Author Index: F

648f Simulation of Polymer Crystal Growth with Various Morphologies Using a Phase-Field Model
445f Design of Transesterification Processes
Fabiyi, M.
580f Reduction of VOC Emissions in High Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Process: Toxchem Based Fate & Emissions Modeling Case Study
640b Color Removal and Biosolids Reduction with Ozone in Textile Plant Wastewater Treatment
640e Improved Volatile Solids Reduction in Aerobic Digesters by Application of Sludge Ozonation Using the Lyso™ Process
Fadhel, A. Z.
656b Coupling Homogeneous Reactions with Heterogeneous Separations Toward Sustainable Production of Pharmaceuticals
436c Runge-Kutta Tau-Leaping Methods for Accelerating Stochastic Simulations of Biochemical Reaction Networks
Faeth, J. L.
689c The Effects of Heating Rate and Reaction Time On Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae
Fagan, J. A.
142s Hydrodynamic Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes and Characterization of Length Distributions
346a Measured Structures of Adsorbed Surfactant Shells On Doubly Sorted Nanotubes
346g High Resolution Length Fractionation of Surfactant Dispersed Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
456c Thermophysical and Structural Properties of Electrolyte Solutions Confined in a Carbon Nanotube
Faghaninia, A.
438c First Principles Model for Predicting the Thermoelectric Properties of Complex Antimonides and Oxides
View Computational Method for Bulk ZnO Thermal Conductivity
318d Insights From Glucose Pyrolysis for Cellulose Pyrolysis
Fahlenkamp, H. G.
776g Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 Static Concentration Gradient in a 3D Collagen Matrix and Its Haptotactic Effect On Monocyte Migration
Fahmi, I.
599ao Simulation-Optimization Approaches to the Solve Strategic and Tactical Problems of Biomass Utilization for Energy and Commodity Chemicals
629e Analysis of Different Sampling Methods for the Simulation-Based Optimization Approach to Model Feedstock Development for Chemical Process Industry
Fahrenkopf, M. A.
65b Rapid, Free Solution Electrophoretic Separation of Long DNA
549b Enhanced Performance of Entropic Trap Arrays Using End-Attached Micelles
549c Optimally Designed Capillary Networks for Rapid DNA Separation by Micelle End-Labeled Free Solution Electrophoresis
Fahy, E.
760g Integrated Transcriptomic and Lipidomic Study of Macrophage Response to Liver X Receptor Ligand 25-Hydroxy-Cholesterol
Fair, M.
517e Propellant Dough Screening using Squeeze Flow Characterization
Faizee, N.
787c Ionic Liquid Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass – Recovery and Reuse of IL
Fajalia, A. I.
588g Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolyte Assembly in Solution and in Multilayer Films
3ci Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dynamics in Simple and Complex Media
200i Brownian Motion of Stiff Filaments in Confined Media
235b Carbon Nanotubes As Mechanical Probes of Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Biopolymer Networks
Falconer, J. L.
28c Scale-up of SAPO-34 Membranes for CO2/CH4 Separation
76e Electrically and Thermally Conductive Oxide Particles Functionalized by Metallic W Atomic Layer Deposition
231a Atomic Layer Deposition As a Catalyst Synthesis Technique for Nickel Nanoparticles
388t Gas Phase Synthesis of Nickel Catalyst Nanoparticles Via Atomic Layer Deposition
388y Thin Film, Big Difference – Atomic Layer Deposition Functionalized Oxide and Polymer Particles
388z Stabilization of Pt Catalyst Via Deposition of Ultrathin Porous Films
403c Fabrication and Characterization of Porous Alumina Nanolayers Via Molecular Layer Deposition
560g The AIChE Concept Warehouse Project: Promotion of Active, Concept-Based Learning Pedagogies
Falk, R.
661f Multi-Scale Modeling of Pharmaceutical Spray Drying
Faller, R.
574b Theoretical Calculations On Fullerene Derivatives
Falo, L. D.
726f Sustained Release Systems to Locally Expand Regulatory T Cell Populations and Suppress Inflammation
45e Self Starting and Globally Convergent Parameters Estimation Method for Aggregation-Breakage Population Balance Model Using Genetic Algorithm
Fan, F.
551b Hedging Energy Commodities for Flexible Fuel Operations
598o The Economic Potential of Process Stoichiometries in Incomplete Markets
Fan, H.
388v Mixing of Solid Particles in Coarse Particle Fluidized Beds
388x Theoretical and Experimental Study On the Improvement of Powder Bulk Density
Fan, H.
742f Heterogeneous Nanoparticles Simulated At Water-Oil Interfaces: Implications for the Stability of Pickering Emulsions
623d Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styrene with CO2 Over V2O5/Al2O3-ZrO2 Catalyst
Fan, J.
357f Conceptual Design of Bionic Reactor
603c Use of a Carbon Budget Model to Calculate Land Use Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Forest-Based Biofuels Production in Michigan
704b Life Cycle Assessments of Pyrolysis-Based Biofuels From Diverse Biomass Feedstocks
Fan, J.
366c Development of a High Shear Crystallization Process for a Pharmaceutical Intermediate
Fan, L. S.
142df A Second-Order Accurate Immersed Boundary-Lattice Boltzmann Method for Particle-Laden Flows
172b COAL Direct Chemical Looping Process: Metallurigical Coke and PRB COAL Conversions
422f Highly Efficient Integrated Chemical Looping Gasification Fuel Cell System
492h Chemical Looping Technology – Beyond CO2 Capture
739f Single Step NO, SO2 and CO2 Removal From Gas Mixtures Using Calcium Sorbent and Char - Optimization of Process Parameters
739g Calcium Looping Process for CO2 Capture - Investigation of Direct Carbonation of Ca(OH)2
245b Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Notion of Externalities of Macro-Economics: Two Pillars of Assessing the Sustainability of a Manufacturing System
376g Feasible Pathways of HBr Formation
Fan, L. S.
97g Reducer Performance of Chemical Looping Reactors: Mixing and Reaction Effects
114f ECVT Imaging of 3-D Flow Structures of Irregular Geomteric Multi-Phase Flow Systems
212b L-Valve Operation Under High Temperature Conditions
269e On the Mechanism of Morphological Enhancement of CaO by Hydration
684a Bench-Scale Testing of Coal Conversion Using Moving Bed in Coal Direct Chemical Looping Process
702b On the Mechanism of Surface Convex and Concave Reduction Via Outward Solid-Phase Ionic Diffusion In Gas-Solid Reactions
739b Sub-Pilot Scale Demonstration of Iron-Based Coal-Direct Chemical Looping Combustion Process
739c Iron Based Chemical Looping Gasification Using Gaseous Fuels
Fan, M.
749e Importance of Mesopore of Activated Carbon in Removing Chromium(VI) From Aqueous Solution
Fan, Q.
209c Toxicity of Non-Cd-Based Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging
66c Dehydration of Fructose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Over Zeolite Catalysts with Carbon As Adsorbent
266c Cycloaddition of Biomass Derived Furans for the Renewable Production of p-Xylene
410g Renewable Catalytic Process for the Production of p-Xylene From Glucose
600bd Catalytic Cycloaddition of Ethylene to Dimethylfuran for the Production of p-Xylene
600bi Surface Barriers: Understanding Diffusion Limitations in MFI Structured Zeolites
683d Surface Barriers in Diffusion Through MFI Structured Microporous Materials
735e Synthesis of Hierarchical Mesoporous Zeolites and Their Catalytic Activity
Fan, X.
