636 Fundamentals of Electrochemical Energy Storage: A Tutorial Session

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 8:30 AM
410 (Convention Center )
Fundamentals of electrochemical energy storage in systems like electrochemical capacitors, stationary batteries and flow batteries are the focus of this tutorial session. Presentations will be by invited experts in the area.

Electrochemical Fundamentals
Alternative Energy and Fuel Cells (07F), Emerging Energy Processes (07C), Interfacial Transport (07C), Transport and Energy Processes (07), Engineering Sciences and Fundamentals (01), Transport Processes (01d), Alternate Fuels and New Technology (16D), Materials Engineering and Sciences Division (08), Polymers (08A), ICE 2012: Hydrogen Production and Storage (T4C)

Trung V. Nguyen
Email: cptvn@ku.edu

J.W. Van Zee
Email: vanzee@cec.sc.edu

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