269 CO2 Capture by Adsorption-Adsorbents II

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 12:30 PM
405 (Convention Center )
Adsorption is seen as one of the viable technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. The development of improved adsorbents for CO2 separation from flue gas is considered a key step in carbon dioxide sequestration. The development of adsorbent materials with large capacity, high selectivity, high mechanical strength and hydrothermal stability is crucial. In this session, complementary to its sister session on “processes”, we welcome papers on adsorbents for CO2 capture and separation.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange
ICE2012: Fossil Fuels & CCS (T4G)

Holly M. Krutka
Email: hkrutka@yahoo.com

Joeri Denayer
Email: joeri.denayer@vub.ac.be

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12:30 PM
(269a) Remarkable CO2 Uptakes in MOFs Whilst in the Presence of Water Vapor
Philip L. Llewellyn, Estelle Lenoir and Christelle Vagner

12:48 PM

1:42 PM
(269e) On the Mechanism of Morphological Enhancement of CaO by Hydration
Zhenchao Sun, Hao Chi, Pengpeng Qi and Liang-Shih Fan

2:00 PM
(269f) Flame Synthesized CaO Based Sorbents for CO2 Capture – Influence of Metal Ions As Dopants
Rajesh Koirala, Krishna Reddy Gunugunuri and Panagiotis Smirniotis
File available
2:36 PM
(269h) Sorption of Carbon Dioxide On Binderless Beads of 13X Zeolite
José A. C. Silva, Alirio Egidio Rodrigues and Kistin Schumman
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