65 Advances in Electrokinetics and Electrophoresis: Bioanalytical, Biosensing, and Biomedical Applications

Monday, October 29, 2012: 12:30 PM
406 (Convention Center )
Remarkable progress has been made in the fabrication micro- and nano- scale devices for the manipulation and detection of organisms and biomolecules. This session will focus on integration and detection aspects related to the emerging concept of a ‘chip-in-a-lab’ as well as the more established ‘lab-on-a-chip’ systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, platforms for multi- and uni- cellular analysis (biochemical or physical), immunosensors, electrochemical sensors, and various spectroscopic and separation tools in a microchip format. We are particularly interested in papers dealing with micro/nano scale systems and issues related to molecular (biochemistry), cellular, or systems biology. Both experimental and theoretical contributions are welcome.

Topical 3: 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Electrophoresis Society (AES)

Edgar D. Goluch
Email: e.goluch@neu.edu

Alexandra Ros
Email: alexandra.ros@asu.edu

12:30 PM
(65a) Multi-Layer Contactless Dielectrophoresis Using Thin Polyimide Films
Elizabeth Savage, Michael B. Sano, Alireza Salmanzadeh, Eva M. Schmelz and Rafael V. Davalos

12:45 PM
(65b) Rapid, Free Solution Electrophoretic Separation of Long DNA
Angela Jones, James W. Schneider and Max A. Fahrenkopf

1:00 PM
(65c) Electro-Hydrodynamic Encapsulation of Drugs Into Porous Polymer Films
Ezinwa Elele, Yueyang Shen, Ramana Susarla and Boris Khusid

1:30 PM
(65e) Towards Point-of-Care HIV-1 Detection Through Electrical Sensing-On-a-Chip
Hadi Shafiee, Monty Jahangir, Fatih Inci, Shuqi Wang, Daniel R. Kuritzkes and Utkan Demirci

2:00 PM
(65g) Dielectrophoresis for Characterizing Electrical Properties of Mouse Ovarian Surface Epithelial (MOSE) Cells
Alireza Salmanzadeh, Elizabeth Savage, Michael Sano, Mark A. Stremler, Paul C. Roberts, Eva M. Schmelz and Rafael V. Davalos

2:30 PM
(65i) Aggregation of Biofilm Forming Bacteria Induced by Insulator Based Dielectrophoresis
William Braff, Dana L. Willner, Phil Hugenholtz, Korneel Rabaey and Cullen R. Buie

2:45 PM
(65j) Microbe Removal Using Reservoir-Based Dielectrophoresis (rDEP)
Mark Johnson, Robert Anderson, Saurin Patel, Jeremy Tzuen-Rong Tzeng and Xiangchun Xuan