382 The Evolution of the ChE Curriculum: Towards Graduation

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
330 (Convention Center )
This session features best practices in the ChE curriculum in advanced courses.


S. Patrick Walton
Email: spwalton@egr.msu.edu

Mercedes A. Rivero Hudec
Email: rivero@egr.uri.edu

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3:15 PM
File available
3:32 PM
(382b) The Institute of Advanced Studies Canada Mexico: Positive Influence and Achievements In the Formation of Mexican Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Benito Serrano, Patricio Valadez Sr., Mario Alberto Hernandez Sr., David Alejandro Carrillo Reveles Sr., Jose Luis Vazques Minjares Sr., Jesus Moreira Sr. and Hugo I. de Lasa

4:06 PM
(382d) A Distillation Experiment Linking Classroom with Industrial Processing
Tracy J. Benson, Peyton C. Richmond and Weldon Leblanc

4:23 PM

4:50 PM
(382g) Integrating the Chemical Engineering Curriculum Into a Common Academic Program At the University of Dayton
Michael J. Elsass, Donald Comfort, Amy R. Ciric, Elizabeth Hart and Robert J. Wilkens
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