378 Recent Advances in Membrane-Based Brine Minimization Technologies

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
331 (Convention Center )
A change is required in membrane-based treatment approaches to look at the challenges and discover innovative technological solutions to increase water recovery as well as to manage the waste/reject efficiently. This is especially important for industries which are the large consumers of water resources. This session will cover cutting edge technologies pertaining to increased recovery and efficient brine management. Papers which focus on the sharing of experiences through case studies are encouraged.

Environmental Division (09), Sustainability (09g), Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)

Brad Biagini
Email: brad.biagini@veoliawater.com

Tom Davis
Email: tadavis2@utep.edu

Lucy Mar Camacho
Email: lucy.camacho@tamuk.edu

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3:45 PM
(378b) Demonstration of Zero Discharge Desalination Technology for Concentrate Management
Tom Davis, Brad Biagini, Malynda A. Cappelle, Bernie Mack, Lawrence Jessup, Holly Johnson and Emily Gilbert
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