322 Advances in Algal Biorefineries II

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
335 (Convention Center )
Algal biorefineries offer significant potential for future supply of oils, protein, and carbohydrates for fuels and chemicals without impacting food supplies. This session will explore advances in products and processes based on microalgal cultivation. Papers demonstrating the sound application of core scientific and engineering principles will be favored.

Sustainable Biorefineries
Bioengineering (15c), Topical A: Systems Biology (TA), ICE 2012: Biorefinery Technologies for Forest Based Lignocellulosic Biomass (T4A), ICE2012: BioFuels (T4F), Topical B: 2nd Annual World Congress on Sustainable Engineering (TB)

Stephen Dufreche
Email: dufreche@louisiana.edu

Belinda S.M. Sturm
Email: bmcswain@ku.edu

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