Author Index: E

237f Characterization of the Flexural Properties of Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofiber/Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites by Experimental Design
Earl, J.
678h Synthesis and Characterization of Biomimetic Echogenic Microparticles for Use As Ultrasound Contrast Agents
View Characterization of Pilot-Scale, Pressurized Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasification Products Using Gas Chromatography (GC) Techniques
Eason, J. P.
463f Efficient Surrogate Model Generation with Adaptive Sequential Sampling
Eason, T.
630b Issues On Energy Sustainability: Consumption, Efficiency, and Environmental Impact
Eastgate, M.
64b Reaction Mechanism Understanding Through Process Development
609a Engine Performance of Biohydrocarbons Produced by Thermal Deoxygenation of Biomass Derived Organic Acids
Eaton, T.
657a Building and Controlling Structure-Function Relationships of Titania Photocatalysts
789b ECM Stiffness and Modulus As Independent Controllers of Cancer Metastasis
Eberle, A. P. R.
142dd Probing the Microstructures of Adhesive Hard-Spheres Under Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) Deformation with Time-Resolved Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (tOR-SANS)
686f Gelation Versus Phase Separation: Gravitational Effects On Adhesive Hard Sphere Colloidal and Nanoparticle Dispersions
Ebie, Y.
498f Possibility of Multi-Fuel Production From Trap Grease by Combination of Heat-Driven Upgrading and Methane Fermentation
Ebner, A. D.
49b Improved Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycles for Ethanol PSA-Distillation Systems
49e Pressure Vacuum Swing Adsorption Cycles for Landfill Methane Purification
Ebner, A. D.
269c Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Solid Amines in a Pressure Swing Adsorption Process
331f Carbon Dioxide Capture From Flue Gas by High Feed Throughput Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes
694b Experimental Characterization of Adsorbents Via Volumetric Frequency Response Analysis
Eckelman, M. J.
209f Life Cycle Ecotoxicity of Carbon Nanotubes
Eckert, C.
602f Enhancement of H2 and CO2 Uptake for the Production of Biodiesel in Ralstonia Eutropha
Eckert, C. A.
7f Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture: A Thermodynamic Study
158f Synthesis of Nanoparticles Through the Use of Reversible Ionic Liquids
387e Using Structure-Property Relationships to Design Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
442a Sustainable Applications Through the Use of Reversible Ionic Liquids
477c 5-HMF Production in Piperylene Sulfone: A Bifunctional Solvent for Reaction and Separation
542f Designing Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
View Using Structure-Property Relationships to Develop Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
View Effective 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Production in Piperylene Sulfone, a Recyclable Solvent
Eckert, C. A.
3cd Well Defined Nanomaterials Through Tunable and Smart Solvents
656b Coupling Homogeneous Reactions with Heterogeneous Separations Toward Sustainable Production of Pharmaceuticals
79g Modeling of Nanoparticle Motion in an Incompressible Newtonian Fluid: A Comparison Between Fluctuating Hydrodynamics and Generalized Langevin Approaches
312g Computational Model for Nanocarrier Adhesion to Cell Surfaces Validated Using in Vivo, in Vitro, and Atomic Force Microscopy Experiments
319d Exploring Retrograde Vaporization and Derivative Properties of near-Critical Fluids Using Monte Carlo Simulations and Equations of State
3w Chemical Product Design Using Chemometric Technique in Property Cluster Space
64a Novel Molecular Design Techniques for the Design of Systems Involving Chemical Reactions
108d Process Systems Engineering Approaches to Sustainable Chemical Product Design
176a Molecular Design with Simultaneous Topological, Topographical, and Electrostatic Characterization
176e Data-Driven Optimization of Product Blends Using Multivariate Property Clustering Techniques
383e Effect of Temperature and Oxidizing Medium On Tar Formation in Southern Pine Gasification
544b Multivariate Analysis of Process Data for Product Formulation Optimization in Property Cluster Space
604b Optimization of Product Formulations Using Multivariate Analysis and Property Clustering
604c Systematic Incorporation of 2D, 3D and Electrostatic Characterization in Molecular Design
604j A Molecular Signature Based Approach for the Design of Reactive Systems
Edgar, T. F.
