283 Innovations In Drug Delivery Technology I

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 12:30 PM
Allegheny III (Westin )
Novel drug delivery methods are rapidly growing in number and type. Some of the intended areas of improvement, without excluding others, are sustained release, targeted delivery, enhanced absorption/transport, constant and controllable release through implants, pulmonary systemic delivery, advanced transdermal/transmuscular delivery, sublingual and inguinal delivery, peritoneal delivery, remote actuation, and bioavailability enhancement. While many technologies have been in use for decades, effective use of the right method for the application and drug of interest is the grand challenge. The focus of this session is on innovative design of drug delivery devices and/or the development of associated formulations. Topics of special interest are device development, device performance, intentional formulation development for a specific device, issues surrounding the device-formulation integration, and quantification of the device-formulation-tissue interaction. Papers covering experimental results or modeling of device performance are welcome, but those correlating data with theory are of greatest interest.


Basar Bilgicer
Email: bbilgicer@nd.edu

David W. Wood
Email: wood@chbmeng.ohio-state.edu

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12:30 PM
(283a) Biodistribution and Cellular Uptake Upon Intranasal Administration of Monodisperse Biodegradable Particles
Timothy Brenza, Latrisha Petersen, Yanjie Zhang, Lucas Huntimer, Amanda Ramer-Tait, Michael J. Wannemuehler and Balaji Narasimhan

1:10 PM
(283c) Rationally Engineered Nanoparticles for Overcoming Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma
Tanyel Kiziltepe, Jonathan D. Ashley, Jared F. Stefanick, Yu Qi, Nathan J. Alves, Michael W. Handlogten, Mark A. Suckow, Rudolph M. Navari and Basar Bilgicer

1:50 PM
(283e) Preparation of Polymeric Micro- Nano- Spheres Using a Microfluidic Approach for Delivery of Nutraeuticals
Raziye Samimi, Mehrnaz Salarian, Kazi Farida Akhter, Paul A. Charpentier and Edmond Lui

2:10 PM
(283f) A Novel Approach for Transformation of Nanosuspensions Into Polymer Films Containing Nanoparticles
Lucas Sievens-Figueroa, Anagha Bhakay, Ramana Susarla, Jackeline jerez-Rozo, Natasha Pandya, Rodolfo Romaņach, Bozena Michniak-Kohn, Zafar Iqbal, Ecevit Bilgili and Rajesh N. Dave

2:30 PM
(283g) Magnetic Resonance Imaging As a Powerful Tool for Visualizing Controlled Release From Biodegradable Microparticles
Tianzhou Wu, Lilian Ngobi, Sam N. Rothstein, Steven R. Yutzy, Eric Wiener, Robert S. Parker and Steven R. Little