388v Mixing of Solid Particles in Coarse Particle Fluidized Beds
602ae Kinetics Study of Calcium Carbonate Decomposition At High CO2 Environment
602be Modification of Calcium Based CO2 Sorbents Using Modified Metal Oxides Powders
696d Development of Rotary Kiln Furnace for Iron Reduction and Slag Separation
Fan, Y.
520f The Micellization Coupled Polymerization Behavior of Sodium Conjugated Linoleate
707f Segregation and Mixing of Granular Mixtures in Heap Formation
Fan, Z.
211d A Novel Microbial Consortium for Direct Biofuels Production From Cellulosic Biomass with in-Situ Product Removal
Fandrick, D.
170a Identification, Characterization and Development of a Betaine Co-Crystal for a Pharmaceutical Compound
Fane, A. G.
123e Aquaporin Based Biomimetic Membranes
Fane, A. G.
311e Comprehensive Integrity Verification System for Low Pressure Membrane Systems
Fane, A. G.
241d Enhancing Membrane Performance - IDEAS THAT FIT the Bill
Fang, C.
576c Ion Pair Reinforced Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Networks for Fuel Cell Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Design
Fang, D.
228e Reaction-Diffusion Model of Multi-Component Parallel Reaction in Methanol Synthesis Catalyst and Optimization of the Size of Catalyst Particle
Fang, H.
118g Prediction of CO2 Adsorption Properties in Zeolites Using Force Fields Derived From Periodic Dispersion-Corrected DFT Calculations
Fang, J.
686f Gelation Versus Phase Separation: Gravitational Effects On Adhesive Hard Sphere Colloidal and Nanoparticle Dispersions
Fang, L.
72d The Roles of Palmitate On IRE1alpha Enzymatic Activities
Fang, W.
149c Poly(ionic liquid) Membranes for CO2/N2 Separation: Insight From Atomistic Simulation
Fang, X.
100a A Systems-Level Analysis Approach for Identifying Genetic Targets to Treat Biofilm-Forming Pathogens: An Application to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Fang, Y.
102b Synthesis of Gold Nanokites by Temperature Controlling Method
174h A Novel Synthesis of Odd-Numbered Fatty Acids From Corresponding Natural Fatty Acids and the Potential Application in Soap-Based Detergents
245d Synthesis and Performance of Sodium 9,10- Dihydroxy Stearic Acid
393af Influence of Surfactants On Morphology Diversity of Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide Self-Assembling in Aqueous Solution
520f The Micellization Coupled Polymerization Behavior of Sodium Conjugated Linoleate
524f ONE STEP Synthesis of Raspberry-LIKE Gold Nanoparticles
Fang, Y.
442c A Comparative Study On Selective Alkylation of Naphthalene Catalyzed by Various Lewis Acidic Ionic Liquids
Fanson, P. T.
105f Preparation and Quantitative Analysis of PAMAM-Stabilized Metal Ions in Aqueous Solutions: Effect of pH and Dialysis
Fanzhong, M.
600al Hydrocracking of Vacuum Residue Using Activated Carbon and Metal Oxide in a Supercritical Solvent
716e Green Approach to Produce Bio-Jet Fuel From Microalgae
Faraji, S.
387d A Comparative Study of Chemical and Physical Treatment of Greywater
Farasat, I.
96c Reusable Pathway Optimization with Quantitative Sequence-Expression-Flux Maps
Farberow, C. A.
267b Mechanistic Insights Into the Reduction of Nitric Oxide by Hydrogen On Platinum Catalysts
70d Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass with Microwave Heating: A Preliminary Analysis with CFD Modeling
603j Hydrodynamics of a Fluidized Bed Reactor for Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
Farha, O. K.
51g Generating, Simulating, and Synthesizing Novel Materials for Gas Storage & Separations
162c A Bird's Eye View of Porous Materials for Carbon Dioxide Separation and Capture
Farhangi, N.
103b Graphene Metal Oxide Nanoassemblies for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
653c Growing Titania Nanowires Using Sol-Gel Chemistry in Supercritical CO2
Faria, D.
534g Global Optimization of Nonconvex MINLP Problems by Domain and Image Partitioning with Applications to Heat Exchanger Networks
629c Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Networks Using Superstructure Modeling and Global Optimization
Faria, J. A.
327c Process Simulation of a Bi-Phasic Reaction: Hydrogenation of p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde
410d Hydrophobic Zeolites of High Tolerance to Reactions in Hot Liquid Water
Farmer, J.
13c Hydropyrolysis of Loblolly Pine to Produce a Low-Oxygen Pyrolysis Oil
Farnoud, A. M.
141e Surfactant-Nanoparticle Interactions: Order of Addition Matters
179n Polystyrene Nanoparticle Interactions with Albumin: Changes in Particle Characteristics and Interparticle Forces
Farnum, R.
542b Process Development for Phase-Changing Aminosilicone-Based CO2-Capture Absorbents
542g CO2 Post Combustion Capture Using Aminosilicone Solvents
Farokhzad, O. C.
3dm High-Throughput Synthesis of Polymeric Nanoparticles Using 3D Flow Focusing in Parallel Microchannels
207c Determination of Liquid Holdup in Structured Packing Using Neutron Radiography
49g A Pilot Plant Study of a VSA Process for CO2 Capture From Power Plant Flue Gas
331h Optimization of a 4 Step PSA Cycle for CO2 Capture From Post-Combustion Flue Gas
Farrauto, B.
586d Kinetic Study of Autothermal Reforming of Glycerol Using a Dual Layer Monolith Catalyst
Farrell, S.
166a Random Thoughts: Inspired by Rich Felder
560f Project-Based Learning in Chemical Engineering Core Courses
Fasahati, P.
381c Techno-Economic Analysis of Mixed Alcohol Production Through Hydrogenation of Volatile Fatty Acids Derived From Seaweed
Fasano, J. B.
98d Drawdown of Floating Solids with up-Pumping Agitators
150a Mixing: The Last 30 Years, and Where Do We Go Next?
226d Agitator Power Draw in Continuous Operation
Fassbender, N. A.
521b Determination of Residence Time Distribution in Rotary Calciner
Fatemi, A.
50c Compatibility Studies of Metals and Elastomeric Seals in Contact with Biofuels 3rd Generation
Fattahi, A.
599r Logic Cuts for Strengthening the Relaxation Gaps of Network Planning Problems
243a To Teach or Not to Teach, What Is the Answer?
659a Simplified Life Cycle Analysis As a Route to Fast Decision Making in Product and Process Development for Sustainability
Faulhammer, E.
521a Scale-up of Capsule Filling Operations Using a Nozzle-Dosator Machine
380a Multidisciplinary Optimization Model for Region Specific Sustainable Biorefining
381e Feed Flexible Process Optimization Model for Region Specific Sustainable Biorefining
204a The Importance of Transport Processes in Silica-Supported, Polyethyleneimine-Impregnated CO2 Sorbents
504d Dense Membrane Contactors for Physical Solvents Regeneration: Proof of Concept Study and Modeling
771c Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Membrane Processes: A Sensitivity Analysis
788c Hybrid Membrane Cryogenic Process for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
373a A Method of Estimating the Probability of Rare Events in Bayesian Networks with Application to Risk Assessment in Processes
Fechtmann, M. C.
224g Mixing Enhancement in Three-Dimensional Helical Microchannels
Fede, P.
740g A Posteriori Study of Filtered Euler-Euler Two-Phase Model Using a High Resolution Simulation of a 3-D Periodic Circulating Fluidized Bed
Fede, P.
707c Axial Mixing of Polypropylene Particles in Horizontal Rotating Drum Mixers
Fedorchak, M.
