206 Crystallization Process Development

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 8:30 AM
Oakmont (Omni )
Crystallization is an important unit operation in the chemical industry, especially in the isolation and purification of pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals. However, developing a crystallization process is a challenging problem in itself. The mixture to be separated often involves multiple components, and it is crucial that the solids are consistently obtained in the right polymorphic forms, compounds, adducts, or solvates. The particles need to be in the right size distribution in order to avoid problems such as difficult filtration or high residual impurity content. This session is open to contributions related to theoretical as well as practical approaches to crystallization process development. These include methods, techniques, or tools that can lead to faster and better development of crystallization processes, as well as real-life case studies or examples on how crystallization processes are developed. Papers which describe the design and operation of batch or continuous crystallization processes are particularly encouraged.

Process Research and Innovation
Crystallization and Evaporation (02B)

Seth Huggins
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Greg Sukay
Email: gsukay@amgen.com

8:30 AM

8:55 AM
(206b) Amine-Functionalized Metal-Organic Framework Crystallization Process Design
Paul M. Schoenecker, Grace A. Belancik, Bogna Grabicka, William J. Koros and Krista S. Walton

9:20 AM
(206c) The Role of Meso-Mixing in Anti-Solvent Crystallization Processes
Des O'Grady, Mark Barrett, Brian Glennon and Eoin Casey

10:35 AM
(206f) Continuous Crystallization Process Development
Haitao Zhang, Justin Quon, James M.B. Evans, Allan S. Myerson and Bernhardt L. Trout
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