290 Mineralization

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 12:30 PM
301 (Convention Center )
This symposium will cover several aspects of CO2 mineralization, including CO2 storage using materials, such as precast concrete, Portland cement, carbonates & bicarbonates, and other industrial wastes or by-products, as well as novel manufacturing practices utilizing CO2 for extraction and processing. Topics include, but are not be limited to: Iron and steelmaking slags, dusts, mill scale, or swarf Cement waste Mining and mineral processing wastes Ash Paper mill waste Other industrial wastes Novel manufacturing applications (e.g., MgO-based cement production)

CO2 Utilization
ICE2012: Fossil Fuels & CCS (T4G)

Yee Soong
Email: soong@netl.doe.gov

William O'Connor
Email: william.oconnor@netl.doe.gov