123 Advanced Mixed Matrix Membranes for Separation.

Monday, October 29, 2012: 3:15 PM
401 (Convention Center )
Sustainable development of human society depends on adequate supplies of water. In areas where high quality water supplies are limited, water desalination and recycling are often needed. Among various techniques for water purification, membrane technology has been increasingly explored because it can be adapted to treat a wide range of waters for different purposes. The key issue in the membrane treatment is the control of operational costs and energy consumption, which is closely tied to water permeability, salt/contaminant rejection, and increasing membrane fouling with treatment time. Membrane processes are also widely applied in industry for product purification and waste treatment. In this session, papers on the fabrication and application of mixed matrix membrane for water purification as well as other industrial applications are solicited. In particular, we encourage submission of papers on the mixed matrix membranes containing novel materials such as nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, graphene, aquaporins, molecular sieves, and mesoporous materials.

Membrane-Based Separations
Water (09B), Separations Division (02)

Baolin Deng
Email: dengb@missouri.edu

Chuyang Y. Tang
Email: cytang@ntu.edu.sg

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4:21 PM
(123d) Mixed-Matrix Membranes with Zeolite-Like MOFs for CO2/CH4 Separation
Ayse Kiliç, Cigdem Atalay-Oral, Ahmet Sirkecioglu, S. Birgül Tantekin-Ersolmaz and M. Göktug Ahunbay

4:43 PM
(123e) Aquaporin Based Biomimetic Membranes
Chuyang Y. Tang, Yang Zhao, Changquan Qiu, Xuesong Li, Ardcharaporn Vararattanavech, Wenmin Shen, Jaume Torres, Claus Hélix Nielsen, Xiao Hu, Rong Wang and Anthony G. Fane

5:27 PM
(123g) Carbon Nanotube-Polyamide Nanocomposite Membrane for Water Desalination
Hang-yan Chen, Wai Fong Chen, Anil Surapathi, Eva Marand, J. Karl Johnson, De-Li Chen and Xiao-hong Shao
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