Student Poster Session: Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology

Monday, October 29, 2012: 10:00 AM
Hall B (Convention Center )
One of nine student poster sessions.
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Computational Assessment of Cardiac Hypertrophy in Zebrafish
Daniel Spagnolo, Shannon Quinn, Lawrence Vernetti and Chakra Chennubhotla

Development of a Controlled Release Ocular Insert for Brimonidine Tartrate
Joshua Mealy, Morgan Fedorchak and Steven R. Little

Analyzing the Release Kinetics of "Sticky" Peptides From PLGA (Poly(lactic-co-glycolic) Acid) Microspheres
Andrew C. Zmolek, Stephen C. Balmert, Andrew J. Glowacki, Sam N. Rothstein and Steven R. Little

Novel Graphene Paper Sensors: Detection and Sensitivity Parameters
Amy K. Sieloff, Adrienne R. Minerick, Julia A. King, Warren F. Perger, Hiroyuki Fukishima, Jeffri Narendra and Caryn L. Heldt

Cell Adhesion As a Function of LCST, Comparing Pnipam to A Novel Thermoresponsive Substrate
Ashley Kaminski, Tyler Fruneaux, Kevin Ling and Lauren S. Anderson

Characterization of Lipid Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for siRNA Delivery
Eily M. Cournoyer, Geoffrey D. Bothun and Niall G. Howlett

Performance of Enzymatic Biofuel Cells in Series
Sarah Stephenson and David W. Schmidtke

Microsphere Formation Using Peptoids
Florencio Serrano Castillo and Charles Young

Validation and Optimization of Porcine Adipose Tissue Scaffolds
Kevin Roehm, Jessica Hornberger, Paige Cloud and Sundararajan Madihally

Substrate Specificity and Stability of a Novel Alginate Lyase From Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia
Liam T. Smith, Logan MacDonald, Emily L. Wong and Bryan W. Berger

The Effects of Ethanol On Regenerative Capabilities of Planarian Flatworms As a Model for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Jonathan Soong, Brittany Arnold, Michael Avery, Daniel Beach, Robert D. Cusack, Jesse R. Lowe and Mary M. Staehle

The Solubility of the Corn Protein Zein in Ionic Liquids Compared to Conventional Solvents
Christian Kehr, Sean Tomlinson, John R. Schlup and Jennifer L. Anthony

Synthesis and Purification of N-LfB6
Edward Jenner and Shannon L. Servoss

Manipulation of Lipid Bilayer Structure and Phase Behavior Through Embedded Hydrophobic Nanoparticles
Julia Roder-Hanna, Gregory Von White II, Yanjing Chen, Geoffrey D. Bothun and Christopher L. Kitchens

NIR Spectroscopy and Chemical Imaging of Low Concentration Blends
Patricia Alvarado, Rodolfo Romaņach, Jackeline Jerez and Gianie Roman

A Comparison of Estrogenic Properties of Small Molecules Across Several Species Using Biosensors
Angela Chen, Lily Glick, Derek Reichel, Jeevan Baretto and David W. Wood

High-Throughput Screening System for the Determination of Estrogenic Properties of Iccvam-Recommended Compounds
Derek Reichel, Lily Glick, Angela Chen, Brian Saunders, Elif Miskioglu and David W. Wood

PMMA+Budesonide Particles Produced with the Supercritical Antisolvent Precipitation Process
Lara E. Tucci, Rajeshwar B. Chinnawar, Matthew J. LaChance, Christopher B. Roberts and Steve R. Duke

Preparation of Multi-Modal Membranes for Protein Chromatography
Stephen A. Giles, Juan Wang and Scott M. Husson

Measuring Cell Circularity and Spreading On Thermoresponsive Surfaces
Tyler Fruneaux, Ashley Kaminski and Lauren S. Anderson

Intracellular Uptake and Distribution of Block-Copolymer Cross-Linked Nanoassemblies
Stella Shin, Pengxiao Cao, Amber Jerke, Thomas Dziubla and Younsoo Bae

Pattern Recognition and Quantification of Chemical Agent Simulant in Bottles Using 488 Nm Probe Optic Fiber Raman Spectroscopy
Amanda Figueroa, Nataly Galan, Yanh Pacheco, William Ortiz, Leonardo Pacheco and Samuel Hernandez

Effect of Valproic Acid On the Migration of HB1.F3 Neural Stem Cells
Yangzi Tian, Monika Polewski and Karen Aboody

Directional Migration and Cytoskeletal Organization in Human Neutrophils
Branden Kusanto, Asako Itakura, Robert H. Insall and Ojt McCarty
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