604 Poster Session: Systems and Process Design

Monday, October 29, 2012: 6:00 PM
Hall B (Convention Center )
This is the general poster session for CAST 10A - Systems and Process Design. All contributions in the areas of process/product design and analysis will be considered.

Systems and Process Design

Mario Richard Eden
Email: edenmar@auburn.edu

Ajay Lakshmanan
Email: ajay.lakshmanan@aspentech.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(604a) Synthesis of Biorefinery Systems for Lignocellulosic Biorenewables
Karthik Ramadoss, Wenkai Li, Iftekar A. Karimi and Pui Kwan Wong

(604b) Optimization of Product Formulations Using Multivariate Analysis and Property Clustering
Subin Hada, Robert Herring III, J. Colin Haser, Nishanth G. Chemmangattuvalappil and Mario Richard Eden

(604c) Systematic Incorporation of 2D, 3D and Electrostatic Characterization in Molecular Design
J. Colin Haser, Robert Herring III, Subin Hada, Nishanth G. Chemmangattuvalappil and Mario Richard Eden

(604e) A Systematic Approach for Conceptual and Sustainable Process Design: Production of Cumene
Sofie Thage Morthensen, Naia Wright, Diogo Sebastiao and Deenesh K. Babi

(604g) A Multidimensional Population Balance Model for Growth and Dissolution Identified From a Designed Temperature-Cycling Experiment
Mo Jiang, Xiaoxiang Zhu, Mark Molaro, Michael L. Rasche, Davide M. Raimondo, Kwang-Ki Kim, Haitao Zhang, Keith Chadwick, Lifang Zhou, Zhilong Zhu, Minhao Wong, Des O'Grady, Dominique Hebrault, John Tedesco and Richard D. Braatz

(604i) Tailoring Ionic Liquids for Optimal CO2 Capture
Amirhossein Mehrkesh and Arunprakash T. Karunanithi

(604j) A Molecular Signature Based Approach for the Design of Reactive Systems
Nishanth G. Chemmangattuvalappil, Vikrant Dev and Mario Richard Eden

(604l) Multi-Objective Optimization in Industrial Chemical Process Development by Navigation On Pareto Fronts
Andreas Scheithauer, Jakob Burger, Norbert Asprion, Sergej Blagov, Roger Böttcher, Oliver Ryll, Richard Welke, Agnes Dittel, Uwe Nowak, Michael Bortz, Karl-Heinz Küfer and Hans Hasse

(604o) Indirect Carbon (CO) PEM Fuel Cell
Gifty Osei-Prempeh, Asad Davari, Ali Manesh, Farshid Zabihian and Kamran Rostami
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