741 Colloidal Assembly and Device Fabrication

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 3:15 PM
413 (Convention Center )
This session is dedicated to the assembly or self-assembly of colloidal-sized entities and to fabrication strategies in which colloidal assembly is exploited.

Interfacial Phenomena

Sven H. Behrens
Email: sven.behrens@chbe.gatech.edu

Mustafa Akbulut
Email: mustafa.akbulut@chemail.tamu.edu

3:20 PM
(741a) Temperature-Responsive Nematic Hydrogels
Andres F. Mejia, Ratna Ng, Peter Nguyen, Hugo Y. Acosta, M. Sam Mannan and Zhengdong Cheng

4:20 PM
(741d) Multiblock Magnetic Nanowires
Sangyeul Hwang, Tae-Hong Park and Joerg Lahann

4:40 PM

5:20 PM
(741g) A Hierarchical Sequence of Colloidal Assembly
Adriana San Miguel and Sven H. Behrens
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