550f 28-Day Ocular Delivery of Brimonidine Tartrate From Rationally Designed Degradable Microparticles In a Rabbit Model
View Development of a Controlled Release Ocular Insert for Brimonidine Tartrate
292a CHAMP-D.D.I.R.: High Power Density Fuel Reforming Reactor for Hydrogen Generation
Fei, L.
180ba Quantum Dot Sensitized Titanium Dioxide Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications
229e Cobalt Oxide, Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Polymer Network for Lithium Ion Battery Anodes
743a Porous SnO2 Helical Nanotubes and Sheets for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Feig, M.
72d The Roles of Palmitate On IRE1alpha Enzymatic Activities
Feinberg, M.
429a Recent Results in Chemical Reaction Network Theory
436b Recent Computational Tools for the Analysis of Complex Biochemical Reaction Networks
Feiner, R.
13a Biomasspyrolysisrefinery: A Two Step Approach for Liquid Energy Carrier Production From Lignocellulose
115g Biomasspyrolyisrefinery: Pyrolysis Oil Hydrodeoxygenation
327b Biorefinery - Liquefaction of Pyrolysis Char
49c Hot-Gas Pressure Swing Adsorption for Isopropanol Dehydration
Feke, D. L.
143c Kinetic Studies of Alkoxysilane Surface Functionalization On Silica by Thermogravimetric Analysis
715d Rheological Study of Polysaccharides in Aqueous/Salt Solutions Subjected to Ultrasound Fields
Felder, G.
166a Random Thoughts: Inspired by Rich Felder
Felder, K.
166a Random Thoughts: Inspired by Rich Felder
Felice, C.
450h Process Development of Fermentable Cellulosic Sugars from Biomass for Biofuels and Chemical Production
780b Scale up of IH2 Process for Converting Biomass to Gasoline and Diesel
Felix, L. G.
370d Hydrothermal Carbonization of Lignocellulosic Biomass: Kinetics and Pelletization Study
401a Process Understanding Tools in PAT Implementations
682b Combination of Spectroscopic Methods for Inline Monitoring and Control of Mammalian Cell Cultivations
738e Formic Acid Free Flowsheet Development to Eliminate Catalytic Hydrogen Generation in the Defense Waste Processing Facility
Felner, E.
351h Transdermal Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals Using Dissolving Microneedles Patch
Felo, M.
682d Towards a Next-Generation Harvest Strategy for Monoclonal Antibody Processes: Cost Considerations and New Technology Evaluation
Femmer, C.
372b From Racemate to Single Enantiomer with 100% YIELD
Feng, E.
207c Determination of Liquid Holdup in Structured Packing Using Neutron Radiography
Feng, G.
642e Electrochemical Performance of Binary Mixture of Ionic Liquids Electrolytes in Supercapacitors
783b Capacitance Behaviour of Supercapacitors Based-On Carbon Nanotube and Ionic Liquids
623d Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styrene with CO2 Over V2O5/Al2O3-ZrO2 Catalyst
393h Synthesis and Characterization of Temperature-Responsive VO2/PNIPA Nanocomposite Hydrogels
View Preparation and Characterization of Thermochromic VO2/PNIPA Nanocomposite Hydrogels
Feng, J.
388n Thermite Reaction Based On Nano-Al and Iodine Pentoxide: Ignition and Combustion Characterization
Feng, L.
623c Fluorine-Modified Cu/Zn/Al/Zr Catalysts Via Hydrotalcite-Like Precursors for the CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol
Feng, X.
593ae Simulation-Based Optimization for Learning Parameters of Viral Self-Assembly Systems
565e A Techno-Economical Analysis of Membranes, Amine Absorption and Membranes-Amine Hybrid Process for CO2 Removal From Flue Gases
Feng, X.
783g An Approach to Low Friction by Combination of Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide Film and Ionic Liquid
Feng, Y.
557a Cancer Cell Migration in 3D
660g Cu Based Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Processes
Fenniri, H.
180bw Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotube Composites Improve Chondrocyte Functions
593al Carbon Nanofibers: Rosette Nanotubes Injectable Scaffolds for Myocardial Application
Fenster, M.
466f Implementation of Reaction Modeling and Process Analytical Technology in Design Space Development
Fenves, S.
127f Art Westerberg's Contributions in Design Research
Ferguson, K.
12f Nitroreductases: A Biocatalytic Alternative to Produce Aromatic Amines
Ferguson, T.
563c Carbon Negative Production of Hydrogen From Biomass Using an Alkaline Thermal Treatment: Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies for the Investigation of the Reaction Pathways
Ferguson, T. R.
556d Modeling Phase Separating Materials in Porous Electrodes Using Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
Ferkey, D.
447f Engineered Monobody Inhibitors of Erk-2 Dependent Signaling
Fermier, A.
189d Implementing a Recipe Based Framework to Support Product Lifecycle Management
Fernandes, F.
671e Non-Conventional Method for Fatty Acids Production to Be Used As Raw Material for the Biodiesel Production
Fernandez, A.
595e A Multi-Domain Read-Across Framework to Predict Aerobic Biodegradation of Organic Chemicals
Fernandez, E. J.
308c Design and Control of Protein-Protein Interactions to Enhance Stability and Solubility
308e A Non-Invasive, Quantitative Method to Monitor Misfolding/Aggregation of Protein in Mammalian Cells
Fernandez, P.
300d Apply PAT-Enabled Platform to Realize the QbD Control Strategy for Crystallization Processes
300e Feed-Forward Dynamic Control of an API Crystallization Enabled Through PAT
310b Building Process Robustness and Flexibility Through Implementation of QbD Methodologies
Fernando, S.
652d Synthesis and Characterization of Energetic Nanomaterials for Propulsion Applications
Ferrara, C.
719b Reactivity and Energy Efficiency of an Atmospheric Non Thermal Plasma Used for the Non Oxidative Conversion of Methane
Ferrari, D.
67f Mixed Oxide Supports Reduce Methanol Selectivity in the Catalytic Synthesis of Higher Alcohols From Syngas Over Potassium-Promoted Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts
Ferrari, M. C.
162e Total Reflux Dual Piston PSA
771b Membrane Processes Applied to Carbon Capture in Coal-Fired Power Plants: Multi-Stage Design and Economic Analysis
Ferraz, L. Sr.
393aw Phase Equilibrium Prediction of Different Phospholipids in Supercritical CO2 with Ehanol As a Co-Solvent
Ferreira, A.
727h Reverse Shape Selectivity in Liquid Phase Adsorption of Xylene Isomers in the Zirconium Terephthalate MOF Uio-66
602az Bioinspired Electrets for Solar Energy Conversion
389m Microscopic Behavior of Chemical Demulsifiers At the Water-in-Brazilian Asphaltene Model Oil Emulsions: Langmuir Monolayers and Their Corresponding Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Ferreiro, C.
393z Simulating the Mechanical Properties of Silica Aerogels by Means of a Coarse-Grained Flexible Model
Ferrell, J.
55d Characterization of Potassium-Promoted Cobalt Molybdenum Sulfide Mixed Alcohol Catalysts After Extended Time On-Stream
Ferri, J. K.
691d Towards Stimulus-Responsive Control of Foam and Emulsion Stability Using Nanoparticles
View Deconvoluting Cohesion and Adhesion in Glassy Polymer Thin Film Systems
Ferri-Reed, D. J.
333a Leveraging Multiple Generations In the Workplace
Ferrin, P.
134a Structure Sensitivity of Dimethyl Ether Electro-Oxidation
Ferrio, J.
