Student Poster Session: Environmental

Monday, October 29, 2012: 10:00 AM
Hall B (Convention Center )
One of nine student poster sessions.
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Zwitterion-Functionalized CNTs for Efficient Desalination
Michael Taylor, Wai Fong Chan, Hang-yan Chen, Anil Surapathi, Eva Marand and J. Karl Johnson

Aerosol Emissions From Vegetation
Erica Brado, Timothy Raymond and Dabrina Dutcher

Fe(II) Catalyzed Electron Transfer and Atom Exchange in Goethite
Jonathan Bachman, Drew Latta, Michelle Scherer and Kevin Rosso

Impact of Hydrogel Content On Water Retention in Soil Micromodels
Emily M. Anderson, Andrea L. Kadilak, Jessica F. Chau, Reed A. Goodwin, Daniel J. Gage and Leslie M. Shor

Bioremediation of the Gulf Coast with Mushrooms and Microbes
Audrey Oldenkamp and Dr. Skip Rochefort

Non-Metal Doping of TiO2 to Increase Photocatalytic Degradation of Pollutants
Jay Y. Westcott IV, Christopher L. Muhich and Charles B. Musgrave

Sediment Fingerprinting in the Lake Macatawa Watershed
Evelyn Ritter, Daniel J. Callam and Graham F. Peaslee

Why Size Matters: Quantizing Size Distribution for Adsorption Studies 

Sierra Garbett, Milad Esfahani and Holly A. Stretz

Novel Efficient Microbial Fuel Cell Anodes Using Activated Carbon Nanofiber Nonwoven
Radhe Patel, Seetha S. Manickam, Udayarka Karra and Jeffrey R. McCutcheon
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