101 Nanocrystal Science and Technologies

Monday, October 29, 2012: 12:30 PM
Butler West (Westin )
Nanocrystals (NCs) and NC-based materials have gained more and more attention for both fundamental science and applied technologies. The nanocrystals include but not limited to colloidal photoluminescent semiconductor quantum dots, magnetic nanoparticles, and oxide single crystals. The example application areas range from clean and renewable energy (such as photovoltaics and solid-state lightings), nanomedicine (such as bio-labeling, bio-sensing, and drug delivery vehicles), electronics, to environmental monitoring. This session will bring together a multifaceted view of Nanocrystals, a newly emerging field with significant challenges to fundamental research and spectacular opportunities for breakthrough applications. This Nanocrystal session will be aiming at the synthesis- structure-property-application relationships, covering the basic nanoscience and leading-edge nanotechnologies, fostering collective presentations that update the nanocrystal R&D frontiers with high-impact understanding and applications. We solicit contributions about material preparation/engineering/formulation, characterization, and applications.


Ning Wu
Email: ningwu@mines.edu

Michael Z. Hu
Email: hum1@ornl.gov

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