494b Addressing the Operational Challenges in the Manufacture of Advanced Materials and Performance Products
393aw Phase Equilibrium Prediction of Different Phospholipids in Supercritical CO2 with Ehanol As a Co-Solvent
Fichot, E. J.
139d Electroautotrophic Synthesis of Acetate and Methane
Fichthorn, K.
113a Reaxff Reactive Force Field Study of Oriented Attachment of TiO2 Nanocrystals in Vacuum and Humid Environments
184f A Superbasin Kinetic Monte Carlo Method
335c Force Field for Describing the Colloidal Synthesis of Ag Nanostructures Via the Polyol Process
393al First-Principles Calculations of the Role of PVP and PEO in the Controlled Synthesis of Colloidal Ag Nanostructures
452g Investigation of Free-Energy Barriers for Droplet Wetting-Mode Transitions On Structured Surfaces Using Forward Flux Sampling
582e A Microscopic View of Nucleation in the Anatase-to-Rutile Transformation
633e Probing the Growth of III/V Semiconductor Interfaces with Accelerated Rare-Event Simulations
Fieback, T. M.
396b High-Throughput Isotherm Measurements On Functionalized Cr-MIL-101 Structures for Biogas Purification
Fiegel, J.
141e Surfactant-Nanoparticle Interactions: Order of Addition Matters
179n Polystyrene Nanoparticle Interactions with Albumin: Changes in Particle Characteristics and Interparticle Forces
287a The Importance of Mass Transfer Limitations in the Application of Forward Osmosis (Keynote Talk)
Fielding, S.
173d A Simple Model for the Deformation-Induced Relaxation of Glassy Polymers
Figoli, A.
379d A Study of Hydrophobic Micro-Porous Membrane for Membrane Distillation
Figueiredo, E.
313e Comparative Study of Thermal Behavior of Hdpe/Clay Nanocomposites Prepared with Modified Montmorillonite with Two Functional Organic Agents
Figueroa, A.
View Pattern Recognition and Quantification of Chemical Agent Simulant in Bottles Using 488 Nm Probe Optic Fiber Raman Spectroscopy
Fiksel, J.
790f Accounting for Ecosystem Services in Life Cycle Assessment by Eco-LCA: Advances in Methodology and Software
77a Environmental & Carbon Reporting & Disclosure: Not Business As Usual
420a Programmed Assembly of Janus, Patchy and Mixed Strongly Interacting Particles by Electric Fields
Fine, N. A.
330g A First-Principles Study On Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane Over Supported Pt Catalysts
Fink, A.
View In Situ Temperature Programmed Spectroscopy During Pyrolysis of Model Biomass Compounds
Fink, G.
191b Enhanced Ethanol Tolerance in Yeast by Micronutrients
571a Engineering Yeast for Advanced Biofuels
557e Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Model Predicts the Response to Cancer Therapeutics Targeting VEGF
3bn Application of Systems Biology Tools to Investigate Anti-Angiogenic Cancer Therapies
Finney, M.
719f Stochastic Simulation of Fire Spread in Solid Fuel Beds
Finocchio, E.
264b Conversion of Ethyl Acetate Over Acid-Base Catalysts As a Model Reaction for Biooil Refining: Infrared and Flow Reaction Studies
538c Steam Reforming of Ethanol-Phenol Mixture As a Model for Biomass Tars: Effects of Ni Loading, Catalyst Conditioning and Boron and Magnesium Addition On Activity and Sulphur Poisoning of Ni-Al2O3 Catalysts
227a Understanding Membrane Separation of Gases in the Transition Flow Region Through Comsol Multiphysics Modeling
Firnberg, E.
518b Pfunkel: Efficient, Expansive, User-Defined Mutagenesis
Firoozabadi, A.
85e Source of Charges in Petroleum Systems
132e Aspects of Fluid Compressibility, Swelling, and Time-Dependent Boundary Conditions for CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers
272e Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Diffusion and Clustering Along Critical Isotherms of Medium-Chain n-Alkanes
540c Strong Ion-Pairing of Asphaltenes with Ionic Surfactant Enable Charge-Stabilization in Non-Polar Systems
Firouzi, M.
548a Molecular Simulation of Gas Transport and Entrance Effects in Micro and Mesoporous Carbons
First, E. L.
376d Automated Reaction Mapping and Mechanism Identification
620a Computational Characterization of MOF Pores and Determination of Molecular Selectivity
Fisch, A.
631g Formation of Stable Nanocarriers by Tuning Pharmaceutically Active Ingredient Properties Via an in Situ Salt Precipitation
Fischer, A.
598v Optimal Experimental Design of Chemical-Looping Combustion of Syngas in Fixed Bed Reactors
Fischer, A.
View Experimental Results and Design of Chemical-Looping Combustion of Methane in a Fixed Bed Reactor with Nickel Based Oxygen Carrier
Fischer, C. R.
139a Engineering Metabolic Modules for Electrofuels Production in Proteobacteria
Fischer, G. A. G.
654b Advanced-Multi-Step Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
74g Dynamic Adhesion Assays for Understanding the Significance of CD151 in the Metastatic Cascade
View An Improved in Vitro Model for the Study of Endothelial Cells Using Micropatterned Surfaces
Fischer, R. E.
635a Stretched Perfluorosulfonic Acid Membranes for Hydrogen/Air and Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
525f Application of Lattice Cluster Theory to Polymer Phase Behavior
Fisher, E.
318b Experimental and Modeling Study of Woody Biomass Pyrolysis Under Low Temperature Conditions
Fisher, E.
107d Continuous Distillation Operations and Application of the Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) to Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant Processing
Fisher, G. B.
753c Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx Over Ag/Alumina: Investigation of Alcohols and Fuel Blends On Performance and Selectivity
Fisher, J. D.
678e Biomimetic Sustained Release Systems for Regulating Inflammation in Composite Tissue Transplant Rejection
Fishtik, I.
419a Network Topology and Kinetics of Hydrogen Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction Reactions
Fitchett, S.
9a Highly Porous Ceramic Foams From Magnesium Oxide Stabilized Pickering Emulsions
Fitts, J.
415e Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Infrastructure Dependence On Reservoir Risk
Fitzgerald, G.
348a Applications of High Throughput Materials Simulations Methods for Developing Materials for Alternative Energy Applications
Fitzgerald, S.
View Design and Optimization of a Self-Contained Portable Waste to Energy Gasification System
Flack, K. M.
7f Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture: A Thermodynamic Study
387e Using Structure-Property Relationships to Design Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
442a Sustainable Applications Through the Use of Reversible Ionic Liquids
542f Designing Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
View Using Structure-Property Relationships to Develop Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
125f Rates and Selectivities for Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage in Cyclic and Acyclic Hydrocarbons Catalyzed by Metal Clusters
Flamm, M. H.
210e Multiscale Prediction of Patient-Specific Platelet Function Under Flow
287c Charged and Hydrophilized Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Membranes for Forward Osmosis
Flanagan, T.
356c Hydrogen Permeability, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Strength of Melt-Spun (Ni1-xNbx)80Zr20 (for x = 0.3 to 0.6) Amorphous Alloy Membranes
547b Effects of Mechanical Refining On the Enzymatic Digestibility of Acid Pretreated Corn Stover
Fleharty, M.
552h Analytic Solutions of the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation for Nanochannels and Confined Spaces
Fleming, K.
449c DFT Characterization of the Hydrolysis of β-1,4 Glycosidic Bonds
600aj QM/MM Metadynamics Analysis of Reaction Thermochemistry and Kinetics for Biomass Processing
Fleming, W.
