345 Fundamentals of Interfacial Phenomena III

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
414 (Convention Center )
This session deals with experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental issues of interfaces in natural and engineered systems. Specific topics will include thermodynamics of interfaces; intermolecular and interparticle interactions; surface forces; electrostatic and electrokinetic phenomena at interfaces; contact angle phenomena and wetting; liquid surfaces; adsorption and desorption; surface modification; self- and directed- assembly; emulsions, micelles, and foams; thin films; and interfacial mass transfer.

Interfacial Phenomena

Mustafa Akbulut
Email: mustafa.akbulut@chemail.tamu.edu

Noshir S. Pesika
Email: npesika@tulane.edu

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3:20 PM
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4:40 PM
(345e) Minimum Free Energy Path for Bubble Nucleation in Compressible Polymer-Carbon Dioxide Mixtures
Xiaofei Xu, Diego E. Cristancho, Stephane Costeux and Zhen-Gang Wang
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5:00 PM

5:20 PM
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