448 Protein Structure, Function, and Stability II

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:30 AM
Washington (Westin )
We invite submissions pertaining to protein structure, function, and stability. Studies may include structural or functional analysis, engineering of new proteins, analysis of protein conformational and colloidal stability, mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding, and mechanisms of protein degradation via physical and chemical routes. Reports relevant to other biotechnological products are also welcome.


Joel L. Kaar
Email: joel.kaar@colorado.edu

Michelle A. O'Malley
Email: momalley@engineering.ucsb.edu

8:48 AM
(448h) A Zipper-Like Mechanism Steers the Recognition of Cyanobacterial Split Inteins
Mirco Sorci, Bareket Dassa, Shmuel Pietrokovski, Marlene Belfort and Georges Belfort

9:42 AM

10:00 AM
(448f) NMR Characterization of an Engineered Allosteric Enzyme
Abigail H. Laurent, Yuchao Chen, Luke Arbogast, Jason Labonte, Ananya Majumdar, Jeffrey J. Gray, Joel Tolman and Marc Ostermeier

10:36 AM
(448b) Acyl Carrier Protein Structural Classification and Normal Mode Analysis
David C. Cantu, Michael J. Forrester, Katherine Charov and Peter J. Reilly