510a Pressure Drop and Hydrodynamics of Trickle-Bed Reactors with Particle Size Distributions
600bm Hydrodynamics of Trickle-Bed Reactors with Particle Size Distributions
Fletcher, R.
427d Multiphase Simulation of a Commercial Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Regenerator
Fleutot, B.
288c Sulfur Resistant Pd-Ag-Au Alloys for Hydrogen Separation
599ar Parameter Estimation of Bioethanol Production Model by a Genetic Engineered Cyanobacterium
Flores-Tlacuahuac, A.
463b Logic-Based Outer-Approximation Algorithm for Solving Discrete-Continuous Dynamic Optimization Problems
502f Motivating K-12 Students to Study Pharmaceutical Engineering with Hands-On Modules, Guided Visits and a One-Week Summer Camp
707b Study the Effect of the Low Shear Continuous Tumble Mixer Parameters On Powder Phenomena, Residence Time, and Blend Uniformity
Florita, A.
572f Examining the Variability of Load, Wind, and Solar Power in the Regulation Timeframe
110e Mod Designer: A Robust Optimization Framework for the Design of Proteins with Post-Translational Modifications and Unnatural Amino Acids and Its Applications to Cancer
184b Globally Optimizing Mixed-Integer Quadratically-Constrained Quadratic Programs: Advances in Glomiqo
185j In Silico Discovery of Biomarker Proteins for Periodontitis Using High-Throughput Proteomics and Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization
219b Process Synthesis and Global Optimization of Biomass to Liquid Transportation Fuels (BTL) Systems
271d Optimization-Based Process Synthesis Framework for Thermochemical Conversion of Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels (GTL) Systems
307f De Novo Protein Design of Multimeric Proteins with Flexible Templates for Application to Designing Aggregating Peptides
317c Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Absorption, Membrane and Adsorption-Based CO2 Capture for Variable Feed CO2 Concentration and Feed Flow
368a Advances in Robust Optimization: Improving the Solution Quality and Addressing Uncertainty Parameter Correlation in Planning and Scheduling
376d Automated Reaction Mapping and Mechanism Identification
398c Globally Optimizing Mixed-Integer Signomial Programs
445c Process Synthesis of Hybrid Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas to Liquids (CBGTL) Via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, ZSM-5 Catalytic Conversion, Methanol Synthesis, Methanol-to-Gasoline, and Methanol-to-Olefins/Distillate Technologies
448c Forcefield Ptm: Development and Testing of a First Generation AMBER Forcefield for Post-Translational Modifications
564c Ptm Curator: An Automated Method for the Frequency Analysis of the Experimental and Putative Post-Translational Modification Statistics Contained in the Swiss-Prot Database
620a Computational Characterization of MOF Pores and Determination of Molecular Selectivity
724c Biomass and Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels (BGTL): Process Synthesis, Global Optimization, and Topology Analysis
773b Incorporating Water Resources, Electricity Supply, and Allocation of Sequestered CO2 in the Nationwide Hybrid Energy Supply Chain
Flowers, A.
235d Swelling-Induced Folding of Crosslinked Polymer Films
Flowers, B.
289d Microchemical Synthesis of Non-Covalently Bonded Materials
Floyd, J. A.
550a Drug Encapsulated Polymeric Microspheres for Temporally-Staged, Localized Brain Tumor Therapy
Floyd-Smith, T.
20a Investigating Belonging for STEM Students
Fluitt, A. M.
117f Thermodynamics of Misfolding of Polyglutamine Peptides
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M.
581a Atomic-Scale Insights Into the Reactivity of Catalytically Important Pd/Cu Alloys
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M.
130b Atomically Dispersed Au-(OH)x Species On Titania Catalyze the Low-Temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction
638f Mechanistic Insights Into the Catalytic Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane Over Co3O4 Surfaces
Fogel, J.
316b Effects of Solvent and Enzyme Source for Transesterification of Waste Oils
602t Transgenic Expression of Thermomyces Lanuginosus Lipase in Plants for the Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel
Fogler, H. S.
29g Properties Controlling Aggregation and Precipitation Rates of Asphaltenes
166a Random Thoughts: Inspired by Rich Felder
Fogler, H. S.
29f Insight Into the Physical Asphaltene Precipitation Mechanism by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Foguth, L.
23d Modeling and Simulation of Coaxial Crystallizers by Dynamically Coupled Population Balance, Macromixing, and Micromixing Models
Foley, H. C.
247b Effect of the Oxygen Content of Precursors on the Structural Properties of Nitrogen doped Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
259a Dependence of Hydrogen Adsorption on the Structural Properties of Carbons
590a Morphological Evolution of Polyfurfuryl Alcohol Derived Carbon Spheres Assisted by Emulsion Polymerization of Furfuryl Alcohol
600an Design and Evaluation of a Novel Carbon-Based Shape Selective Catalyst
602y Adsorption Properties of Functionalized PFA-Derived Carbons
683e Effect of Controlled Activation and Diffusion Length Manipulation On the Selective Catalytic Performance of Carbon Spheres-Based Catalyst
693b Control of Adsorption Kinetics of O2, NH3, CO, CO2, and CH4 on PFA-derived Carbons
Folsom, J. P.
239b Metabolic Tradeoffs in Resource Investment and Function: A Switch or a Dial?
Fondekar, K. P.
466a Application of Quality by Design Principles for An Existing Product for the Control of the Dimer Impurity in the Manufacturing Process
Fong, H.
363e Lignin Utilization in Production of Electrospun Carbon Nanofibers with Potential for Energy Storage Applications
456g Topological Thermodynamic Tools for a Consistent Representation of the Acetic Acid-Isoamyl Alcohol-Isoamyl Acetate-Water Reactive System
432g From Tailored Membranes to Crystal Design: How Physicochemical Properties of Polymeric Surfaces Affect the Nucleation of Organic Molecules
40f Pressure Drop Measurements and 3D CFD Modelling in the Netmix® Reactor
526d Stretching Properties of the Flow and Impinging Jets Stability Studies in RIM
Fontes, J.
408e Reactivity of Polymersome Encapsulated Hemoglobin with Physiologically Important Gaseous Ligands: Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitric Oxide
Foo, G. S.
641c Aqueous Phase Reforming of Glycerol Over Pt/Al2O3
Forbes, D.
232h pH-Responsive, Polycationic Nanoparticles Designed for Intracellular siRNA Delivery
56h Inducible Cell Communication Amplifies Salmonella Gene Expression In Tumor Tissue
557c Genetically Modified Bacteria Actively Secrete Recombinant Protein Biomarker for Early Detection of Solid Tumors
621c Quorum-Sensing Salmonella Selectively Trigger Protein Expression Upon Colonization within Tumors
179s The Use of Insulin Fragments to Elucidate the Kinetic Differences Between Fibrillation of Insulin From Different Species
407d Adsorption of Helices and Coils On Negatively Charged Surfaces
588e A Computational Study of the Self-Assembly of Diblock Peptides
Ford, D.
178m Toward a Systematic Coarse Grained Model of Phase Behavior in Assemblies of Colloidal Particles
201f Phase Behavior of Thermodynamically Small Assemblies of Colloidal Nanoparticles
456d Bridge Functionals Representing Higher-Order Terms in the Perturbative Classical Density Functional Theory of Solid-Fluid Transitions
Ford, J.
434e Characterization of Aluminum-Neutralized Sulfonated Styrenic Pentablock Copolymer Films
Ford, K. J.
172g Measurement of Density Fluctuations in a Vertically Oscillated Granular Bed At the Onset of Vibrofluidization
665c Low-Cost Phase Change Material for Building Envelopes
Ford Versypt, A. N.
