133 Composite Interfaces

Monday, October 29, 2012: 3:15 PM
Cambria East (Westin )
This session invites contributions dealing with interfaces of composite materials. Interfaces between the matrix and fillers are critical in composite materials as interfaces largely determine properties of composites materials. Novel characterization techniques and analytical methods, including chemical and electron spectroscopy and microscopy, are welcome. Studies on unique properties arising from interface and modeling on interfaces are also encouraged to submit. The pioneering applications to utilize the composite interfaces in different fields are particularly invited to present.


Mitra Yoonessi
Email: mitra.yoonessi@gmail.com

Scott A. Gold
Email: Scott.Gold@notes.udayton.edu

3:15 PM
(133a) The Effect of Particle Structure and Formulation On the Protection of Photosensitive Molecules
Kristin Gilida Steeley, Samie Leigh, Kenneth Morabito, Dapeng Li, Paul Calvert, Charlene M. Mello, Anubhav Tripathi and Nina C. Shapley

3:37 PM

3:59 PM
(133c) Magnetic Epoxy-Magnetite Nanocomposites
Hongbo Gu, Yudong Huang, Suying Wei and Zhanhu Guo

5:27 PM
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