578 Nanoscale Structure in Polymers II

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 3:15 PM
Butler East (Westin )
We invite papers that describe recent developments in synthesis, characterization and processing of nanostructured polymeric materials. Experimental papers describing the dynamics at the nanoscale are especially welcome. The nanostructured polymers could be multi-layered materials, polymer blends, block copolymers, or liquid-crystalline polymers.

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (22)

Gila Stein
Email: gestein@uh.edu

Keith M. Forward
Email: kforward@mit.edu

3:15 PM

4:05 PM
(578c) Dielectric Relaxation of Tethered Polyisoprene in Nanoscale
Sung A Kim, Praveen Agarwal and Lynden A. Archer

4:45 PM
(578e) Self-Assembly of Polystyrene-Polyisoprene STAR Copolymers
Juan Pablo Hinestrosa, S. Michael Kilbey and Jamie Messman

5:05 PM
(578f) Super Gas Barrier of All-Polymer Layer-by-Layer Assemblies
Laura Bolling, You-Hao Yang, Merid Haile, Frank A. Malek and Jaime C. Grunlan

5:25 PM
(578g) Mesocellular Phenol Formaldehyde Foams: Synthesis, Characterization and Lysozyme Adsorption Study
Manasa Sridhar, Krishna Reddy Gunugunuri, Naiping Hu, Dale W. Schaefer, Stephen W. Thiel and Panagiotis Smirniotis
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