29h Study of Heavy Crude Flows in Pipelines with Electromagnetic Heaters
135b Mini-Session On David Himmelblau
186b Improved State Estimation for High-Mix Semiconductor Manufacturing
202f A Process Systems Approach to Teaching Distillation
293h Dynamic Optimization of Solar Thermal Systems with Storage
305e Use of Parallel Coordinates to Monitor Absorption and Stripper Columns for Optimal CO2 Removal
416g CACHE Update
Edison, J.
109a Recent Developments in Modeling the Dynamic Behavior of Confined Fluids
3bu Influence of Microwave Band Irradiation On Catalytic Reforming Systems
657g Influence of Microwave Band Irradiation On Sulfur Poisoning in Catalytic Reforming Systems
Edwards, J. S.
601k Repeated Interactions Between ErbB1 Receptors and the Impact On Signal Initiation
Edwards, R.
240b Multiphysics Approach to Developing a New Heavy Oil Upgrading Technology
719c Molecular Level Understanding of Super-Critical Water Desulfurization
Edwards, T. D.
624b Direct Measurement of Conservative and Dissipative Colloidal Forces in the Presence of Adsorbing and Nonadsorbing Polymer
741b Feedback Controlled Colloidal Crystal Assembly Via Electric Field and Depletion Mediated Interactions
Edwie, F.
53e Design and Development of Hollow Fiber Membrane for Desalination and Salt Recovery Via Integrated Membrane Distillation-Crystallization
116f Investigating Heterogeneous System Performance of Synthetic Myosins Computationally
Egbebi, A.
204b Impact of Silane Agent Addition On the Stability of Amine Sorbents for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
273a Pressure Signal Analysis and Bubble Behavior in a 3D Fluidized Bed. Comparison of Experimental Data and Computational Results
Eggersdorfer, M.
3br Characterization of Fractal-Like Aerosols During Sintering
76a The Primary Particle Diameter of Aerosol Agglomerates & Aggregates From Mass-Mobility Characterization
200e The Structure of Agglomerates Consisting of Polydisperse Nanoparticles
388q The Polydispersity of Primary Particles in Aggregates Undergoing Sintering
Egnatchik, R.
760f Calcium Stimulated Metabolism Promotes Oxidative Stress in Hepatic Lipotoxicity
Egolfopoulos, F.
115b Effect of Siloxane Present in Renewable Natural Gas On the Operation of Various Natural Gas Equipment
784c A MULTI-Functional Membrane Reactor System for the Destruction of Chemical Warfare Agents
Ehrhart, B. D.
602ay Mixed Metal Oxide Reduction/Oxidation Cycle for Thermochemical Energy Storage in Solid Particles
791d Thermochemical Cycle of a Mixed Metal Oxide for Augmentation of Thermal Energy Storage in Solid Particles
Ehrhart, N.
14e Periosteum-Mimetic Polysaccharide-Based Coatings for Cortical Bone Allografts towards Orthopedic Tissue Engineering Applications
Ehrman, S. H.
76f Phase Separation and Reaction Mechanism During Agcu Particle Formation by Cosolvent Assisted Pyrolysis Technology
486d Biological Templates for Anti-Reflectance Surface and Current Collectors for Photoelectrochemical Cell Applications
596d Oxygen Sensing and Control of Engineered Tissue
Eiamsa-ard, P.
142cg Turbulent HEAT Transfer in A Microfin TUBE with Twisted Tape Insert
Eiamsa-ard, S.
142cg Turbulent HEAT Transfer in A Microfin TUBE with Twisted Tape Insert
Eichhorn, K. J.
364d Glad Sculptured Thin Films Functionalized with Polymer Brushes
276b Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dynamics in Rock-Like Porous Media
366a Coupling of Crystallizers for Efficient Enantioseparation - Comparison of Two Different Process Strategies
Eickhoff, W. M.
310f Quality by Design Development of a Film Coating Process Resulting in a Dimensionless Design Space
Eijsink, V.
574d Identification of Molecular-Level Contributions to Processivity in Glycoside Hydrolases From Computational and Experimental Studies of Serratia Marcescens Chitinases
Eilers, R.
187e Investigation of a Counter-Current Crystallization Process for Separation of Systems Forming Solid Solutions
Eitel, R. E.
