200 Colloidal Hydrodynamics II

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 8:30 AM
409 (Convention Center )
This session will focus on phenomena of microscopic and macroscopic hydrodynamics in colloidal suspensions. Contributions of interest include, but are not limited to, phenomena involving the coupling of fluid dynamics with Brownian motion, inter-particle forces, and external fields.

Fluid Mechanics

Carlos Rinaldi
Email: carlos.rinaldi@upr.edu

Jacinta C. Conrad
Email: jcconrad@uh.edu

9:00 AM
(200b) Dynamics of a Janus Droplet in An External Flow
Ubaldo Cordova, Misael Diaz, Andrey Ivantsov and Sergey Shklyaev

9:30 AM
(200d) Electrostatic Charge Shuttles As Chemically Powered Colloidal Motors
Aaron M. Drews, Hee Young Lee and Kyle J. M. Bishop

10:00 AM

10:30 AM
(200h) Elastic Recoil of Flexible Colloidal Chains
Julie E. Byrom and Sibani Lisa Biswal

10:45 AM
(200i) Brownian Motion of Stiff Filaments in Confined Media
Nikta Fakhri, Frederick C. MacKintosh, Brahim Lounis, Laurent Cognet and Matteo Pasquali
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