503 Materials for Batteries, Capacitors, and Energy Storage I

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 12:30 PM
Cambria East (Westin )
This session will cover advances in energy storage devices including batteries and capacitors. Of particular interest are studies dealing with the synthesis and processing of new active materials or, the characterization of material and cell performance.

Electronics and Photonics
ICE2012: Alternative Energy & Enabling Technologies (T4E)

Matthew J. Panzer
Email: matthew.panzer@tufts.edu

Charles W. Monroe
Email: cwmonroe@umich.edu

12:30 PM
(503a) High Capacity Lithium Rich Metal Oxide Cathodes with Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Conductive Additives for Lithium Ion Batteries
Matthew J. Ganter, Reginald E. Rogers Jr., Roberta A. DiLeo, Olivia N. Matthew, Michael W. Forney, Jason W. Staub and Brian J. Landi

1:04 PM
(503c) Nitride-Rich Silicon Anodes for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
Rhet Joseph De Guzman, Jinho Yang, Mark Cheng, Steven O. Salley and K. Y. Simon Ng

1:38 PM

1:52 PM
(503e) Nanostructured and Amorphous Silicon Composites: Reversible High Capacity Lithium-Ion Anodes
Rigved Epur, Faith Beck, Moni Kanchan Datta, Ayyakkannu Manivannan and Prashant Kumta

2:09 PM
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