464 AIChE-IChemE Joint Session I - Energy & Sustainability

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 12:30 PM
Westmoreland Central (Westin )
AIChE & IChemE are sponsoring joint sessions to explore the challenges of Energy & Sustainability in a global context.The presentations address different dimensions of the energy & sustainability challenges.The session explores the future energy landscape with perspectives on current & evolving energy technologies, challenges with regard to the energy water nexus, and carbon management.AIChE & IChemE outline what they are doing to address these challenges. These energy and sustainability challenges are global & present new opportunities for how our professional societies can collaborate in addressing these challenges.The second session is a ‘working’ session to explore the path forward with a focus on the role of our chemical engineering professional societies.

International Activities Committee
International Congress on Energy (ICE) 2012 (T4H), Topical B: 2nd Annual World Congress on Sustainable Engineering (TB)

Desmond King
Email: DFKI@chevron.com

Dale Keairns
Email: keairns_dale@bah.com

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