425 High Throughput Technologies

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:30 AM
Somerset East (Westin )
The High Throughput Technologies session invites presentations on the latest developments in (1) experimental approaches for measuring high- dimensional data from large number of samples or on genome-scale data sets, (2) computational approaches to automate analysis of such data sets, and (3) application of such approaches to key biomedical systems relevant in biotechnology, disease understanding and therapeutic development. Examples include but are not limited to: novel screening assays for drug discovery and development, next-next-gen high- throughput gene expression measurements, proteomics of large number of samples, etc.

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science

Kaushal Rege
Email: krege@asu.edu

Mark P. Styczynski
Email: Mark.Styczynski@chbe.gatech.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

8:48 AM
(425b) High Throughput Genetic Screens of C. Elegans with Microfluidics and Computer Vision
Adriana San Miguel Delgadillo, Matthew Crane, Peri Kurshan, Kang Shen and Hang Lu

9:06 AM
(425c) Live-Cell Screens for Studying Regulatory Networks in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation
Roshan Padmashali, Mao-Shih Liang, Panagiotis Mistriotis and Stelios T. Andreadis

9:24 AM
(425d) Scaling Down the Size and Increasing the Throughput of Glycosyltransferase Assays: Activity Changes On Stem Cell Differentiation
Shilpa A. Patil, E. V. Chandrasekaran, Khushi L. Matta, Abhirath Parikh, Emmanuel S. Tzanakakis and Sriram Neelamegham

9:42 AM
(425e) The p53Pro72Arg Polymorphism Specifies a Balance Between Stem Cell Renewal and Cancer Progression
Marc R. Birtwistle, Emily Cloessner, Josephine Tidwell, Megan Clendenning and Philip Buckhaults

10:18 AM
(425g) Quantitative Profiling of Active Transcription Factors in Parallel
Betul Bilgin, Li Liu, Christina Chan and S. Patrick Walton

10:36 AM
(425h) High-Throughput Production of HIV-Specific Antibodies Identified Via Microengraving in the Yeast Pichia Pastoris
Timothy J. Politano, Brittany A. Thomas, Sangram Bagh, Kerry Routenberg Love and J. Christopher Love