74g Dynamic Adhesion Assays for Understanding the Significance of CD151 in the Metastatic Cascade
472h Extension of Multilayered Film Technology for Trans Endothelial Electrical Resistance Into Microfluidic Systems
680g Polymerization Amplification for Thermal Biodetection
View An Improved in Vitro Model for the Study of Endothelial Cells Using Micropatterned Surfaces
Eitzlmayr, A.
402a Continuous Pharmaceutical Hot-Melt Extrusion and Hot-Die Face Pelletizing
402b Predictive Modeling of Hot Melt Extruders
Ekenseair, A. K.
3dy Advanced Polymeric and Bionanocomposite Solutions for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Applications
701d Evaluation of Polyamidoamine-Based Dual-Hardening, Injectable Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
217f Chemically Titrating Nucleation Sites On Oxide Surfaces with Fluorescent Probes
284b Recent Advances in Bioprocess Development for Mass Production of Medicinal Polysaccharides and Beneficial Microbes for Health and Agricultural Industries in Malaysia'
531c Industrial Platform Design for Large Scale Production of Probiotic Yeast
305b Multi-Rate Sampled-Data Fault Detection and Fault-Tolerant Control of Hybrid Process Systems
412d Networked Model Predictive Control of Spatially Distributed Processes
446d Fault Detection and Accommodation in Particulate Processes Using Multi-Rate Sampled and Delayed Measurements
654g Quasi-Decentralized Model Predictive Control of Process Systems Using Adaptive Sampling
687e Quasi-Decentralized Control of Networked Process Systems with Discrete and Delayed Communication
747c Multi-Rate Sampled-Data Control of Spatially Distributed Process Systems
View Multi-Objective Optimization with Solvent Selection
View Multi-Objective Optimization of Solvent Selection
El-Halwagi, M.
22c Systematic Approach for Selecting Hydrocarbon Solvents to Enhance Fischer Tropsch's Catalyst Bed in Situ Behavior
246f Optimization of Water Storage and Distribution Systems for Cities
271f Sustainable Design of Integrated Absorption Refrigeration Systems
341e Optimization of Biofouling Control and Energy Supply Policies in Thermally Integrated Plants
380b Sustainable Processing of Water Hyacinth Through a Distributed Biorefinery System
546f Integrated Pathway Optimization for Biorefineries
602k Optimal CO2 Sequestration From Different Industrial Emissions to Yield an Algae-Based Biorefinery
716a Optimal Design of Integrated Electric-Power and Algal Biofuel Generation Systems
View Multi-Objective Optimization with Solvent Selection
View Multi-Objective Optimization of Solvent Selection
El-Hassan, H.
365c CO2 Utilization in Concrete Block Production
El-Hedok, I. A.
143b Morphology and Molecular Weight Control of Core-Shell Polymer Nanoparticles
El-Nahal, W. G.
View Microsecond-Scale Simulations to Determine NNRTI Function Upon Drug Resistant Mutations in HIV-RT
El-Sharkh, M.
561d Temperature Dynamics and Control of a Fuel Cell Stack System
177c Kinetics and Performance of Phosphate-Removal From Hot Industrial Effluents Using a Continuous Flow Electrocoagulation Reactor
Elabd, Y. A.
336d Non-Equilibrium Sorption and Anomalous Diffusion of Water in Glassy Polymers
472g Bio-Based Redox Capacitor to Intercede in Microbe-Electrode Electron Flow
697a Hydroxide Conducting Polymerized Ionic Liquid Block Copolymers for Alkaline Fuel Cells
Elam, J.
10e Water-Gas Shift Catalysis Over Supported Platinum Nanoparticles
Elam, J. W.
130d Effect of Iron and Titanium Oxide Promoters On Platinum Model Catalysts for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction
755e Atomic Layer Deposition of the Quaternary Chalcogenide Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS)
755f Energy Levels, Electronic Properties, and Rectification in Ultrathin P-NiO Films Synthesized by Atomic Layer Deposition
Elander, R. T.
260e Investigation of Hemicellulase Inhibition in the Production of Bioethanol
22c Systematic Approach for Selecting Hydrocarbon Solvents to Enhance Fischer Tropsch's Catalyst Bed in Situ Behavior
441c Development of Visualization Models for the Correlations Between Synthetic Jet Fuels Hydrocarbon Structure and Their Properties
Elbaz, H.
681h Electronic Platform Used As a Proxy to Quantify Cellular Toxicity of Anticancer Drug
Elberson, M.