258a Modeling of Drug Delivery From PLGA Microspheres Using Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Hindered Diffusion
Foringer, R.
401c An Integrated Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Approach to Examine the Effect of Temperature On Nucleation Kinetics of a Dynamic Pharmaceutical Co-Precipitation Process
Forkus, B.
557c Genetically Modified Bacteria Actively Secrete Recombinant Protein Biomarker for Early Detection of Solid Tumors
Forman, A. J.
339b Activity and Durability of Wet-Chemical Synthesized Amorphous Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
418a Development of Quantum Confined MoS2 for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
418c Modeling the Theoretical Limits of Solar-to-Hydrogen Efficiency for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Based On Realistic Assumptions of Material Performance
485c Platinum Monolayers On Ruthenium for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR)
Forman, A. J.
148e High Surface Area Transparent Conducting Oxide Electrodes and Their Application to Energy Technologies Based On Electrochemical Processes
Forman, J. M.
438b Excess Thermopower in Carbon Nanotubes Using Thermopower Waves
Forney, B. S.
701a Nanostructured Hydrogels Through Photopolymerization in Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Templates
Forney, M. W.
229c High Energy Density Semiconductor-Carbon Nanotube Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
503a High Capacity Lithium Rich Metal Oxide Cathodes with Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Conductive Additives for Lithium Ion Batteries
Forootanfar, H.
391f Synthetic Dye Decolorization by Three Sources of Fungal Laccase
Forrester, M. J.
448b Acyl Carrier Protein Structural Classification and Normal Mode Analysis
Forrey, C.
650h Molecular Dynamics Study of Polymer Separation Using a Nanofluidic Staircase
Fortier, M. O.
602al Comparison of Biocrude From Micro- and Macroalgae
758a Thermochemical Conversion to Biocrude From Pilot Scale Grown Wastewater Fed Algae
Fortier, M. O.
644a Life Cycle Assessment of Bio-Jet Fuel From Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae
595d Optimization of the Nitroxide Mediated Copolymerization of Styrene and Alpha-Methyl Styrene
389m Microscopic Behavior of Chemical Demulsifiers At the Water-in-Brazilian Asphaltene Model Oil Emulsions: Langmuir Monolayers and Their Corresponding Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Forzani, E.
593ah Wireless Capnograph for Respiratory Function Diagnosis and Management
Foss, B.
654d Towards Model Predictive Dual Control
Foster, C.
56c Design and Construction of Synthetic Fungi-Bacteria Consortia for Direct Production of Isobutanol From Cellulosic Feedstocks
Foster, J. J.
567b An Overview of the Decatur Illinois CO2 Capture Projects
780c Piloting a Multiproduct Biorefinery
Foster, J.
306c Process Robustness Aided by Retrospective Multivariate Data Analysis of Factory Data - a Case Study
Foster, M. D.
180bv Surface Segregation in Blends of Cyclic and Linear Chains
236g Surface Segregation of Well-Defined Comb Polymers
303e Surface Dynamics of Macrocyclic Polystyrene Films
547a Fractionation and Characterization of Lignin Extractives From E-AFEX(TM) Pretreatment Process
602q Understanding How Cell Wall Differences in Agave, Poplar, and Switchgrass Affect Deconstruction in Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis
667f Characterization of the Interactions of Cellulose, Hemicellulose, and Lignin During Pretreatment Through the Use of Flowthrough Pretreatment
Fourel, L.
776f Mechano-Transduction Pathway Interference with BMP-2 Signaling Cascade
Fowles, M.
538d Deactivation of Precious Metal Steam Reforming Catalysis: Effect of Sulphur
Fox, B. G.
667e Discovery and Functional Determinations of Biomass-Degrading Enzymes by Robotic Cell-Free Translation
Fox, G. C.
216c Construction of a Xylose and Arabinose Utilizing Zymomonas Mobilis Strain for Commercial Use in Fuel Ethanol Production
Fox, J. A.
128d Liquid Fuels From Alternative Carbon Sources Minimizing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Fox, R. O.
54d Simulation of Mono- and Bi-Disperse Gas-Particle Riser Flow with Quadrature-Based Moment Methods
97d Self-Assembling Process of Flash Nanoprecipitation in a Multi-Inlet Vortex Mixer
320c Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Incompressible Wake Flow - Comparison with Particle Image Velocimetry Data
Fradette, L.
226f Experimental Modelling of the Free Surface Shape in an Unbaffled Tank with a Newtonian Fluid
Fragkopoulos, I. S.
362e Multiscale Modelling of Backspillover Processes in Electrochemically Promoted Systems
557a Cancer Cell Migration in 3D
593ak Bacterial Biosurfactant Production From Biomass-Derived Sugars Aiming Bioremediation of Marine Ecosystems Contaminated by Hydrocarbons
593o Evaluation of the Potential of Biosurfactant Production by Bacillus Strains in Different Culture Media
France, M.
233f Development of Quantitative STEM Technique for Jem-2100F to Measure Atom Numbers in Metallic Nanocatalysts
389m Microscopic Behavior of Chemical Demulsifiers At the Water-in-Brazilian Asphaltene Model Oil Emulsions: Langmuir Monolayers and Their Corresponding Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Francis, L. F.
36a Purification of Zeolite Nanosheets by Density Gradient Centrifugation and Their Assembly On Various Supports
Francis, N. P.
49c Hot-Gas Pressure Swing Adsorption for Isopropanol Dehydration
Franck, A.
411a Hydrodeoxygenation of Palmitic Acid Using Mo2 C
369c Mathematical Modeling of Electrical Discharges in Liquid Water: The Chemistry Inside the Plasma Channel
Francois, B. P.
387k Measurement and Modelling of Vapour-Liquid Equilibria for Reactive Systems
Frank, C. W.
522f Structure and Properties of Polyimide-Poly (ethylene glycol) Films for Fuel Cell Applications
Frank, C. W.
413e Rinsing Flows: Exploiting Viscoelastic Liquids
379b Membrane Facilitated Stripping of VOCs From Latex
Frankl, K.
516d Simultaneous Process and Recipe Design of an Acrylic Fiber Production System
Franses, E. I.
345c Measuring Hamaker Constants by Atomic Force Microscopy From the “Jump-Into-Contact” Distance: Quasi-Static Models and Dynamic Simulations
437c Mechanistic Studies of Chiral Recognition of Solutes by Amylose Tris[(S)-á-Methylbenzylcarbamate]
624f On the Brownian Coagulation of Colloidal Dispersions
694c Retention Models and Interaction Mechanisms of Acetone and Related Molecules with Amylose Tris[(S)-α-Methylbenzylcarbamate] Sorbent
789a Control of Durotaxis Through Patterned Rigidity
107b A Pharmaceutical Engineering Process/Product Life-Cycle Approach to Drug Product Development and Manufacturing
Frear, C.
480f Aeration Induced pH Elevation of Anaerobically Digested Wastewater for Enhanced Ammonia Stripping and Recovery
Frechette, J.
142af Effect of Inertia On Particle Trajectories Around a Spherical Obstacle
213g Role of Draining Channels in Hydrodynamic Interactions
452a Direct Force Measurement Between Chemically Patterned Heterogeneous Surfaces
742c Electrostatic Interactions to Modulate the Reflective Assembly of Nanoparticles At the Oil-Water Interface
750a Morphological Transitions of Capillary Bridges in a Slit Pore Geometry
196c Properties of Olivine Catalysts for Indirect Gasification of Biomass
641g In-Situ Characterization of Cu-Promoted Fe Model Catalysts by Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing and XPS
Freedman, B. G.
