508 Modeling and Control of Polymer Processes

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 12:30 PM
324 (Convention Center )
This session will provide a forum for the discussion of the challenges facing academic researchers and industrial practitioners in the field of modeling and control of polymerization processes. Speakers will discuss the underlying driving forces that characterize these class of process control problems and will describe the design and implementation of state-of-the-art modeling and control strategies for several representative polymerization processes. Speakers will also discuss the use of process models to gain insights into the design of appropriate control strategies for polymer processes.

Systems and Process Control

John P. Congalidis
Email: John.P.Congalidis@usa.dupont.com

John R. Richards
Email: John.R.Richards@usa.dupont.com

12:35 PM
(508a) Dynamic Modeling and Recipe Optimization of Semibatch Polymerization Processes
Yisu Nie, Lorenz Biegler, Carlos M. Villa and John Wassick

1:15 PM
(508c) Modelling of High-Pressure Ethylene Polymerization – From Reactor to Rheology
Thomas Herrmann, Markus Busch, Dieter Lilge, Gerd Mannebach and Iakovos Vittorias

1:55 PM
(508e) Kinetics of Mechanisms of Chain Transfer to Polymer Reactions in Alkyl Acrylates: A Theoretical Study
Nazanin Moghadam, Masoud Soroush, Shi Liu, Andrew M. Rappe, Michael C. Grady and Sriraj Srinivasan

2:35 PM
(508g) Frame Invariance in the Simulation of Single Screw Extruder
Florian Habla, Stephan Obermeier, Matthias Steib and Olaf Hinrichsen
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