351g Rapid Vaccination Via Acetalated Dextran Microparticulate Subunit Vaccine for Protection Against Bacillus Anthracis Challenge
Eldawud, R.
393bc Electronic Platform to Assess Toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes and Associated Cellular Behavior in Real Time
681h Electronic Platform Used As a Proxy to Quantify Cellular Toxicity of Anticancer Drug
Elder, R.
663a Molecular Simulation Studies Relating Thermodynamics of Polycation-DNA Binding to Non-Viral DNA Delivery
178d Molecular Simulation Studies Relating Polycation Architecture to the Structure and Thermodynamics of Polycation-DNA Complexes
294c Sequence Specific Recognition of Cancer Drug-DNA Adducts by HMGB1a Repair Protein
Eldridge, R. B.
207c Determination of Liquid Holdup in Structured Packing Using Neutron Radiography
Eldyasti, A. K.
634e Economical Study of Bioparticles Used for Denitrification in Fluidized Bed Bioreactors (FBBR)
65c Electro-Hydrodynamic Encapsulation of Drugs Into Porous Polymer Films
340c Electro-Hydrodynamic Concentration of Neutrally Buoyant Particles in Microliter Droplets
Elia, J. A.
219b Process Synthesis and Global Optimization of Biomass to Liquid Transportation Fuels (BTL) Systems
271d Optimization-Based Process Synthesis Framework for Thermochemical Conversion of Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels (GTL) Systems
317c Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Absorption, Membrane and Adsorption-Based CO2 Capture for Variable Feed CO2 Concentration and Feed Flow
445c Process Synthesis of Hybrid Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas to Liquids (CBGTL) Via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, ZSM-5 Catalytic Conversion, Methanol Synthesis, Methanol-to-Gasoline, and Methanol-to-Olefins/Distillate Technologies
724c Biomass and Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels (BGTL): Process Synthesis, Global Optimization, and Topology Analysis
773b Incorporating Water Resources, Electricity Supply, and Allocation of Sequestered CO2 in the Nationwide Hybrid Energy Supply Chain
265e Advanced Reactors for Methane Steam Reforming
583f Wet Coating of Geldart-C Type Particles in a Rotating Fluidized Bed in a Static Geometry
746b Drying of Biomass Pellets: Experimental Study and Comparison of the Performance of a Conventional Fluidized Bed and a Rotating Fluidized Bed in a Static Geometry
Elimelech, M.
209f Life Cycle Ecotoxicity of Carbon Nanotubes
565b Seawater Desalination by Integrated Forward and Reverse Osmosis: Improved Product Water Quality for Potentially Less Energy
590g Stable Sequestration of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Self-Assembled Aqueous Nanopores
646e Antifouling Ultrafiltration Membranes Via Post-Fabrication Grafting of Biocidal Nanomaterials
765f Carbon Nanotube-Based Antimicrobial Biomaterials Formed Via Layer-by-Layer Assembly with Polypeptides
Elizalde-Solis, O.
181ag High-Pressure Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for the Carbon Dioxide – Heptane – Dodecane
181aj Thermodynamic Derived Properties for Carbon Dioxide - Ethanol - Decane Mixtures At High Pressures
181al Density Measurements of Tetrahydrofuran + Water Solutions At Atmospheric Pressure
181an Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium for the Binary System Limonene + Propane
181ap Volumetric Properties for the Carbon Dioxide + Heptane + Dodecane
181aq Compressed Liquid Densities for Carminic Acid + Ethanol in the Temperature Range of (313 to 363) K
525h Experimental Solubility Data of Boldine in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Using Ethanol As a Co Solvent
549h Lambda-DNA Dielectrophoresis in a 3D Carbon-Electrode Micro-Post Device: Theoretical and Experimental Studies
Elkins, T.
35f Oxidative Coupling of Methane Over Samaria Catalysts
Ellenberger, A.
View Quantifying Small Molecule Diffusion in a Hydrogel Using a Microfluidic Technique
Ellington, A. D.
326h Award Submission: High Throughput Sequencing of Antibody Heavy and Light Chain Pairings
440a High Throughput Sequencing of Antibody Heavy and Light Chain Pairings
Elliott, J. R.