593e Modular Production and Cloning of Error-Prone Genomic Libraries
Freel, B.
779b Upgrading of Biomass-Derived Liquid to Clean Fuels
3ej Assessment of Fouling in Native and Surface-Modified Water Filtration Membranes
222b Water and Ion Transport in Polymer Membranes for Water Purification
227f Salt Transport Structure/Property Relationships and Modeling in Polymer Membranes for Water Purification and Power Generation
336b Diffusive Water Transport: Relating Hydraulic Permeability to the Apparent Water Diffusion Coefficient in Water-Swollen Polymers
355g TR Polymers for Olefin/Paraffin Separation
356a Hydrogen Sorption in Polymers
392f Physical Aging and CO2 Sorption in “High Free-Volume” Glassy Polymers
434e Characterization of Aluminum-Neutralized Sulfonated Styrenic Pentablock Copolymer Films
506d Membrane Fouling Behavior Evaluated by Constant Flux and Constant Transmembrane Pressure Filtration
506e Effect of Mixed Monovalent and Divalent Ion Feeds On Sulfonated Polysulfone Desalination Membrane Performance
646a Surface Modification of Membranes to Improve Fouling Resistance
646b Assessment of Hydrophilic and Antimicrobial Surface Modifications for Biofouling Control
Freeman, C. J.
321d Assessing Anhydrous Tertiary Alkanolamines for Gas Purifications
Freeman, C. M.
348b A Reassessment of the Precision and Accuracy of Atomistic Calculations of Elastic Constants of Amorphous Engineering Polymer Glasses
Freeman, G. S.
151f A Next-Generation Coarse Grain DNA Model for Engineering and Biology
272h Modeling of Two-Phase Fluid Flow Over Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Freer, A.
651b Surface Mineralization and Characterization of Palladium Nanoparticles On Genetically Engineered Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) Templates
Frei, C. S.
307e Endogenous Molecular Biosensors From Engineered Regulatory Proteins AraC and TetR
593z Novel Endogenous Molecular Biosensors From Engineered Regulatory Proteins AraC and TetR
Freireich, B.
19a Hopper Design for Binary Mixtures
208e A Renewal Theory Approach to Understanding Inter-Particle Coating Variability
French, S.
538d Deactivation of Precious Metal Steam Reforming Catalysis: Effect of Sulphur
French, T.
316c Production of Renewable Fuel From Enhanced Activated Sludge Through a Fluidized-Bed Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Process
327f Comparison of 1- and 2- Step Biodiesel Production From Activated Sludge Using Supercritical Methanol and Economic Analysis
409e Evaluation of a Pilot-Scale Facility for Biocrude Production by Activated Sludge Cultures Via Lignocelullose Sugar Fermentation and Downstream Recovery Processes
442f Dissolution of Activated Sludge Biomass in Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids
450g Separation and Identificaiton of Microbial Lipids From Oleaginous Microorganism As Biodiesel Feedstock
734d Kinetics of Microbial Mass and Lipid Production by Rhodotorula Glutinis From Hydrolyzate of Switchgrass
782e Evaluation of Industrial Wastewaters As Fermentation Substrate for Biocrude Production by Enhanced Activated Sludge Cultures
782f Volatile Fatty Acids As a Sole Carbon Source for Biocrude Production by Enhanced Activated Sludge Cultures
French, W. T.
90a Energy and Sustainability Modules in Chemical Engineering At Mississippi State University
242c Application of High Voltage for the Destabilization of Water-in-Oil Emulsion for the Extraction of Lipids From Microorganisms without Removal of Water
French, W. R.
268c Monolayer and Electrode Geometry Effects On the Formation, Structure, and Conductance of Molecular Junctions
405e GPU-Enabled Simulations of Size Effects On the Elongation and Rupture of Metallic Nanowires Using Many-Body Potentials
View Investigating Length Dependent Failure Modes of Elongating Gold Nanowires Via GPU Computing
Frenkel, A.
419f Ir-M Alloy Catalysts for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells
600d Amorphous-to-Crystalline Transformation of Pt Nanoparticles: Dependency On Size, Support and Adsorbates
641a New Insights Into the Water-Gas Shift Reaction Over Bulk Cr2O3*Fe2O3 Mixed Oxide Catalysts: A Combined Operando Raman-IR-XAS-MS Investigation
Frenkel, E.
487d Enhanced Effectiveness of Dispersants in Oil Spill Remediation Through the Use of Modified Polysaccharides
Frenkel, V.
539e A Molecular Marker Approach for Real-Time Characterization of RO Membrane Integrity
Freund, E.
180p Accelerated Aging of Hull Coatings for Ocean Energy Devices
304c Process Intensification in Ethylene Oxide Production: Optimal Reactor Design From a Process Point of View
138b Liquid-Liquid Chromatography: Application of a Predictive Thermodynamic Model for the Selection of the Stationary and Mobile Phase
669a Multi-Domain Mixed Potential Model for Spent Fuel Dissolution
Frick, J.
5a Introduction to the MBA
616c Biomimicry of Cellular Ligand Presentation in 3D Stem Cell Scaffolds Via Proteolipobead-Matrix Hybrid Systems
Friedler, F.
376g Feasible Pathways of HBr Formation
381f Sustainable Design of Energy Supply Chains From P-Graphs: Cost, Ecological Footprint, and Emergy
Friedmann, J.
132b Application of an Integrated Multiphysics Simulator to Underground Coal Gasification
Friedrich, D.
162e Total Reflux Dual Piston PSA
640g The Oxidative Power of Corona Discharge
724e Co-Fire Pellets Consisting of Coal and Pyrolysis-Derived Binder
Friend, C. M.
428c Mechanistic Aspects of Coupling Reactions On Metallic Silver and Gold
700a Fundamental Concepts in Catalytic Oxidative-Coupling Reactions On Metallic Gold
Frimpong, R. A.
772b Mass Transfer Evaluation of CO2 Absorption in a Wetted Wall Column
Frischknecht, A. L.
648d Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Model Ionomers
658f Dynamics in Model Ionomer Melts As a Function of Polymer Architecture
Frisz, J. F.
593i Multivariate Analysis of TOF-SIMS Data for Applications in Tissue Engineering and Quantifying Biomolecules
662b Direct Chemical Imaging of the Sphingolipid and Cholesterol Distribution in Cell Membranes
676h Fluorinated Nanoparticle Immunolabels for Imaging Specific Membrane Proteins in Parallel with Cell Membrane Lipids Using High-Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
681f Identifying the Differentiation Stages of Individual Hematopoietic Cells by Multivariate Analysis of Secondary Ion Mass Spectra
Froeba, M.
92e Combining Water, Argon and Nitrogen Adsorption for an Advanced Characterization of Ordered Nanoporous Carbons
Froese, R. E.
603c Use of a Carbon Budget Model to Calculate Land Use Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Forest-Based Biofuels Production in Michigan
265e Advanced Reactors for Methane Steam Reforming
180bd Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanoparticle Interactions with Ionic Liquids
393p Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanoparticle Self-Assembly At Ionic Liquid-Based Interfaces
691a Understanding Droplet Bridging in Ionic Liquid-Based Pickering Emulsions
422e Molten Salt Gasification (MSG) of Refinery Wastes to Produce Hydrogen
Fruneaux, T.
View Measuring Cell Circularity and Spreading On Thermoresponsive Surfaces
View Cell Adhesion As a Function of LCST, Comparing Pnipam to A Novel Thermoresponsive Substrate
Fry, J.
611f The Role of Nitrate in the Formation of Atmospheric Nanoparticles: Insights From Ambient Measurements and Chemical Transport Models
Frydson Andrade, T.
