Student Poster Session: General Papers

Monday, October 29, 2012: 10:00 AM
Hall B (Convention Center )
One of nine student poster sessions.
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ALD Manufactured Films: A Systematic Study
Michael Schaefer, Kathleen Baumback and Mason A Chilmonczyk

Investigation of Particle-Level Structures in Oil and Aqueous Suspensions
Bradley Lyons, Diana M. Liévano and Joseph J. McCarthy

Origami Folding of Polymer Sheets in Response to Light
Brandi Shaw, Ying Liu, Jan Genzer and Michael D. Dickey

Desalination of Water Using Distillation
Sumbal Khalid and Hadia Masood

The Directed Alignment of Functionalized Nanowires Relative to Chemical Patterns
Katherine A. Brune, Cameron Holder and Mary E. Anderson

Kinetics of Dyeing Cotton Fabric with Fusticwood
Xingjian Ma and Polly R. Piergiovanni

Effect of Particle Shape On Just Suspended Impeller Speed
Steven Boesch, Daniel Cendo, Matthew DiMattesa, Arthur W. Etchells III and Robert P. Hesketh
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