465 Air Pollution From Coal Utilization - Fundamentals, Measurement, and Control

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 12:30 PM
331 (Convention Center )
The processes that utilize coal must comply with tightening regulations and environmental emission standards for air pollutants. Fundamental understanding of the kinetics and mechanisms of formation of these pollutants, advanced measurement/estimation techniques, and innovative control techniques can help in developing cost-effective measures for controlling air pollution from coal utilization. In this session, we are looking for papers focusing on fundamentals, measurement, and control of air pollution from coal utilization.

Climate Change (09h)

Debangsu Bhattacharyya
Email: Debangsu.bhattacharyya@mail.wvu.edu

Richard Siegel
Email: Richardddsi@aol.com

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12:30 PM
(465a) Amine-Silica Nanobubbles for CO2 Sorption
Karen J. Uffalussy, Craig Stevenson and Götz Veser
File available
1:58 PM
(465e) Capture of SO2 by Lactate-Based Ionic Liquids
Shidong Tian, Yucui Hou, Chen Zhang, Shuhang Ren and Weize Wu
File available
2:42 PM
(465g) Mechanism of SO2 Absorption by Ionic Liquids
Shuhang Ren, Yucui Hou, Shidong Tian, Xiumei Chen and Weize Wu
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