156 Nanotechnology in Medicine and Drug Delivery I

Monday, October 29, 2012: 3:15 PM
Allegheny III (Westin )
Advances in nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology, bionanotechnology, and nanomedicine hold significant promise to play vital roles in the diagnostic and treatment of human disease. This session is focused on these advances for drug delivery and medicinal applications. Both fundamental and applied studies are welcome.


Leonard F. Pease III
Email: pease@eng.utah.edu

3:33 PM
(156b) Functionalization of Novel Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Adjuvants to Promote Pathogen-Mimicking Characteristics
Yashdeep Phanse, Brenda R. Carrillo-Conde, Amanda Ramer-Tait, Rajarshi Roychoudhuri, Scott Broderick, Nichola Pohl, Krishna Rajan, Balaji Narasimhan, Michael J. Wannemuehler and Bryan H. Bellaire

4:09 PM
(156d) An Investigation of the Pulmonary and Systemic Persistence of Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Vaccine Formulations
Kathleen A. Ross, Shannon Haughney, Lucas Huntimer, Latrisha Petersen, Amanda Ramer-Tait, Michael J. Wannemuehler and Balaji Narasimhan

4:27 PM

5:21 PM
(156h) Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Targeted to the Tumor Vasculature for the Treatment of Breast Cancer
Brent D. Van Rite, Luis F. F. Neves, Whitney Prickett, Antonietta Restuccia, Daniel Resasco and Roger Harrison