752 Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 3:15 PM
331 (Convention Center )
We accept experimental, theoretical, and computational contributions associated with the environmental applications and implications of biotechnology at the fundamental level. Relevant topics include (but not limited) to: (a): uses of biotechnology in wastewater treatment (b): uses of biotechnology in the production of biofuels (c): uses of biotechnology in hydrogen production and carbon sequestration

Food, Pharmaceutical & Bioengineering Division (15)

Wen Zhou
Email: wzhou1@mtu.edu

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3:15 PM
(752a) Bioremediation of Oil Spill From Oil Exploration Site Using Microbial Consortia
Bina Singh Sr., Priyangshu M. Sarma Sr., Ajoy K. Mandal and Banwari Lal

3:35 PM
(752b) Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Global Regulation of Lignocellulolytic Enzymes within Anaerobic Fungi
Michelle A. O'Malley, Diego Borges-Rivera, Dawn A. Thompson, Michael K. Theodorou, Chris A. Kaiser and Aviv Regev

4:35 PM

4:55 PM
(752f) Biodegradation of Carbon Tetrachloride in Laboratory Flow Channels
Sathishkumar Santharam, Larry Davis and Larry Erickson
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