18 Cell Biomechanics

Monday, October 29, 2012: 8:30 AM
Somerset East (Westin )
This session invites contributions in the area of cell mechanics. Topics include measurement of cellular mechanical properties, cytoskeletal mechanics, cellular response to mechanical cues and modulation of cell mechanical properties by external stimuli. Of interest, but not limited to, is the manner in which cells react to biomaterial-related properties, but of greater interest is whether or not these biomaterial properties can be engineered to control or guide cell behavior.

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science

Kris Noel Dahl
Email: kndahl@andrew.cmu.edu

Richard Dickinson
Email: dickinso@ufl.edu

8:48 AM
(18b) Nuclear Mechanics of VEGF-Stimulated Endothelial Cells
Stephen T. Spagnol, James S. Weltz and Kris Noel Dahl

9:06 AM
(18c) Control of Dorsal Ruffle Dynamics in Cells Through Substrate Stiffness
Yukai Zeng, Tanny Lai, Philip R. LeDuc and Keng Hwee Chiam

9:24 AM
(18d) Cell Shape Regulates Myofibroblast Activation
Joseph O'Connor and Esther W. Gomez

9:42 AM

10:00 AM
(18e) 3D Traction Force Microscopy in Fibrin Gels
Arjun S. Adhikari, Natascha Leijnse and Alexander R. Dunn

10:18 AM

10:54 AM
(18h) Migratory Single Cell Force Measurements Using Deformable Suspended Nanofiber Networks
Kevin Sheets, Puja Sharma, Ji Wang, Brian Koons, Tim O'Brien, Bahareh Behkam and Amrinder S. Nain