274b Modeling Interfaces with Step Potential for Equilibria and Dynamics (iSPEAD)
332a Coursecasting to Conquer Content in Thermodynamics
335g The Importance of Compressed Liquid Density in Unambiguously Characterizing Molecular Interactions
663g Inferring Phase Behavior of Polymer Solutions From Molecular Simulations and Extrapolation to the Long Chain Limit
Ellis, B. R.
688g Modification of Fracture Hydraulic Properties by CO2-Acidified Brine Flow
Ellis, M.
551e Integrating Dynamic Economic Optimization and Model Predictive Control for Optimal Operation of Nonlinear Process Systems
Ellis, M. W.
609g Dependence of Electrochemical Performance On Anode Surface Roughness in Microbial Fuel Cells
219d Soybean Oil Based Fibers Formed without Solvent or Heat
236a Preprogrammed Noncontact Patterning of Polymer Films
336g Nanoconfined Self-Diffusion of Poly(isobutyl methacrylate)
614b Enhancing Thermo-Oxidative Stability of Polymers Using Natural and Synthetic Melanins
716c Bio-Inspired Green Approach to Manufacture Fibers
722f Molecular Transfer Printing Over Large Areas
Elly, M.
181b Self-Consistency Analysis of Physical Property and Molecular Descriptor Databases Using a Variety of Prediction Techniques
202e Co-Current Parameter Estimation and Model Refinement in Dynamical Systems
Elmadhoun, A.
502g Student Recruitment and Community Outreach Through an Undergraduate Mentoring Program
502h Hands-On Chemical Engineering Demonstrations for Effective K-12 Outreach
Elmalik, E. E.
22c Systematic Approach for Selecting Hydrocarbon Solvents to Enhance Fischer Tropsch's Catalyst Bed in Situ Behavior
Elmer, J.
249f Hemoglobin Regulates the Migration of Glioma Cells Along Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Aligned Nanofibers
Elmoraghy, M.
716e Green Approach to Produce Bio-Jet Fuel From Microalgae
90a Energy and Sustainability Modules in Chemical Engineering At Mississippi State University
253c Assessment of Student Outcomes and Program Objectives: Methods for Effectiveness
421a Building a Service-Learning Program Through Freshman Engineering and LEGO Nxttm Robotics
502a Mentoring Through the AIChE Student Chapter
382f A Curriculum Review Process: A Top-Down Learning Outcome Approach to Revising the University of Dayton Chemical Engineering Curriculum
382g Integrating the Chemical Engineering Curriculum Into a Common Academic Program At the University of Dayton
Elsharkawy, A.
181a Predicting the Properties of CO2-Natural Gas Mixtures for CCSS Projects
181e Estimating the Compressibility Factor for CO2-Natural Gas Mixtures
Elsner, M. P.
206e Continuous Enantioseparation in a MSMPR Crystallizer – Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Different Process Conditions
Elsner, M. P.
366a Coupling of Crystallizers for Efficient Enantioseparation - Comparison of Two Different Process Strategies
Elyassi, B.
3bg Membranes for Hydrogen Separation and Adsorbents for Sulfur Removal: Application to IGCC Plants
149f Steam Stability of Layered Zeolites Suitable for Hydrogen Transport
3cp The Design of Particulate Delivery Forms Via Single Drop Granule Formation Mechanisms
124c Prediction of Single Drop Granule Formation Mechanisms for Regime Separated Granulation
508d How to Deal with Fast Process Dynamics of the Ethylene Solution Polymerization Process During Optimal Grade Transitions?
Emerson, H.
141d Dependence of Surface Chemistry On Environmental Fate and Transport of Metallic Nanoparticles
Emert, J. I.
85b Electroacoustics, Conductivity & Dispersion Forces in Nonpolar Carbon Black Dispersions
Emme, B.
454a Leveraged Process Development for Biomass to Ethanol
Encarnación-Gómez, L. G.
83g Integration of Biocatalysis and Crystallization towards the Manufacture of Enantiomerically Pure Compounds
181k Prediction of Thermodynamic Properties for Structural Isomers by Use of the Lattice Cluster Theory Equation of State for Pure Compounds
345d Prediction of Interfacial Tensions Between Demixed Solvents
525f Application of Lattice Cluster Theory to Polymer Phase Behavior
138d Marangoni Convection At Deformable Single Rising Droplets – a Numerical Investigation of Fluid Dynamics and Mass Transfer
Engel, M.
