356 Membranes for Hydrogen Purification II

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
402 (Convention Center )
Papers that address the formation and characterization of materials for hydrogen purification are sought.

Membrane-Based Separations

Stephen N. Paglieri
Email: spaglieri@tda.com

Federico Guazzone
Email: guazzone@wpi.edu

3:15 PM
(356a) Hydrogen Sorption in Polymers
Zachary P. Smith, Rajkiran Tiwari, David F. Sanders, Ruilan Guo, Benny D. Freeman, Donald R. Paul and James E. McGrath

4:05 PM
(356c) Hydrogen Permeability, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Strength of Melt-Spun (Ni1-xNbx)80Zr20 (for x = 0.3 to 0.6) Amorphous Alloy Membranes
Dhanesh Chandra, Sang-Mun Kim, Wen-Ming Chien, Narendra Kumar Pal, Stephen N. Paglieri, Michael D. Dolan and Ted Flanagan

4:30 PM
(356d) Opportunities for CO2-Selective Membranes in Hydrogen Purification
Haiqing Lin, Jimmy Vu, Jenny He, Lloyd S. White and Tim Merkel

4:55 PM
(356e) Long-Term Thermal Stability and Chemical Tolerance of Supported Thin Film Pd-Au-Ru Membranes
Stephen N. Paglieri, Oyvind Hatlevik, Hani Abuelhawa and J. Douglas Way
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