580 Novel Biological Technologies for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 3:15 PM
330 (Convention Center )
The biological treatment of industrial wastewater has been a used as a method of treating multiple wastewaters generated from various industrial sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper. This treatment mode is cost effective where physico-chemical methods are either not successful or uneconomical. Anaerobic treatment, when feasible is known to be energy efficient and can generate biogas for use in boilers or electricity production. Recently there have been new significant developments in both the design and operation of aerobic and anaerobic treatment processes, as well as the successful application of biological processes for treating wastewaters containing nitrogen and phosphorus. This session will contain papers which present some of these novel bio-processes, and examine their advantages in terms of process efficiencies and economic benefits.

Environmental Division (09), Sustainability (09g), Food, Pharmaceutical & Bioengineering Division (15), Separations Division (02), Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)

Ajit Ghorpade
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Eoin Syron
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