384 Thermophysical Properties and Phase Behavior II

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
412 (Convention Center )
Experimental and theoretical contributions to the general field of thermodynamic properties and phase behavior are encouraged, including those that introduce novel experimental or modeling techniques. The topic and style of the presentations should be consistent with the broader audience of this session.

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties

Francisco R. Hung
Email: frhung@lsu.edu

Neeraj Rai
Email: nrai@nd.edu

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3:15 PM
(384a) Phase Behavior of Gases in Ionic Liquids
Mark B. Shiflett and Akimichi Yokozeki

3:33 PM
(384b) Pure and Mixture Thermophysical Properties and Phase Behavior of Lipidic Ionic Liquids
Kevin N. West, James H. Davis Jr., John R. McCabe, Ali AL-Hashem, T. Kyle Zimlich, Arsalan Mirjafari and Richard A. O'Brien

3:51 PM
(384c) Thermophysical and Electrochemical Properties of Self-Assembling Amphiphilic Ionic Liquids
Sitaraman Krishnan, Janice Losenge Lebga, Lin Wu, John B. McLaughlin, Simon Rock and Dipankar Roy
File available
4:09 PM
(384d) Determination of Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficients in Ionic Liquids by Capillary Gas Chromatography
Qianqian Xu, Baogen Su, Xinyi Luo, Huabin Xing, Zongbi Bao, Yiwen Yang and Qilong Ren

4:45 PM

5:03 PM
(384g) Thermodynamics of Electrolyte-Containing Solutions and Aerosols
Cari S. Dutcher, Xinlei Ge, Anthony S. Wexler and Simon L. Clegg

5:21 PM
(384h) Thermodynamics of Pharmaceutical Systems
Gabriele Sadowski, Anke Prudic and Jan Cassens
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