112a Monte Carlo On Gpus; A Proof of Detailed Balance
268e Packings and Self-Assembly of a Family of Hard Truncated Triangular Bipyramids
Engelhard, M.
603b A Quantitative Determination of the Effects of Surface/Bulk Lignin and Xylan Contents On Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass
508f Monitoring Emulsion Polymerization Processes by Means of Ultra-Sound Velocity Measurements
Engeseth, N. J.
602ah Fouling Rates of Synthetic Thin Stillage
Engisch, W. E. Jr.
402d Powder Feeder Pairing with Downsteam Continuous Mixer
533d Bulk and Micro-Scale Characterization of Continuous Powder Blending Integrated with an Multi-Point in-Line NIR As a PAT Tool
Engle, N. L.
667f Characterization of the Interactions of Cellulose, Hemicellulose, and Lignin During Pretreatment Through the Use of Flowthrough Pretreatment
Englehart, A.
15d Designing in Process Robustness: Minimizing Proteolysis Through Analytical and Chromatographic Tools
Englund, P.
574f Adsorption of Model Peptides and the Carbohydrate Binding Module: An Enhanced Sampling Molecular Dynamics Study
Engstrom, J. D.
23e Impact of a Reversible Solid State Form Change On Particle Morphology and Bulk Powder Properties of a Pharmaceutical Compound
Enick, R. M.
7c Hydrophobic Polymeric Solvents for the Selective Absorption of CO2 from Warm Gas Streams that also Contain H2 and H2O
120c Nano-Confined CO2 Sorbents for High-Efficiency CO2-Capture
181ad Hydrocarbon Mixtures: Phase Behavior, Density, and Modeling with PC-SAFT and a Volume-Translated, Cubic Equation of State
251c Cubic- and PC-SAFT-Based Thermodynamic Models and a Free Volume Viscosity Model for Hydrocarbons At Pressures to 276 Mpa and Temperatures to 533 K
251f Viscosity of Several Hydrocarbons At Temperatures to 533 K and Pressures to 276 Mpa
542b Process Development for Phase-Changing Aminosilicone-Based CO2-Capture Absorbents
Eniola-Adefeso, O.
18g Differential Effect of Shear Stress On Endothelial Cells Response to TNF-Alpha and IL1-Beta Stimulation Is Linked to Cell Shear History
190d In Vivo Evaluation of Rod-Shaped Carriers for Vascular Imaging and Targeted Drug Delivery in Large Vessels in Mice
583c One-Step Fabrication of Agent-Loaded Biodegradable Microspheroids for Drug Delivery and Imaging Applications
596o Effect of Poly(ethylene glycol) Spacers On the Vascular Targeting of Particles to Endothelium in Blood
Enslow, K.
129a Role of Metal Halides in Enhancing the Dehydration of Xylose to Furfural: A 1H and 13C NMR Spectroscopy Study
Enszer, J. A.
20g Improvements in Computer Methods Courses in Chemical Engineering
82d Level up! Gamification and Positive Psychology in the Chemical Engineering Classroom
Eom, H. J.
600ak Effects of Sodium Substituted Solid Base ZrO2 On the Hydrogenolysis of Phenethyl Phenyl Ether (PPE) in near-Critical Water
Eom, H. J.
600a Hydrogenation of Succinic Acid Using Ruthenium Nanoparticles Embedded Catalysts
Epling, W.
27b In Situ-Drifts Study of Selective Catalytic Reduction by NH3 Over a Cu-Exchanged SAPO-34 Small Pore Zeolite Catalyst
Epperly, T.
572b Integrating the Carbon Capture Materials Database with the Process Simulation Tools of the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative
625b Influence of the Wall Structure On the Heat Transfer in Packed Beds with Small Tube to Particle Diameter Ratio
Epps, T. H. III
722a Manipulating Nanoscale Ordering in Block Copolymer Thin Films
Epstein, J.
486d Biological Templates for Anti-Reflectance Surface and Current Collectors for Photoelectrochemical Cell Applications
3cu The Thermodynamics and Chemistry of Atmospheric Organic Compounds
611b Evaluating the Significance of Direct Photolysis of Organic Compounds Dissolved in Cloud and Fog Waters
Epting, W. K.