38e Biodiesel Production without Glycerol Byproduct: Dimethyl Carbonate As Replacement for Methanol
425f Finding Murine t-Cell Receptor Repertoire Shifts Due to Ovalbumin Challenges Using High Throughput Sequencing
41d Heat Integration in Coal Based Oxy-Combustion Power Plants
516c Innovative Cryogenic Air Separation Processes
Fu, C.
625g Transient CFD Simulation of Two-Phase Liquid-Liquid Flow in an Oscillatory Baffled Reactor
Fu, I. W.
57g Toward Self-Assembly of Nonviral Gene Delivery Complexes by Pegylated-Poly(Lysine) and siRNA Molecules Via Molecular Dynamics Simulations
117d Self-Assembly of Complex DNA Architectures Via Multiscale Simulations for Nanotechnology and Alterative Energy
358c Self-Assembly of Peptide Amphiphiles Into Hydrogel Via Multiscale Simulations
588d Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Peptide Self-Assembly Under Confinement
Fu, J.
112f Molecular Density Functional Theory and Its Application to Hydration Free-Energy Calculations
514c Molecular Driving Forces of Crystallization: A Study of the Crystal Growth Rate From the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem
Fu, J.
599ab Use Dynamic Simulation to Minimize Flare Emissions During Ethylene Plant Shutdown
599ad Simultaneous Design and Scheduling of a Material Handling System
Fu, L.
460c Efficient CO2 Sorbents Based On Cost-Effective Silica Foams with Ultra-Large Mesopores
Fu, S.
230e Low Frictional Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide Film by Geometrical Roughness-Induced Heterogeneous Nanostructure From Titanate
Fu, S.
621e Design of A Biomimetic Nanostructured Tissue Engineered Bone Model for in Vitro Breast Cancer Metastasis Study
Fu, T.
289a Breakup and Coalescence of Bubbles in Microfluidic T-Junctions
600cq The Intensification of Mass Transfer of CO2 Bubble Absorption Into Monoethanol Amine (MEA) Aqueous Solution in a Rectangular Microchannel
Fu, X. A.
180bi Response Surface Analysis of the Effect of Drie Process Parameters On Micro/Nanopillar Arrays
618e Detection of Acetone in Air Using Silver Ion Exchanged ZSM-5 and Zinc Oxide Sensing Films
618f A NOVEL Reactive Chip for Analysis of Carbonyl Compounds in Exhaled Breath
Fu, Y.
462c An Integrated Computational and Experimental Study for the Overproduction of Fatty Acids in Escherichia Coli
Fuchs, A.
180bo Highly Aromatic Polymer Containing Quinoxaline Functional Groups for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
180bp Highly Aromatic Polymer - Quinoxaline Functional Groups for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
180bs Highly Aromatic Polymer Containing Quinoxaline Functional Groups for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs)
180bt Surface Grafting Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-Carboxylic Acid) On Core-Shell Nanoparticles Via Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization
Fuentes, G. A.
619a Cu Siting in Zeolite SCR Catalysts: An EPR Study
Fuentes, J.
591h Gsaft: Application of the SAFT-γ Mie Group Contribution EoS in the Oil/Gas Industry - From Academic Research to Industrial Deployment
Fuentevilla, D. A.
456b Cold Water As a Novel Supercritical-Fluid Solvent: A Two-State Model
372b From Racemate to Single Enantiomer with 100% YIELD
Fuhrmeister, R.
372d Experimental Investigation and Model Validation of a Heterogeneously Catalyzed Reactive Distillation Process to Intensify the Synthesis of n-Butyl Acrylate From Acrylic Acid and n-Butanol
Fuji, Y.
639b Electrostatic Charging of Particles in a Straight Pipe
Fujimine, T.
49h High Efficiency Oxygen Separation From Air Using Perovskite-Type Oxygen Sorbents with High Temperature PSA
Fujimori, T.
30b In-Pore Superhigh Pressure Effect On Solid Phase Transition and Organic Crystal Synthesis
Fukai, J.
128a Investigation of Brown Coal Char-CO2 Gasification in a Laboratory Scale Drop Tube Furnace
180z Numerical Simulation of Drying Process of Polymer Solution Inkjet-Droplets for Predicting Film Configuration
602aa Cycle Operation of Laboratory-Scaled Adsorption Heat Pump for Regenerating Steam From Waste Water
Fukishima, H.
View Novel Graphene Paper Sensors: Detection and Sensitivity Parameters
Fukui, K.
498f Possibility of Multi-Fuel Production From Trap Grease by Combination of Heat-Driven Upgrading and Methane Fermentation
Fukushima, H.
472f Graphene Paper Biosensor for Protein Detection
Fukuyama, S.
564e Gene Network Inference and the Immune Response: A Novel Approach to Identifying Biology's Risk Assessment Strategies
521d Residence Time Distribution As Predicted by a Kinematic Model for Mass Flow Powder Discharge From a Conical Hopper
Fuller, G. G.
142az Response of Endothelial Cells to Stagnation Point Flows
142c Porous Media Model and Collective Behavior of Colloidal Particles Trapped At a fluidic Interface
353e Multiphase Flow of Miscible Liquids: Jets and Drops
413e Rinsing Flows: Exploiting Viscoelastic Liquids
499a Consequences of Interfacial Viscoelasticity On Thin Film Stability
Fulton, A.
255c Purification of Monoclonal Antibody From Trangenic Nicotiana Benthamiana
Fulvio, P. F.
642e Electrochemical Performance of Binary Mixture of Ionic Liquids Electrolytes in Supercapacitors
176d Strategic Search for Experimental Conditions for Efficient Product Design
373e Soft Sensor Models Based On a Process Variable and Dynamics Selection Method and Support Vector Regression
Funke, A.
208d Application of Enhanced DEM Simulations for the Improvement of a Given Tablet Coating Process
Funke, H.
28c Scale-up of SAPO-34 Membranes for CO2/CH4 Separation
Furlan, M.
9e Fabrication of Anisotropic Porous Materials Via Magnetically-Controlled Phase Separation in Sol-Gel Processes
524d Facile Synthesis of Silica Micro- and Nano-Rods
Furlani, E. P.
113b Analysis of the Dynamics and Interactions of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Gradient and Time-Varying Magnetic Fields
393b Laser Induced Photothermal Heating and Bubble Generation of Gold Nanoparticles
685b Two-Step Solar Thermochemical Cycle for Splitting CO2 Via Ceria Redox Reactions - Experimental Investigation with a 3.8 Kw Solar Reactor
Furman, A.
542g CO2 Post Combustion Capture Using Aminosilicone Solvents
Furst, E. M.
3bq Microrheological Characterization Techniques for Biological Applications and Soft Material Design
79e High-Throughput Microrheology in a Microfluidic Device
299c Multi-Scale Kinetics of a Field-Directed Colloidal Phase Transition
420b Nanoparticle Directed Assembly Using Electric Fields
624c Out-of-Equilibrium Forces Between Colloids
Fürst, W.
397e CO2 Absorption in Aqueous Alkanolamine Systems : CO2 Concentration and Henry Constant Determination
142ag Single Image Turbulence Analysis for Drag Reduction Affected by Flexibility of Polymers
Fushimi, C.
273e Heat Transfer From Hot Particles to Cold Particles in Downward-Flow Binary Solids Systems
273f Experimental and Numerical Investigations On the Electrostatics in the Downer Reactor
740e Numerical Simulations and Experiments On Heat Transfer Around a Probe in the Downer Reactor of a Triple-Bed Combined Circulating Fluidized Bed