393 Poster Session: Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 6:00 PM
Hall B (Convention Center )
We seek posters of high quality addressing fundamental science and engineering issues associated with nanoscale science, engineering and technology. The poster session will be judged, and student awards will be given to the best three posters.

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum

Dr. J. Zach Hilt
Email: hilt@engr.uky.edu

Venkata K. K. Upadhyayula
Email: Upadhyayula.Venkata@epa.gov

Reginald E. Rogers Jr.
Email: reginald.rogers@rit.edu

Yue Wu
Email: yuewu@purdue.edu

Doh Change Lee
Email: dclee@kaist.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(393ab) Facilitating Seed Germination by a Novel Method Using Nanoparticle Electrospray
Gang Wu, Li Huang, Jennifer Head, Da-Ren Chen and Yinjie J. Tang

(393ag) Aerosol Manufacturing of Plasmonic Biosensors with Nanosilver Structures
Georgios A. Sotiriou, Christoph O. Blattmann and Sotiris E. Pratsinis

(393am) Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Biomedical Evaluation of Paclitaxel
Ran Lin, Andrew G. Cheetham, Pengcheng Zhang and Honggang Cui

(393ar) Effect of Graphene Oxide On Thermal and Morphological Behavior of Polybenzoxazine Aerogels
Almahdi A Alhwaige, Saeed Alhassan, Tarek Agag, Hatsuo Ishida and Syed Qutubuddin

(393au) Enhancing Photoluminescence Intensity of Quantum Dots in Polymer Matrix by Using Hollow Silica Particles
Hyun Chang Kim, Taegyeong Kang, Cheolsang Yoon, Hyun-Guk Hong, Young-Joo Kim and Kangtaek Lee
File available
(393aw) Phase Equilibrium Prediction of Different Phospholipids in Supercritical CO2 with Ehanol As a Co-Solvent
Luan Ferraz Sr., Ramon Nedia, Islane Santo, Rosana Fialho, Gloria Meyberg and Elaine Cabral-Albuquerque

(393ax) Liquid Ethanol Simulated On Crystalline Alpha Alumina
Anh T. Phan, David R. Cole and Alberto Striolo

(393az) Role of Engineered Nanoparticles in Ultrafiltration of Drinking Water
Milad R.Esfahani, Holly A. Stretz and Martha J. M. Wells

(393bb) Application of Novel Spectroscopy Methods in Electrochemical Studies
Aria Kahyarian, Damilola A. Daramola and Gerardine G. Botte

(393bc) Electronic Platform to Assess Toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes and Associated Cellular Behavior in Real Time
Reem Eldawud, Chenbo Dong, Yon Rojanasakul, Linda M. Sargent and Cerasela Zoica Dinu

(393bd) Magnetic Carbon Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation
Sowjanya B. Rapole, Hongbo Gu, Jiahua Zhu, Suying Wei and Zhanhu Guo

(393be) Magnetic Polymer Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation
Hongbo Gu, Sowjanya B. Rapole, Yudong Huang, Suying Wei and Zhanhu Guo

(393bf) Magnetic Polyolefin-Based Nanocomposites
Qingliang He, Suying Wei and Zhanhu Guo

(393bg) Multifunctional Epoxy Nanocomposites
Xi Zhang, Johnnie Stewart IV, Sowjanya B. Rapole, Suying Wei and Zhanhu Guo

(393bj) Aggregation of Humic Substances: Effects of Filtration
Milad R.Esfahani, Vasanta Pallem, Holly A. Stretz and Martha J. M. Wells

(393m) Self-Assembly of Nanorods in Photosensitive Binary Mixture
Ya Liu, Olga Kuksenok, Egor Maresov and Anna Balazs

(393n) Simulation of Heat Transfer in Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Silica
Khoa N. Bui, Huong Nguyen, Alberto Striolo and Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou

(393r) Multiscale Thermal Transport Model for Nano Scale Graphene Systems
Sesha Hari Vemuri, Young In Jhon, Pil Seung Chung, Lorenz T. Biegler and Myung S. Jhon
File available
(393t) Experimental Study On the Methane Adsorption by Activated Carbons and Metal Organic Frameworks
Narumol Kumpoomee, Boonyarach Kitiyanan, Pramoch Rangsunvigit and Santi Kulprathipanja

(393u) Organic Nanoparticle Deposition in Organosilane Nano-Arrays (Poster)
Sunxi Wang, Pedram Jahanian, Juxhin Xhahysa and Guangzhao Mao

(393w) Exploring the Dispersibility of Gold Nanoparticles in DMSO Using Gas-Expanded Liquid Systems
Jennifer N. Duggan, Pranav S. Vengsarkar and Christopher B. Roberts

(393y) Approximating the Solution to the Master Equation to Simulate Directed Self Assembly of Nanostructures
Sivaraman Ramaswamy, Richard Lakerveld, George Stephanopoulos and Paul I. Barton
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