490a In-Situ PEFC Oxygen Sensing: An Ultra-Microelectrode Sensor with Oxygen Flux Interrupt Measurements
490i Incorporating a Size Distribution and Interfacial Oxygen Resistance Into a PEFC Agglomerate Model
Epur, R.
503e Nanostructured and Amorphous Silicon Composites: Reversible High Capacity Lithium-Ion Anodes
777f Computational Study On Stability of Hybrid Nanostructures of Silicon and Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes As Lithium-Ion Battery Anode
View A Simple,Facile Approach to Silicon Nanoparticles
Eral, H. B.
367a Collective Dynamics of Particle Clusters Flowing in a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Microchannel
Eranna, B. C.
598c A Stable Direct Inverse Neural Network Control of An Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor with Input Multiplicities
Erden, L.
49e Pressure Vacuum Swing Adsorption Cycles for Landfill Methane Purification
Erdonmez, C.
642c Phase Changes in Secondary Manganese Dioxide Electrodes for Grid-Scale Batteries
Erickson, L.
752f Biodegradation of Carbon Tetrachloride in Laboratory Flow Channels
Eriksen, D.
257c Directed Evolution of a Cellobiose Utilization Pathway for Biofuel Production
Ermoline, A.
712c On Mechanism of Thermal Initiation in Fully-Dense 2Al.3CuO Nanocomposite Powder
Ernst, S.
177b Application of Bioelectrochemical Systems to Hexavalent Chromium Remediation
Erpelding, M.
780c Piloting a Multiproduct Biorefinery
Errington, J. R.
178s Using Molecular Simulations to Understand Wetting of Fluid Mixtures
268d Inverse Design of Pairwise Interactions for Self-Assembly of Low-Coordinated Lattice Structures
345a Molecular Simulation Study of Wetting of Fluid Mixtures
452f Using Monte Carlo Simulations to Study Wetting Behavior of Ionic Liquids
456e Liquid-Vapor Coexistence Properties of Complex Molecules Using Grand-Canonical and Isothermal-Isobaric Temperature Expanded Ensemble Simulations
484d Statistical Mechanics of Fluids At Interfaces and Under Confinement Via Mayer-Sampling Monte Carlo Simulation
Erskine, R.
View Controlling Morphology of Bulk Heterojunction Polymer/Fullerene Mixtures
594p Effect of Thermoplastic Extrusion and Protease Supplementation in Red Sorghum, Decorticated Sorghum and Maize On the Enzymatic Hydrolysis Efficiency As Pretreatment for Time Process Reduction
325d Development of a Short-Cut Model for Three-Phase Liquid Separation Dynamics for a Hydroformylation Mini-Plant
397c Derivation and Validation of a Short-Cut Model for the Absorption of CO2 in an OCM Mini-Plant
Escobar, I. C.
28e An Overview of the Global Desalination Situation
287c Charged and Hydrophilized Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Membranes for Forward Osmosis
434c Novel Copper-Charged Anti-Microbial Reverse Osmosis Membranes
706a Responsive Ultrafiltration Membranes Composed of N-Isopropylacrylamide (NIPAAM), Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide (SPIO) Nanoparticles and Cellulose Acetate
Escobar-Ferrand, L.
706b Hydrodynamic Permeability of Nanoparticle Modified, Thin Film Composite Membranes
Escobedo, F.
479a Engineering Entropy and Order in Nanomaterials Via Molecular Simulation
Escobedo, S. Jr.
637b Quantum Yield in a Photo-CREC Reactor for Hydrogen Production
Escudero, D. R.
344c Minimum Fluidization Velocity in a 3D Fluidized Bed Modified with an Acoustic Field
Esfahani, M.
View Why Size Matters: Quantizing Size Distribution for Adsorption Studies 

Esfandiari, L.
680c PCR-Independent, Reagent-Free, Binary-Mode Nucleic Acid Detection
Esguerra, D. F.
84f Fractionation and Characterization of Pyrene Pitch Oligomers
Eshleman, J. R.
47d Improved Protein Switches for Cancer-Activated Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
Eskridge, C.
615e A Novel Application of Nanofiber Scaffolds for Gene Therapy
Eslick, J.
600bl Bayesian Methods in Multiscale Modeling
Esopi, M.
17d DFT Studies of CO2 Electrochemical Reduction Reactions On Cu-Based Catalysts
Espah Borujeni, A.
