552 Electric Fields At Interfaces: Electro-Wetting, Droplets, and Vesicles

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 3:15 PM
406 (Convention Center )
This session welcomes theoretical, computational, and experimental papers concerning the broad area of electric fields at interfaces. Contributions relating to electro-wetting, and droplet and vesicle dynamics in electric fields are of particular interest.

Topical 3: 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Electrophoresis Society (AES)

Petia M. Vlahovska
Email: petia_vlahovska@brown.edu

Margarita Staykova
Email: staykova@princeton.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

3:15 PM
(552a) Ehd Tip Streaming: Size and Charge of Electrospray Droplets
Osman A. Basaran, Krishnaraj Sambath, Robert T. Collins and Michael T. Harris

4:00 PM
(552c) Nonlinear Electrohydrodynamics of a Viscous Droplet
Paul F. Salipante and Petia M. Vlahovska

4:15 PM

4:45 PM
(552f) Electro-Hydrodynamic Effects On Lipid Membranes in Giant Vesicles
Margarita Staykova, Tetsuya Yamamoto and Rumiana Dimova
File available
5:30 PM
(552i) Drop Dynamics Between Plate-Pin Electrode
Sameer Mhatre and Rochish Thaokar