Temperature Gasification of Biochar with Added Methane
602aq Modeling of High Temperature Biochar Gasification and Methane Reforming
181as Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of the Binary Systems (N,N,N,N'-Tetramethylethylenediamine + Water), (Tetramethylpropylenediamine + Water) or (Diethylenetriamine + Water) At Several Temperatures
181at Investigation of the Thermodynamic Properties of (Furfuryl Alcohol + Toluene), (Furfuryl Alcohol + Ethanol), or + (Furfural + Toluene) Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures
181v Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of (Water + Glycerol), (Water + 1,3-Propanediol), or (Ethanol + Glycerol) Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures: Measurements and Modeling
525c Thermodynamic Properties of 2,5-Dimethylfuran + Furfuryl Alcohol, 2,5-Dimethylfuran + Methylisobutylketone, or Furfuryl Alcohol + Methyl Isobutylketone Binary Mixtures At Several Temperatures: Measurements and Modeling
Josell, D.
554c Back Contacted Three Dimensionally Structured Electrodeposited Chalcogenide Solar Cells
Joseph, B.
35c Enhancing Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 by Using Bimetallic Co-Catalyst and Plasmonic Nanoparticles
55b Modeling the Start-up Phase of Fischer Tropsch Synthesis in a Fixed Bed Reactor: Effect of Pore Filling and Heat Transfer Through the Catalyst Bed
111c Experimental Investigation of Liquid Fuel Production From Derived Synthesis Gas Via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
144e Size Effect of Cobalt-Oxide Nanoparticles for CO Oxidation: An Experimental and Computational Study
600cd CO2 Photoreduction Key Step Study: The Adsorption of CO2 On TiO2 Surfaces in the Presence of Co-Catalyst
754e Mechanistic Studies On the Size Effect of Cobalt Nanoparticles On CO Oxidation
768g The Role of Added Promoters in Reducing the Deactivation of Co Catalyst Used in Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
Joseph, E.
513d The Effect of Polymer Structure and Solvent Selectivity On Ordering Kinetics in Solution Cast Block Copolymer Films
Joshi, A.
600ah Influence of Particle Size and Microstructure On the Oxidation Behavior of Carbon Blacks and Diesel Soot
600m Comparative Analysis of the Structure and Chemical Nature of Carbon Blacks and Diesel Soot
698a Non-Catalytic Oxidation of Carbon Black and Diesel Engine Soot Samples - Kinetics and Structure-Activity Relationships
Joshi, A.
366c Development of a High Shear Crystallization Process for a Pharmaceutical Intermediate
Joshi, A.
426g Solid Electrolyte Technologies for Energy and Environment
Joshi, C.
430c Comparison of Network Structures That Confer Resilience Against Genetic Perturbations in Microbial Metabolism
Joshi, K.
233d Dispersive Kinetics of Fluorescent Two-State Reactions At the Single Nanoparticle Level
Joshi, M.
5c Accounting, Finance, and Statistics I
95a Accounting, Finance, and Statistics II
225b Kinetic Study of Hydrodeoxygenation of 4-Propyl Guaiacol in a Microreactor
596y Vessel Wall Transport: Can Increasing the Concentration of the Membrane Protein Aquaporin-1 Slow Down Pre-Lesion Atherosclerosis?
Joshi, S.
181af Modeling Thermodynamic Behavior of Non-Ideal Mixed Surfactant Systems During Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Experiments
528e Surfactant Imprinting of Stӧber Silica Particles for Application in Saccharide and Chiral Separations
Jovanovic, G.
347c Adsorption Based Hydrogen Storage System; Multiscale Approach and Mathematical Model
Jovanovic, G.
640f Two-Phase Fluid Separation in Microscale-Based H-S Cell; Experiment and Modeling
Jovanovic, Z. R.
136d Concentrated Solar Energy Combined with Thermal Storage for 24/7 Operation of a High-Temperature Thermochemical Process
Jovanovic, L.
744d Design of a Modular Safety System for the Artificial Pancreas: The Health Monitoring System (HMS)
Joy, M.
103d Multiscale Anode Assemblies for Improving Efficiency and Versatility of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Ju, L. K.
211e Rhamnolipid Production by Long-Term Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Fermentation
242b Purification of Arabitol From Fermentation Broth of Debaryomyces Hansenii Using Glycerol As Substrate
Ju, X.
603b A Quantitative Determination of the Effects of Surface/Bulk Lignin and Xylan Contents On Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Juárez, J. J.
3f Feedback Controlled Colloidal Self-Assembly
617c Activatable Virus Nanoparticles for Cancer Targeting
631e Wet-Media Milling of Colloidal Drug Suspensions Stabilized by Means of Charged Nanoparticles
Jun, S. H.
439e Highly Efficient Enzyme Immobilization and Stabilization within Meso-Structured Onion-Like Silica for Biodiesel Production
343e Heat-Integrated Steam Reformer for Hydrogen Production
Jung, H.
697d Pore Filling Anion Exchange Membranes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Solid-State Alkaline Fuel Cells
142db Single Chain Dynamics of Submicron Sized Semiflexible and Flexible Biological Polyelectrolytes in Flow Fields
180aa Characterization of UV-Thermal Dual Curable Clearcoats Using Rotational Rheometry: Effect of Thermal Radical Initiator (TRI) and Photo Initiator (PI)
Jung, J. S.
600­by Preparation and Characterization of Modified Cu-ZnO-Al2O3 Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis
600bz Studies On FTS Reaction Over Modified Co/Al2O3 Catalyst for Gtl-FPSO Process
Jung, J. M.
731e Transport of Nucleic Acid Cargo Into Cells Using “Striped” Cell-Penetrating Gold Nanoparticles
180bc Fabrication of Chitosan-Poly(ethylene glycol) Hybrid Hydrogel Microparticles Via Replica Molding and Its Application Toward Facile Conjugation of Biological Molecules Using Copper-Free Click Chemistry
Junghans, A.
308g Interaction of Tau Protein with Model Lipid Membranes Induces Tau Structural Compaction
407a Interaction of Tau Protein with Model Lipid Membranes Induces Membrane Disruption
Junker, B.
169b Improving Spheres and Beers over the Years: Professor Daniel Wang's Influence on the Biochemical Industry
599a Performing Solution of Market-Driven Optimization for Large-Scale Corporates
625b Influence of the Wall Structure On the Heat Transfer in Packed Beds with Small Tube to Particle Diameter Ratio
Just, S.
208d Application of Enhanced DEM Simulations for the Improvement of a Given Tablet Coating Process