423d A Biophysical Model of Structured Ribosomal Standby Sites and Their Effect On the mRNA Translation Rate
Espah Borujeni, E.
433b The Effects of Intermolecular Interactions On Transmission of Plasmid DNA Through Ultrafiltration Membranes
70d Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass with Microwave Heating: A Preliminary Analysis with CFD Modeling
603j Hydrodynamics of a Fluidized Bed Reactor for Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
3cc Photovoltaics and Catalysis for Photoelectrochemical Applications
339e Metal-Modified Tungsten and Molybdenum Carbide Electrocatalysts for Energy Conversion
486a Development of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Photoelectrodes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Esposito, M.
238a The Autocovariance Least-Squares Method for Batch Processes: Application to Experimental Chemical Systems
234b Information Management for Environmental Impact Assessment in an Integrated Enterprise Structure Based On an Ontological Framework
516d Simultaneous Process and Recipe Design of an Acrylic Fiber Production System
530b Data Management in the Processes for Enterprise Wide Optimization Using an Ontological Framework
Essigmann, J.
472b Molecular Recognition Using Nanotube-Adsorbed Polymer Interfaces
Estejab, A.
389j Computer Simulation of Water and Ammonia Electrolysis
Estenoz, D. A.
163f Mathematical Model for the Bulk Polymerization of Styrene Using Symmetrical Cyclic Multifunctional Initiators
180e Mathematical Model for the Devolatilization Stage in the Continuous High-Impact Polystyrene Process: Prediction of Swelling and Melt Flow Indexes
Esteves, I. A. A. C.
178r Probing the Adsorptive Behaviour of MIL-53(Al) Using Light Organics (C1-C4)
242c Application of High Voltage for the Destabilization of Water-in-Oil Emulsion for the Extraction of Lipids From Microorganisms without Removal of Water
598m Optimal Control of a System of Wastewater Treatment Ponds
599ar Parameter Estimation of Bioethanol Production Model by a Genetic Engineered Cyanobacterium
599as A Mathematical Model for a Biofuel Production Process From Macroalgae
91c A Simplified Conceptual Design Methodology for Double-Feed Extractive Distillation Processes
Esveld, E.
304d Microwave Assisted Flow Processing: Coupling of Electromagnetic and Hydrodynamic Phenomena
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685f CO2 - Ionic Liquids Synergies: Reactive Capture and Conversion of CO2 to Chemicals
Etchells, A. W. III
98f Effect of Particle Size and Shape On Just Suspended Impeller Speed
291a Thirty Four Years of Teaching Process Mixing to Undergraduates. with Some Learnings
View Effect of Particle Shape On Just Suspended Impeller Speed
27c Transient Isotopic Labeling and in-Situ FT-IR Studies Over Mn/TiO2 Catalysts to Investigate Low Temperature SCR Mechanism of NO with NH3
Evanko, B. W.
600bn Novel Ferrite Materials for Efficient H2 Production and CO2 Separation Using Chemical Looping Hydrogen Production
622b Novel Ferrite Materials for H2 Production Using Chemical Looping
Evans, C. M.
180ac Tuning the Tg's of Polymers by 100 K: Equivalence of Confinement Effects in Multilayer Films and Dilute Polymer Blends
303a Modulus, Confinement and Temperature Effects On Surface Capillary Wave Dynamics in Bilayer Polymer Films near the Glass Transition
Evans, J. M. B.
206f Continuous Crystallization Process Development
402g Supply Chain Analysis of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
599u Capacity Planning in Novel Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Under Clinical Trials and Demand Uncertainties
Evans, M.
263b CAPE-OPEN Models for Hg Speciation and Partitioning Flowsheet Development
Evrensel, C.
180bt Surface Grafting Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-Carboxylic Acid) On Core-Shell Nanoparticles Via Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization
Ewing, C. S.
158d Understanding the Effects of Synthesis and Treatment On Network Stability and Surface Chemistry of Silica
393aa Development of an Integrated Computational and Experimental Framework for Understanding and Controlling Nanoparticle Interactions
Ezike, R.
22f Potassium Promoted Mo2 C Supported Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Ezra, E.
451d Deriving 2D Velocity Profile Using Streamlines Image Velocimetry (SIV)
451e Non-Dimensional Analysis of Retinal Microaneurysms: Critical Threshold for Treatment