457 Thermophysical Properties of Energetic Materials

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:30 AM
Conference A (Omni )
The focus of the session (03E04) is on theoretical prediction and measurement of thermophysical properties of energetic materials. The properties of explosives and propellant compounds are important for manufacturing and packaging munitions and for predicting and managing any resulting environmental consequences of their use. We encourage you to submit an abstract for presentation at the session.

Transport Processes (01d)

Veera Boddu
Email: veera.boddu@usace.army.mil

Paul Redner
Email: paul.redner@us.army.mil

9:10 AM
(457c) Combustion Dynamics of Aluminum in Turbulent Flows
Amy Corcoran, Vern K. Hoffmann and Edward L. Dreizin

9:30 AM
(457d) Evaluation of Predictive Capabilities for Pyrotechnics Using Different Thermodynamic Software Packages(INVITED)
Jan Puszynski, Paul Redner, Karl Oyler, Christopher Csernica, Jesse Sabatini, Jay Poret, Anthony Shaw, Neha Mehta, Gartung Cheng and Deepak Kapoor
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