417 Developing Products and Resource Recovery from Industrial Process Waters and Wastewaters

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:30 AM
331 (Convention Center )
Industrial wastewater management practices traditionally involve some form of physical-chemical or biological end-of-pipe treatment of all process and wastewaters combined to meet regulated treated-water quality parameters. Driven by rising energy, raw materials and waste disposal costs on one hand, and more and more complex and stringent regulations on the other hand, novel more sustainable environmental management schemes are emerging combining at-source process water treatments to recover energy and by-products with optimized end-of-pipe solutions. In this paradigm-shift, products and resources recovery opportunities become an important component of the overall wastewaters management scheme, while meeting environmental regulations in a more sustainable, reliable and cost effective way. This session seeks presentations that describe fundamentals, new applications and novel process developments for product and resource recovery from industrial processes in order to minimize their environmental impact. Examples include, but are not limited to, recoveries of acid/base, organic solvents, salts, and any valuable process byproducts. Papers discussing improvements of existing product and resource recovery processes are welcome. Specific feasibility case-studies and overall economic analyses on novel processes are particularly of interest.

Environmental Division (09), Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)

Hervé Buisson
Email: hervé.buisson@veoliawater.com

Yujun Liu
Email: liuy@dow.com

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9:00 AM
(417b) Development of An Adsorbent Derived From Concrete Sludge for Phosphorus Recovery From Waste Water
Akihiro Yamasaki, Takeshi Sasaki, Atsushi Iizuka and Yukio Yanagisawa

9:25 AM
File available
9:50 AM
(417d) UV-Radiation Through DC-Corona Discharge and Wastewater Treatment
Muhammad suleman Tahir, Mahmood Saleem, Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, J. R. rabbani Khan and M. Siebenhofer
File available
10:40 AM
(417f) Development of a Process for Purification of High Tds Copper Mine Pool Water
Annie Lane, Paul J Usinowicz, Bruce Monzyk, Rick Peterson and Todd Beers
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