619 Catalyst Deactivation II

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 8:30 AM
315 (Convention Center )
This session will focus on measuring and characterizing catalyst degradation, determining degradation modes, modeling deactivation and predicting catalyst performance and characteristics after deactivation. Presentations are expected to include discussion of new deactivation characterization tools; surface characterization of catalysts describing surface chemistry and reaction mechanism changes; novel experiments evaluating deactivation effects on the reaction mechanism and performance; and development of models predicting deactivation effects.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

William Epling
Email: wsepling@central.uh.edu

Fan Shi
Email: fan.shi@netl.doe.gov

8:30 AM
(619a) Cu Siting in Zeolite SCR Catalysts: An EPR Study
Sergio A. Gómez and Gustavo A. Fuentes

8:50 AM
(619b) Deactivation Modes of a Field-Aged Urea SCR Fe Zeolite Catalyst
Joshua L. Ratts, John R. Owen, W. Damion Williams and Ling Deng

9:10 AM
(619c) Study of Deactivation and Coke Formation Over Zeolite Catalyst During JP8 Reforming
Sungtak Kim, John E. Bedenbaugh, Salim Shahriar and Jochen Lauterbach

9:30 AM
(619d) Sintering of Copper-Based Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis From Carbon Dioxide
Sittichai Natesakhawat, Victor Abdelsayed, Paul R. Ohodnicki Jr., Bret H. Howard, Jonathan W. Lekse, John P. Baltrus, Xingyi Deng and Christopher Matranga
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