Student Poster Session: Materials Engineering and Sciences

Monday, October 29, 2012: 10:00 AM
Hall B (Convention Center )
One of nine student poster sessions.
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Controlling and Quantifying Material Properties to Direct Neurite Growth
Austin Hangartner, Brad Tuft and C. Allan Guymon

An Improved in Vitro Model for the Study of Endothelial Cells Using Micropatterned Surfaces
Lindsay Gray, Jennifer Fischer, Christine Trinkle, Richard E. Eitel and Kimberly W. Anderson

Mixed Fuel Combustion Synthesis of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG)
Sarah M. Robb, Robert R. Harl and Bridget R. Rogers

Control of Electrochemical Activity with Thermally Responsive Polymers
Mathew J. Boyer, Jesse C. Kelly and Mark E. Roberts

Optical Method for Measuring Diffusivity Through Hydrogel-Filled Microfluidic Capillaries
Amanda Card, Thomas Kelly, Andrea Kadilak and Leslie M. Shor

Investigating Length Dependent Failure Modes of Elongating Gold Nanowires Via GPU Computing
Amulya Pervaje, William R. French, Christopher R. Iacovella and Peter T. Cummings

Deconvoluting Cohesion and Adhesion in Glassy Polymer Thin Film Systems
Nevin Whalley, James K. Ferri and Hallie Zeller

Crazing and Strain Localization of Polycarbonate Glass in Creep
Lilian Johnson, Shiwang Cheng and Shi-Qing Wang

A Simple,Facile Approach to Silicon Nanoparticles
Luke Minardi, Rigved Epur and Prashant Kumta

Multiple Macromer Hydrogels for Multiphase Drug Release
David S. Spencer, Ashley Hawkins, Nathanael Stocke, David A. Puleo and J. Zach Hilt

Polyaniline As a Colorimetric Sensor of Horse Radish Peroxidase
Keith McGrath, Christina Tang, Chris Johnson, Sara A. Arvidson and Saad A. Khan

Computational Method for Bulk ZnO Thermal Conductivity
Zhou Yu, Cynthia Lo, Maria Stoica and Alireza Faghaninia

Responsive Membranes for Tunable Flux and Biomolecule Immobilization
Thao Ngo, Andrew Tomaino, Thomas D. Dziubla and D.B. Bhattacharyya

Processing and Characterization of Diblock Copolymer Self-Assemblies
Emily Wallitsch, Kenneth R. Shull and Evan Laprade

The Effects of Pressure On the Pharmacological Action of Antioxidants On Macrophages
Casey Kukielski, Hainsworth Y. Shin and Dr. Thomas Dziubla

Modeling and Simulation of Hydrogen Diffusion and Reaction in Semiconductor Materials
Isaac S. Lavine, Kenneth G. Glogovsky and Joshua A. Levinson

Development of an All-Solid-State Li-Ion Battery
Jonathan Yancey, Katarzyna Sabolsky and Ed Sabolsky
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