388 Particle Technology Forum Poster Session

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 6:00 PM
Hall B (Convention Center )
This session invites presentations related to all aspects of particle technology; Participation from students are ecouraged. The student papers will be judged and the first three best student papers will be acknowledged by PTF and the winners will receive a small prize from PTF.

Particle Technology Forum

Manuk Colakyan
Email: manuk.colakyan@renmatix.com

Ray A. Cocco
Email: ray.cocco@psrichicago.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(388ac) Photocatalytic Activity of the Liquid Flame Spray Generated Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Coating On a Lacquered Metal Surface
Miia Luhtalampi, Mikko Aromaa, Kimmo Lahtonen, Oskari Kangasniemi, Janne Haapanen, Mika Valden and Jyrki M. Mäkelä
File available
(388ae) Effect of Ignition Energy On Dust Explosion Behavior: Phenomena of Under-Driving and Over-Driving
Niansheng Kuai, Weixing Huang, Bing Du, Jingjie Yuan, Zongshan Li, Yuan Gan and Jingyi Tan
File available
(388b) Selective Collection of Fine Particles by Water Drops
Kathika R. Liyanaarachchi, Grant B. Webber and Kevin P. Galvin

(388c) Deposition of Non-Spherical Particles in a Bifurcating Airway
Poom Bunchatheeravate and Jennifer Sinclair Curtis

(388d) Biomass Size Reduction of Microalgae
Rajasekhar Anumolu and Leonard F. Pease III
File available
(388e) Experimental Investigation On the Influence of the Moisture Content On Coal Dust Explosion
Jingjie Yuan, Bing Du, Weixing Huang, Niansheng Kuai and Jingyi Tan

(388g) A New Type of Unimolecular Polymeric Nanoparticle: Janus Double-Brush Copolymers
Yukun Li, Efrosyni Themistou, Jiong Zou, Biswa P. Das, Marina Tsianou and Chong Cheng

(388k) Liquid Distribution in Wet Fluidized Beds
Matthew Girardi, Stefan Radl and Sankaran Sundaresan

(388m) Sphero-Cylindrical Particle Dynamics and Stresses in a Vertical Axis Mixer
Xia Hua, Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, Bruno C. Hancock, William R. Ketterhagen and Carl Wassgren

(388n) Thermite Reaction Based On Nano-Al and Iodine Pentoxide: Ignition and Combustion Characterization
Guoqiang Jian, Snehaunshu Chowdhury, Jingyu Feng and Michael Zachariah
File available
(388p) Biosensing with Plasmonic Silver Nanoparticles
Christoph O. Blattmann, Georgios A. Sotiriou and Sotiris E. Pratsinis

(388t) Gas Phase Synthesis of Nickel Catalyst Nanoparticles Via Atomic Layer Deposition
Troy D. Gould, Alia M. Lubers, J.Will Medlin, Alan W. Weimer and John L. Falconer

(388u) Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation of Sonication-Mediated Particle Interactions
Shu Li, Melissa H. Lash, Steven R. Little and Joseph McCarthy

(388v) Mixing of Solid Particles in Coarse Particle Fluidized Beds
Haihong Fan, Yanxin Chen, Hui Li, Jinhe Fan and Yong Min

(388x) Theoretical and Experimental Study On the Improvement of Powder Bulk Density
Yanxin Chen, Feng Wu, Yaru Hu, Haihong Fan and Yong Min

(388y) Thin Film, Big Difference – Atomic Layer Deposition Functionalized Oxide and Polymer Particles
Staci A. Van Norman, Joseph W. Tringe, John L. Falconer and Alan W. Weimer

(388z) Stabilization of Pt Catalyst Via Deposition of Ultrathin Porous Films
Alan Izar, Sandro Hutter, John L. Falconer and Alan W. Weimer
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